Snuggle Me Organic vs Dock A Tot

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The choice of a baby lounger is one hot topic that will never end.

While there are lots of options, the current heated discussion is on these two – Snuggle Me Organic and Dock A Tot.

Both are formidable contenders and top two best loungers for babies. But which one to get? Not sure if you should go for Snuggle Me Organic or Dock A Tot?

If you’re short for time, I suggest Snuggle Me Organic for little ones in the newborn or infant stage and Dock A Tot for older ones over 6 months.

Want to know what previous Mommas prefer and what they say about Snuggle Me Organic and Dock A Tot? Let’s find out.

How the Two Compare


Both Snuggle Me Organic and Dock A Tot were originally created to keep child safe when bed sharing with them.

Interesting part about Snuggle Me Organic and Dock A Tot is that apart from lounging, they both work great for tummy time, play time and short naps.

Due to the elevated sides, you can use them on the floor, inside the crib or on couch. I was impressed you can prop them for photography or when they need a comfortable spot to unwind.

Safe Sleep

Many parents claim to feel comfy sharing bed with their baby when they’re laid in the lounger. Great thing is that side walls are raised that it is unlikely you will roll on the baby.

You can sleep comfortably through the night and not worry about suffocation and SIDs risks presented by bed sharing. 

I love how both loungers hold the baby in a comfortable position. Speaking of design, both products maintain the face and head far-off the walls so there’s no worry about breathing problems.


The Dock A Tot is large in size than the Snuggle Me Organic. That said, one great feature about these two loungers is that you can travel with them. Only small difference is that Snuggle Me Organic won’t take up lots of space in the car.

I like the idea of the travel bag on both loungers which is handy when you’re travelling. Besides that, the loungers are lightweight so it’s simple to transport.

Sometimes babies get super cranky prior-to a nap in a new environment. Both loungers help you create a familiar sleeping environment wherever you are so they feel cuddled and stay asleep.

Machine Washable

Both Snuggle Me Organic and Dock A Tot are fully machine washable. Simply take the cover off and wash – then let it sun dry.

Washing is super simple. Covers clean so easily. So far, no nasty strains in my experience and they do not shrink.

Nonetheless, most new users may find squishing Dock A Tot back into its cover a little frustrating at first. But it’s just a matter of time and you’ll learn the trick.

How the Two are Different

Construction Material

Two models by Snuggle Me are Snuggle Me Organic and Snuggle Me Wool. I tried inspecting Snuggle Me Organic without the cover and it sure is well-built.  

Inside Snuggle Me Organic is virgin polyester fill which is so soft and I think that’s a huge plus. Stuffed polyester fillings is non-toxic and the outer cover is breathable. Its cotton cover is thick but superbly soft.

Snuggle Me Wool model uses organic polyester fills, merino wool for the removable covering and organic cotton cushion cover.

The Dock A Tot constitute OEKO-TEX certified fabrics. The material seems sturdy and breathable though it isn’t the softest. It’s sort of a canvas in appearance but it’s comfortable.  

Other than that, everything inside and the removable covers on both models is certified organic and hypoallergenic.

Size and Age Limits

For the Dock A Tot, customers have two options. There is the Dock A Tot Grand and Dock A Tot deluxe. The Dock A Tot Grand is a little huge specifically designed for kids 9 up to 36 months.

The Dock A Tot Deluxe on the other hand aims to cater for little ones 0 up to 8 months. Parents claim it takes up to 80 percent of crib space.

For Snuggle Me Organic, designated age limit is 0 up to 9 months. Though the Dock A Tot is pretty big when compared to Snuggle Me Organic, it still fit perfectly both on the King or Queen size bed.

My only complaint with Snuggle Me Organic is its length. I feel like it outgrows the baby much earlier so the legs hang over the edges. But it’s a great spot to put baby down during the early days when you feel fatigued.


The Dock A Tot isn’t cuddly like the Snuggle Me Organic. That said, it still does the trick to help the baby sleep comfortably through the night. 

The middle of the Snuggle Me Organic is like a sling so it pulls in and soothe your cute babe. It nestles in the baby tightly but they won’t feel too warm in it.

The idea of snuggling sensation and support is to comfort the body so they feel like they’re been held the entire time.


The price-point is somewhat outrageous. That said, most parents feel the loungers are worth the high price tag – you can have some rest and attend chores while he relaxes on the lounger or lulled into sleep.

In my experience, I think the price point is worth it. The loungers are well-built and thought out. You can also send it back if it doesn’t work out. 


Dock A Tot

  • Side walls are high
  • Grows with baby
  • Comes with travel bag

Snuggle Me Organic

  • Comfortable and snuggly
  • Great for travelling
  • Cover washes easily


Dock A Tot

  • Cover may be a little difficult to put back

Snuggle Me Organic

  • I wish it was longer


Is Dock A Tot Washable?

Sure it is. In fact, you can take everything apart and put the parts in the washer. The cover dry quickly when you set it outside in the sun.

Can the Baby Nap in the Dock A Tot or Snuggle Me Organic?

Yes. Both Snuggle Me Organic and Dock A Tot and intended for co-sleeping, couch lounging and napping. However, please note the product manufacturer warn parents not to leave the child on the lounger unsupervised.

Can I Travel with Snuggle Me Organic and Dock A Tot?

Yes. Both loungers are lightweight to carry instead of lugging around with a bassinet or pack n play. They also come with a travel case so it doesn’t get soiled when you’re travelling.

My Recommendation

Snuggle Me Organic isn’t that long hence it is perfect for newborns and little ones in the infant stage. Another interesting feature that makes it ideal for small babies is the snug support that soothes and lull them into sleep.

You can then switch to the Dock A Tot once they’re outgrown. In my experience, the Dock A Tot works the magic when you want him to transition to own bed.

My only issue is size. It isn’t that easiest to bring a long with you in sleepovers. Luckily, it isn’t heavy, plus it has a grab handle so it’s simple to carry.

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