Snuza Go vs Snuza Hero

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As a parent it’s normal to wake up several times every night to check on your little one. Like many parents, I feel it’s okay to wake in panic wondering if they’re still breathing.

Basically, it’s quite impossible to sleep soundly without reassurance they’re all right. But why not get yourself the baby monitor? This device is designed to alert you if they stop breathing instead of constantly going to check on them.

The Snuza Go and Snuza Hero are among the absolute best on the market and the most preferred by parents.

If you need help choosing, we’ll take a look at Snuza Go vs. Snuza Hero in depth and tell you the one I think is best for your baby based on my own experiences. Short for time? I recommend Snuza Go over the Snuza Hero.

Snuza Go Review

The Snuza Go is designed to clip on to the baby’s pant or diaper right before they sleep, then turn it on by pressing the left button.  

The device will register their tummy movements and let you know when no movement is recorded or when it’s shallow and out of ordinary. The alarm is audible enough if you share room but you can use a sound monitor to hear the alert if sleeping in different rooms.

One interesting feature is that you can program the device to sound at 15, 18, or 20 secs of no movement. Plus, it is accurate to pick up subtle tummy motions.

There are options to hear an auditory tick or flickering light with each breath. It blinks red, yellow or green depending on if they’re breathing rapidly, shallowly, or normally respectively.  

Product Information

  • Powered by CR2 battery
  • Battery life up to 5-months or more
  • Product dimensions: 1 in. by 1.5 in. by 2.75 in.
  • Weight is 0.64-ounces


  • Easy to use
  • Alarm is quite loud to wake you from deep sleep
  • Compact and portable


  • May malfunction if not clipped tightly or at the right place 

Snuza Hero Review

The Snuza Hero is clipped onto the nappy but there’s a rubberized section that get into contact with the baby to sense movement in their abdomen.

The device is designed to vibrate in an attempt to awaken the baby to begin normal breathing if it tracks weak or abnormal patterns for 15 seconds.

If normal breathing pattern does not begin again after 20 seconds or three vibration attempts, a ticking sound will awake you.

The alarm rings enough to wake you go check on them. The volume options range from low, high and medium. But it has a beep limit even on full volume so you may need a breathing monitor to notify you if you don’t sleep in same bedroom.

You may also set it to tick or emit a green light flashing with every breath. This monitor is smartest to detect missed or shallow heart rate.

On the blinking mode, you only need to sit up on bed or lift your head and look over. The blinking light is visible even through the baby’s pajamas.

Product Information

  • Max. range: 999m
  • Powered by rechargeable battery
  • Battery life at least 2000 hrs.
  • Product dimensions: 1.77 in. by 1.57 in. by 2.76 in.
  • Weight is 0.64-ounces
  • 1-year warranty


  • Alarm loud enough to wake you
  • Straightforward to use
  • Battery is replaceable
  • Great for traveling


  • May give false alarms if it gets loose or attached improperly

Snuza Go vs. Snuza Hero: Differences

The most notable difference is that Snuza Go will beep loudly to notify you when no tummy motions were registered at 15, 18 or 20 consecutive seconds.

The Snuza Hero on the other hand will vibrate if no movements were tracked after 15 seconds to attempt to poke baby to begin breathing. A loud ticking sound will wake you up if normal breathing does not pick up after 20 secs or 3 continuous vibrations.


Does Snuza Go and Snuza Hero work for a side or stomach sleeper?

Yes. But I suggest you clip it onto their back or on the side they seem not to prefer when sleeping.

Does the monitor come with the battery?

Ours came with a battery and we’ve never had any issues. However, make sure you order for a backup set and test to ascertain they’re the right replacement batteries.

How long does the battery last?

That will depend on usage, but it’s life is about 5 up to 6 months minimum. In fact, some customers claim to have used it for over a year without having to change it. That said, it will give a warming before it’s depleted so you can order for a replacement.

Will Snuza Go or Snuza Hero get faulty in the event of diaper blow out?

The monitors seem pretty waterproof. With the Snuza Go, there are times he woke with poop all over and it works just fine. The monitor wipes clean fairly easily with a soft brush or wash cloth.

My Recommendation

I prefer the Snuza Go. I like the fact that it notifies the parent to attend baby immediately instead of attempting to poke them to resume normal breathing.

The Snuza Go is especially important for infants who are at higher risk for SIDs or those suffering breathing complications to help you take preventive measures right away and save your baby.

That said, both Snuza Go and Snuza Hero are amazing choices. It really boils down to personal preferences and your budget.  

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