Similac Sensitive vs Gerber Soothe

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When settling on baby formula, most parents are a little doubtful on if they’re making the best formula brand decision for their baby.

If you’re a new parent, you’re probably browsing the different formula options as it has turned out your little one is allergic to the formula you’re currently using.

Similac Sensitive and Gerber Soothe are two formula options if your baby is struggling with lactose sensitivity.  

Each formula claim to subside gas, crying or colic and fussiness. But which brand is better? Which formula should you choose for your baby?

If you’re short for time, we recommend you start with Gerber Soothe then switch to Similac sensitive if the issue does not subside.

Gerber Good Start Soothe Overview

The Gerber Soothe has been modelled to imitate the gentleness and nutritional value of breastfed milk. 

It’s a complete diet formulated will all the nutrients the baby needs for normal growth for the first year. Gerber Soothe is suitable for colic, gas, fussiness and excessive crying.

Gerber Soothe Ingredients

Instead of milk protein, this infant formula is formulated with comfort proteins. These are whey proteins that have been partially hydrolyzed or broken down into finer bits to ease digestion.

This reduces potential formula intolerance and protein sensitivity that arise from the stomach’s inability to digest normal proteins available in regular milk.

The formula constitutes only 30 percent lactose to help reduce gas and fussiness to children with severe lactose intolerance.

The Nestle company has added prebiotics to aid in the growth of bacterial beneficial in digestion and immune system.

What makes this product a good choice is L. reuteri and probiotics that facilitate the growth of digestive bacterial in the digestive tract. The result is a healthy gut and easy bowel movements.

According to a clinical study, L. reuteri has shown to lessen crying by up to 50 percent. Clinically, it is the only probiotic effective in reducing crying time and baby spit-ups according to a recent study.

A huge advantage about this formula is the Human Milk Oligosaccarides (2’-FL HMO) previously found in Moms’ breastmilk for digestive health and immune system.

Gerber Soothe features expert recommended DHA as well that plays a vital structural role in healthy development of eye and brain. Inadequate levels of DHA may slow development resulting in poor eyesight and brain function.

Similac Sensitive Overview

Similac Sensitive is nutritionally complete to be an alternative to regular milk-based formulas for children with lactose intolerance. It is designed for gas, fussiness and mild spit-up.

Similac Sensitive Ingredients

Similac ingredients are a little different from those in Gerber Soothe. Similac Sensitive is formulated with corn maltodextrin, milk protein isolate, and soy ingredients.

Additionally, it is enriched with Galactooligosaccharides, nucleotides, essential vitamin and minerals.

Even though it’s dairy-based, lactose levels have been reduced during the formulation stage. As a result, this formula is great for lactose sensitive babies while providing cow milk benefits. 

However, if your child is allergic to cow milk, you may need to switch to soy or hypoallergenic formula.

The major special nutrient here is OptiGRO, the exclusive blend of lutein, vitamin E and DHA. These nutrients are naturally available in moms’ breast milk. 

Both lutein and DHA are beneficial in healthy eyes and brain. Vitamin E supports healthy development of cells.  

It also has prebiotics for digestive health, nucleotides for immune system, and carotenoids similar to those in natural breastmilk.

All the nutrients are simple to breakdown bringing magical relief from colic, acid reflux, fussiness and tummy troubles after a few days. Easy digestion means your baby will poop quite often.

Not only does it address the tummy issues, but your little one will change into a thriving baby and start to gain weight.

Similac Sensitive vs Gerber Soothe: Comparison

Even though they’re made with different ingredients, both Similac Sensitive and Gerber Soothe are made for children with lactose intolerance.

Gerber Soothe uses hydrolyzed proteins while Similac Sensitive uses milk protein isolate and corn syrup to minimize the sensitivity.

In both formulas, the components have been reduced a little more for easier digestion by the little tummies.

The main notable difference is lactose in Similac Sensitive while Gerber Soothe only contain protein.

Similac Sensitive or Gerber Soothe: Which one to Choose?

We know every baby is different but we’ve found Gerber Soothe much better for colic relief. Similac Sensitive may work wonders too so it’s upon you to identify the best option that keeps the baby happier.

We suggest you start with Gerber Soothe for colic, fussiness and gas, then switch to Similac Sensitive if it doesn’t ease the tummy issues.

Nonetheless, the two formulas are specially designed to eliminate fussiness and gas. The baby spit less too and poops a couple of times a day with no issues.

The major downside about Similac Sensitive is how it gets foamy when preparing the formula. But it mostly happens when you fail to follow the proper directions.

Further, Similac Sensitive should not be fed to infants with Galactosemia. Due to the presence of lactose, children with Galactosemia should be given those formulas with soy milk isolate.

Gerber Soothe formula isn’t foamy and it tastes great. Similac Sensitive smells a bit weird but as we mentioned, each babies will respond differently to different formula options.

Similac Sensitive vs Gerber Soothe

Similac Sensitive

Gerber Soothe

Formulated with milk protein isolate, and soy ingredients

Formulated with Comfort Proteins

Contained reduced lactose content

Contain proteins

Best for gas, fussiness and mild spit-up.

Best for colic, gas, excessive crying and fussiness

Wrap Up

If you have tried several formulas but none of them seem to be working, with a little bit of research you should figure out the best option for your baby.

Even if you’re breastfeeding, either formula is a good choice for supplementing when you have insufficient milk or those days you’re not available to breastfeed.

Besides, Similac Sensitive and Gerber Soothe have been modeled with nutritional value and gentleness like that of human milk.

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