Similac Alimentum Reviews (Uses and Benefits)

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Nothing beats the nutritious benefits derived from mom’s breast milk. 

Unfortunately, some Moms are not able to breastfed either because the production of milk is less; the mom is hospitalized; or is not able to do exclusive breastfeeding for a myriad of legitimate reasons.

In this Similac Alimentum Review, we’ll take an indepth analysis to establish what makes it the best alternative to mom’s breast milk. 

Why Similac Alimentum?

The biggest predicament to many parents is when the baby is allergic and sensitive to specific ingredients in the infant formula milk. The baby is allergic to the formula if he/she:

  • Is crying excessively (colic)
  • Develops body rashes
  • Is constipated, sometimes blood in stool
  • Is gassy
  • Is spitting up

If the baby suffer from any of these issues, it’s important you visit a pediatrician to rule out if it’s a medical or formula issue. 

However, most babies will manifest the above symptoms if they’re intolerant to cow milk protein, lactose and other daily ingredients.

Luckily, hypoallergenic formulas are fantastic solutions if your child is found to have any of these issues. That said, Similac Alimentum is a highly rated hypoallergenic formula intended for sensitive infants.

This formula is ideal for:

  • Colicky and fussy baby
  • Cow milk allergies
  • Spit up and vomiting
  • Gas and acid reflux
  • Eczema

Similac Alimentum Review

What makes this formula the best is the presence of easily predigested milk proteins that are easier to break down by the tiny tummies.

This formula is actually formulated from cow milk proteins but what the company has done is to reduce these proteins into finer particles for easier digestion.

For that reason, the formula is easy on the tummy. Also, there is no constant gas or back arching since it is simple to break down.

Other Similac Alimentum ingredients are ARA, DHA and other specially created nutrients previously available in breastfed milk for healthy development of eye and cognitive system. 

It is a healthy complete diet with every nutrient the baby needs from birth all through the 12-months.

There is a powdered form that is prepared with water ahead of feeding as well as ready to use version that is fed with no preparation. Clinically, it has shown to lessen crying in just 24-hours after feeding.

Similac Alimentum Alternative

Another formula closer to Similac Alimentum is Enfamil Nutramigen hypoallergenic formula. If we look at the ingredients, it is formulated with extensively hydrolyzed proteins that are simple to break down by sensitive babies.

Both are created for babies intolerant to cow milk protein for the first year of the baby’s life. However, Alimentum has shown to lessen reactions in 24-hours while Nutramigen is pretty slow, taking up to 48-hours.

Unlike Similac Alimentum, Nutramigen is also a suitable choice for lactose intolerance. There is also choline and probiotic for digestion health and allergy management that we didn’t find in Similac Alimentum.

However, there is DHA and ARA in the two formulas for eye support and the nervous system. As for the price, Nutramigen is pretty affordable than the Similac brand. But both are comparatively pricey than other brands.

Despite the few differences, both are hypoallergenic based-formulas and therefore you can swap over to the other if the baby does not respond well with one.  

Gerber Extensive HA Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

Since nutramigen and alimentum and both pricier, the Gerber Good Start brand is another amazing choice for babies allergic to cow milk protein and lactose intolerance.

It is affordable but it’s rich in similar nutritional ingredients like breastfed milk. This one is whey protein that have been reduced into fine pieces that are well-tolerated by sensitive tummies.

It also contains probiotic B. lactis for soft stool and DHA for healthy brain and eyes. Every mineral and vitamin also available in breast milk is included in the formula for overall growth.

Unlike alimentum, the taste is not awful, although it may not be the baby’s favorite. It has shown to address the issue of constipation, spit up, colic, eczema, gas and acid reflux.

Similac Alimentum Ingredients

As we have stated above, Similac Alimentum is formulated from predigested protein that is virtually reduced into finer pieces for simple digestion by babies intolerant to protein from cow milk. The good news is that no GMO ingredients have been included during the processing stage.

Similac Alimentum Taste

There is some slight difference in taste when you compare the powdered and ready-to-use version. The taste and smell are a little weird on the powdered form so, some babies may show aversion prompting you to switch to ready-to-feed formula.

Similac Alimentum Price

The product is pretty pricy when compared to most brands. But as you can see, it is specially formulated to address allergic symptoms that may not be sorted by ordinary versions. It may be pricy but worth the calmness and peace it brings.

Similac Alimentum Side Effects and Warnings

Similac alimentum side effects will vary from baby to baby. Firstly, do not use this formula if the baby is fully intolerant to daily ingredients.

Babies who are completely intolerant to cow milk protein may experience difficulty in breathing, vomiting, stomach cramps and abdominal bloating.

Another common side effect is diarrhea. In some cases, it can stop by following the right procedures when preparing the formula.  Excessive diarrhea may result to dehydration, body weakness and fatigue.

User Reviews

This product has attracted some incredibly good reviews. Majority of the negative critics revolve on price and the seemingly disgusting taste. Overall, most users have found it to be:


  • Rich in important ingredients for healthy development
  • Great for baby with protein intolerance and digestion issues
  • Super effective in gassy babies
  • Amazing at reducing the crying time


  • A little pricey
  • Unpleasant in smell and taste

Final Thoughts

To sum up our Similac Alimentum review, the comfort of the baby means happiness to you. We know that finding the best formula is a journey and that’s why we’ve provided you with these brands so you can weigh the options based on budget.

We suggest you start with Similac Alimentum since it’s more effective. As you may have noted, the secret lies in the extensively broken proteins that are easy for the sensitive digestive system of infants.

But you can also try the alternatives we’ve provided if the budget is less. If the baby is still allergic, you may need to give a shot at other brands or visit the baby’s doctor for further advice on the next step you should take.

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