Similac Soy vs Similac Sensitive: Which One is Better for Your Baby?

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Similac Soy and Similac Sensitive are both top end formulas from Similac brand. Both of them have been designed to address the issue of gas and to calm a fussy baby.

Even then, the composition of their ingredients is a little different to resolve a myriad of cases that arise after feeding baby.

In a hurry? I recommend Similac Soy if your little one reacts to lactose or protein in formula milk and either formula if they’re unusually fussy or gassy. Need more details? Then, read on.  

Similac Soy Review

Similac Soy is an infant baby formula formulated by Abbott Laboratories. It’s a complete diet designed for lactose intolerant babies or infants with sensitive tummies.

Soy replaces cow milk ingredients to provide similar nutritional value like lactose formulas. Instead of lactose, it contains corn syrup solids and soy protein isolate.

There is also OptiGRO which is a blend of Lutein, DHA and Vitamin E; essential nutrients previously available in moms’ breast milk.

Science has found Lutein to be central in eye health and brain cells development. It is predominant in the brain where it influences development and early learning.

Like Lutein, DHA stimulates infants brain development. It supports eye growth and other early development milestones.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that helps in fighting the free radicals. It is critical to the nervous system, body immunity and healthy eyes.

Similac Soy Isomil is specially recommended if the baby is allergic to cow milk protein and lactose as this may cause the baby to be excessively fussy and gassy. 

Most infants will have these issues since the stomach is not able to breakdown the formula contents. Since this formula is soy based, it is simpler to digest and very gentle to sensitive tummies.

According to Similac, this soy formula is backed up by more studies than other soy formula brands.     

Similac Sensitive Review

Also manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, Similac Sensitive is a full diet with every nutrient the infant needs for the first year of life.

Milk protein isolate is used in place of regular milk, the common culprit for allergy in sensitive babies. This component is the milk protein with reduced lactose and fats.

It still has traces of lactose but it will not have noticeable issues. Even though it is simple to breakdown, it’s not recommended to infants with Galactosemia.

Like Similac Soy Isomil, it also contains OptiGRO, the exclusive blend of Vitamin E, Lutein and DHA. But what I love most about Similac Sensitive is the presence of prebiotics that helps in digestive health.

This formula is specially formulated to deal with fussiness and gas during the early years of the child’s life. No artificial growth hormones were added when formulating the leading infant formula.

Parents who have used Similac Sensitive have reported reduced crying spells, less gassiness and spit up episodes. The child also started to gain weight few weeks after switching to Similac Sensitive.

Similac Sensitive vs Similac Soy: The Difference

Similac sensitive is formulated with milk protein while Similac Soy is soy-based. Essentially, Similac sensitive has little doses of lactose while Similac Soy does not.

If we look at availability, Similac sensitive is available in both powdered and ready to feed versions while Similac Soy Isomil is only available in the powdered form.

Similac Soy vs Similac Sensitive: Which is Better

Due to the presence of lactose, Similac Sensitive should not be given to children with Galactosemia. You may also choose the soy-based formula if you’re seeking a vegetarian diet. Opt for Similac Soy if your child is lactose intolerance or allergic to cow milk protein.

However, either formula will calm severe acid reflux, subside tummy upset and gas. Apart from soothing the tummy, they both put the baby in joyful moods and improve the sleeping patterns.

When preparing the powdered form, one complaint with Similac Sensitive was clumps and foam. However, vigorously swirling the bottle worked for me. Just mix carefully and avoid shaking the bottle.

My other issue with Similac Sensitive was price. If felt so pricey at first until I learned about the Similac coupons. Subscribe and you’ll save yourself huge amounts of money on purchases. I also suggest you buy in bulk to save some few dollars.

Similac Soy vs Sensitive: Comparison

Similac Soy

Similac Sensitive

Soy infant formula

Cow milk protein based

Formulated with Soy protein isolate

Formulated with milk protein isolate

Does not include lactose

Contain reduced lactose

Ideal for children with Galactosemia

Should not be fed to children with Galactosemia

Wrap Up

Whether you’re seeking for a vegetarian diet or just a supplementing formula, with little research, you should be able to figure out the best option for your little angel. 

Nonetheless, both formulas are nutritionally complete with easy-to-digest ingredients. They’re both designed to address gas and fussiness arising from lactose sensitivity.

If the issue is fussiness and gas, you can start with Similac Soy or Similac Sensitive then switch to the other if the prior isn’t effective.

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