Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers vs Baby Dry: The Difference

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Pampers has produced a wide array of diapers that may be confusing to new parents. One huge debate is the best diaper choice between Pampers Swaddlers Vs Cruisers Vs Baby Dry.

For new moms, you may be wondering if the three diaper types are the same or if there is a difference that separates the three versions. Let’s take a deeper look at the features and how the three versions compare to help you make the best decision for your little wonder.

Pampers Swaddlers Review: Features

Since Pampers is a reputable brand, their diapers are number one choice by parents, nurses and hospitals. These diapers are comfortable and designed for a baby boy and girl. Let’s look at other features that stand out so you can know if the diaper is suitable for your newborn or not.


These diapers have been created for newborn babies with a weight limit of between 8 and 14 pounds. They are available from size 1 all through to size 7 with a different count in each sizing. Size 2 has the largest count of 148 pieces while size 7 has the fewest count comprising of 70 diapers.

The sides are stretchy to take the shape of the baby without feeling tight. There are fasteners as well to help you adjust the diapers for a comfortable fit and maintain the diaper in place.


Pampers Swaddlers are softest. It is constructed with heart quilts lining to provide the softest comfort to the gentle skin of a newborn. The cloth-like backsheet provides a blanket-like wrap up for optimal comfort on the baby’s bottom. When worn, the diaper is comfortable through the legs without feeling bulky.

The favorite part are the air passages that lets in air to the baby’s skin. With constant air movement, there’s 100% assurance of dry skin and comfort.

Wetness Indicator

Another important feature is the wetness indicator. This feature is printed on the front for a quick glance when you’re busy with other chores.

Since it is somewhat hard to tell when the baby is wet, this stripe is designed to turn into a blue color to let you know when it’s time to change the diaper.

By changing the diaper on time, you will help prevent your baby from diaper rashes that results from accumulated wetness that may get to the sensitive skin.

Absorbency Layers

Swaddlers have been created with absorbent channels that accumulates the wetness and mess. The absorbent fluff pulp is designed to spread the liquid to all the channels to prevent overnight diaper blowouts that may result when the mess is accumulated on one side.

It pulls the liquid from getting to the skin to keep the baby dry and comfortable. The channels can hold the mess for up to 12-hours until the baby is changed and no trace of mess will sneak away.

Umbilical Cord Notch

This is a contoured section on the front that protects the sensitive area of the baby’s belly. It protects the tiny delicate umbilical cord from scratches, irritation and discomfort.

Pampers Cruisers Review: Features

Pampers Cruisers are almost the same Swaddles in terms of comfort, leak-proof and affordability. Equally, they are easy to wear or put out when you want to train the baby on potty use. They’re cute with amazing features as below.

Weight and Sizing

Pampers Cruisers have been designed to accommodate babies with weight limit of between 16 and 28 pounds. The major difference between Cruisers and Swaddlers is the availability of size 7 in Cruisers to cater for bigger babies. However, there is no size 1 & 2 like it is the case with Swaddles.


Like swaddles, Cruisers are superbly comfy featuring a cloth-like backsheet that wraps the baby for ultimate comfort.

There is less fluffy stuff around the legs so the baby does not feel bulky when he’s crawling or moving about. The material is stretchy on the sides to give the baby the necessary freedom when they flex.

Another feature that adds on comfort are the waist grips that helps the diaper to stay in place for secure fit.

Leak-Guard Barriers

Most leaks happen at the legs when the baby is crawling and walking since there tends to be some gaps created when the baby is flexing. The best part about the Cruisers are dual Leak-guard barriers that wrap around the legs to stop the mess from sneaking away.

3-Way Fit

Pampers Cruisers are created with an amazing design that fits properly at the waist, bottom and legs. The design is intended to contain the leaks from sneaking at the three sections. For that reason, your baby can move and crawl freely since no gap will be created at the thighs or through the legs.

Leak Protection

These are perfect diapers for overnight or travelling. There are absorbency channels designed to pull the liquid and equally spread the mess across the diaper to contain the blowouts.

Both of you can have a comfortable night sleep since the Cruisers are leak-proof to contain the mess for up to 12-hours. The skin will be dry and the wetness will not leak onto the baby’s skin.

Pampers Baby Dry Review: Features

Pampers Baby Dry are perhaps the best diaper choice for overnight usage. Like other Pampers diapers we’ve reviewed, they are comfy and incredibly absorbent.


Pampers Baby Dry is a suitable choice for babies weighing up to 10 pounds. It is provided from size N and size 1 all through to size 6.


Baby Dry are designed to be stretchy all around the sides for custom fit. It is comfortable featuring a cloth-like sheet at the back; and less bulk on the legs to make moving a lot easier for your little wonder.  You can even readjust the diaper at the waist with the fasteners when it is needed.

Unlike Pampers Cruisers, there are channels at the sides that facilitate the entrance of dry air to the baby’s skin. This helps to keep the skin dry by preventing possibility of moisture build-up or heat accumulation.

Overnight Protection

The diapers constitute 3 absorbency layers that pull the mess and holds the liquid from reaching the baby’s skin. There are 3 additional channels that pulls and locks the wetness away from the gentle skin.

The most amazing part about Baby Dry diapers is the ultra-absorb core that is designed to provide unbeatable leak protection for up to 12 hours of night or day.

Color Wetness Indicator

Only sizes N,1 & 2 are printed with the color changing line to convey to you when it is diapering time.

Difference Between Pampers Swaddlers Vs Cruisers

What’s sets the two diapers apart is actually the size. Pampers Swaddlers are excellent for newborns while Cruisers are amazing choices for older babies. Swaddlers are provided from sizes 1-6 while pampers cruisers are available from size 3 all through to 7.

Another major difference is the wetness indicator. There is no wetness stripe on the Cruisers to alert you when the baby is wet. You may need to feel or smell the diaper to know if the diaper needs to be replaced.

Also, Pampers Cruisers have no channels of air at the sides to let the air to the baby’s skin. This may expose the baby to rashes because of the build-up of moisture on the delicate skin.

Difference Between Pampers Baby Dry Vs Cruisers

Like Pampers Swaddlers, there is a wetness color changing line on Pampers Baby Dry that is not available in Cruisers. However, the wetness indicator is only available in sizes, 2, 1 & N.

Another huge imbalance is the available sizes provided by the two diaper types. Pampers Cruisers is manufactured from sizes 3 to 7 while Baby Dry diapers extends from sizes N and 1 all through to 6.

Pampers Baby Dry are constructed will breathable channels for constant air movement while Cruisers do not.

Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers vs Baby Dry: Which is the best Diaper?

If we look at the reviews, both Swaddlers and Cruisers are averaged at 4.8 while Pampers Baby Dry is averaged at 4.4 out of 5 stars.

According to parents, there is actually no notable difference between the three diapers in terms of absorbency and leak protection. As for softness, Pampers Swaddlers are softest since they’re squarely manufactured for newborns.

But what gives Pampers Baby Dry an edge over Swaddlers or Cruisers are the extra 3 absorbent channels that gives the diapers unstoppable leak protection for overnight usage.

When deciding on the diaper type, the most important thing to consider is the size and leak protection. Pampers Cruisers fits great on older babies with higher weight limits.

We suggest you go for Swaddlers if you’re on the lookout for newborn diapers and Cruisers if the baby is more active. You may need to consider Cruisers as the baby gets bigger or if your little one is oversize 6.

Choose Baby Dry as overnight diapers because of the advantage of the ultra-absorbent core that helps keep the baby as dry as possible for the longest period.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there is no clear winner on the battle between Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers vs Baby Dry. It all comes down to the baby’s weight or age, and absorbency levels.

Every diaper is amazing depending on whether you’re looking for a newborn, oversized or overnight diaper. We recommend Swaddlers for newborns, Cruisers for toddlers or older babies; and Pampers Baby Dry as overnight diapers.

Apart from size, what sets the Swaddlers and Baby Dry out is the presence of the wetness indicator that’s unavailable in Cruisers.

However, the prices are comparable with just a slight margin separating the three diapers. We hope the in-depth comparison helps you make the right diaper choice for your little wonder.

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