Similac Pro Total Comfort vs Enfamil Gentlease: One is Best!

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The baby’s tummy will take some time before it’s able to digest certain ingredients in regular formulas. 

If the baby is allergic to those ingredients, the most common issue they may have is gassiness which may lead to fussiness and long crying spans due to tummy discomfort.

Similac Pro Total Comfort vs Enfamil Gentlease are specifically made for babies who have sensitivity towards lactose and proteins. 

Both formulas are gentler to ease tummy troubles while providing your child with the necessary nutrients.

If your little one is gassy, fussy and spits up often after feed time, you may switch to Similac Pro Total Comfort or Enfamil Gentlease. But which one should you choose? Which one is better?

Keep reading to find out how the two formulas compare and which one you should choose for your baby.

Similac Pro Total Comfort Review

Similac Pro Total Comfort is not made to treat gas or fussiness. What’s best about it is how the proteins have been broken down to make digestion simpler for the developing digestive system.

The formula uses maltodextrin as carb source. When compared to other milk-based formulas, this one comprise of about 98-percent less lactose hence it’s gentler to the newborns’ tummy.

It therefore digests much easily and help the baby pass gas. Easy digestion boosts bowel movements which is a huge benefit to constipated babies.

This formula has DHA, Vitamin E and Lutein, the exclusive blend which is also found in breastfed milk. Its main purpose is to promote healthy eyes, brain and developing cells.

A huge advantage about this formula is 2’-FL HMO, also abundant in human milk to raise the immunity to be like that of a breastfed baby.

The formula is fortified with iron that helps in brain and blood cells development. It has healthy fats, carbs, proteins, essential vitamins and minerals to mimic breastmilk on every aspect for healthy growth through their first year.

In addition to all these benefits, this formula is not spiced with GMO ingredients. If your baby is having worst reactions, you may give a shot at it to see if it works.

In fact, it is sometimes referred to as miracle milk due to its dramatic capability in calming the fussiest, colicky and gassy babies.

Enfamil Gentlease Review

Here, the protein content is whey and nonfat milk. These proteins have partially been broken to make digestion easy for sensitive tummies; and ease gas during the first year when the digestive system is not well developed to handle most of other formula content.

Carbohydrate source is 80-percent corn syrup while lactose is 20-percent. Corn syrup solids have passed through filtration procedures where proteins are removed leaving behind a digestible substance.

Lactose levels have been reduced to 20-percent to help reduce reactions if your child is sensitive with lactose. The fat content is patterned after the levels in natural breast milk.

The formula is full of nutrients to meet all nutritional concerns derived from human milk. It has Omega 3 DHA for brain support to maximize the baby’s potential of early learning.

DHA levels is almost the same to that found in mothers’ breastmilk. The formula is further blended with iron, calcium, phosphorus, electrolytes, essential minerals and vitamins.

What’s even great is the exclusive probiotics blend for the health of the digestive tract. There’s also choline which is closely related to learning ability and memory.

Enfamil Gentlease is nutritionally balanced. Parents who use it like how it soothes the tummy. They also report less colic spans, gassy episodes, acid reflux, spit up and fussiness after one day.  

Similac Pro Total Comfort vs Enfamil Gentlease: Which One to Choose?

If dealing with a gassy, colicky or fussy baby, we find Similac Pro Total Comfort much better for any of these problems than Enfamil Gentlease. It uses maltodextrin as carb source that contain lower lactose content than corn syrup.

Another huge advantage about Similac Pro Total Comfort is 2’-FL HMO which we don’t find in Enfamil Gentlease. 2’-FL HMO help raise the baby’s immunity so there’s no gap between a formula fed and breastfed baby.

Nonetheless, both Similac Pro Total Comfort and Enfamil Gentlease are good options to prevent digestive problems if your baby experience sensitivity.

Similac Pro Total Comfort vs Enfamil Gentlease: Comparison

Similac Pro Total Comfort

Enfamil Gentlease

Contain partially hydrolyzed protein

Contain whey and nonfat milk

Uses maltodextrin as carb source 

Has corn syrup as carbo source

Contain 2’-FL HMO

Does not have 2’-FL HMO

Has DHA, Vitamin E and Lutein

Has choline and Omega 3 DHA

Best for gas, fussiness and crying

Best for gas, fussiness and crying

Bottom Line

To sum up our Similac Pro Total Comfort vs Enfamil Gentlease review, deciding on the right formula is usually a trial and error process. Since the digestive system of every baby is different, you may need to try several formula options before it gives you a thumbs up.

The most important thing is to look at formula ingredients before you make a choice. The right formula should address most digestion issues.

You may also need to be patient since gas, colicky and fussy issues will go away as the digestive system develops.

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