Pampers Pure Reviews [2020]

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Pampers Pure Collection is the newest category by the Pampers brand introduced in the early 2018. The new diaper version they term as Pampers Pure Protection has thoughtfully been created for newborns all through to larger babies.

For new parents, you’ve probably heard about the popularity of Pampers Pure, and you may be curious about what set it out when compared to other Pampers brands.

Before we get deeper, the favorite part about Pampers Pure is the absence of fragrances that qualifies them as best diapers for babies with sensitive skin. In our Pampers Pure review, we’ll explore the various features that makes Pampers Pure an amazing choice when compared to other diapers by Pampers.

Pampers Pure Protection Ingredients

They’re eco-friendly diapers crafted with cotton, fluff pulp, soft plant-based fibers and a combination of other naturally based materials. There’re no artificial toxic ingredients such as latex, parabens, fragrances, chlorine and all the other 26 toxic allergens.

For that reason, it is skin friendly since the baby will not be vulnerable to rashes from constant skin irritation apparently caused by the chemicals.

The inside is incredibly soft on touch when compared to most models to keep your little one a lot comfortable every step of the way.

Pampers Pure are available from newborn size all through to size 6. They fit well but you can look at the sizing chart to know the right size to pick for your baby. Be careful not to choose an oversized diaper that may sag of leave a gap. For crawling or active babies, a sagging diaper may allow the mess to sneak away.

Remember, the bigger the diaper size, the higher the absorbency so as to contain the high volume of mess by the growing baby. But there’re securely fitting tabs that helps keep the diaper in place.

Newborn up to 10 lbs

Size 1.. 8-14 lbs

Size 2.. 12-18 lbs

Size 3.. 16-28 lbs

Size 4.. 22-37 lbs

Size 5.. 27+ lbs

Size 6.. 35+ lbs

From the first month all through to bigger babies, these diapers are super soft for the gentleness of the baby’s bottom. Leak protection is unbeatable as well to constantly keep the baby dry and comfortable.

Since they’re crafted with cotton, the diapers are unbelievably breathable. When compared to Honest diapers, Pampers Pure is the better deal for use in summer months when babies are more vulnerable to rashes. With the air channels, there’s circulation of air around the skin to prevent moisture from building up and form rashes.

12-Hour Help

There’s a super absorbent polymer core that provide protection for up to 12-hours. It pulls the wetness into the core which helps keep the skin dry until the baby is changed. And, no odor will be emitted which is quite reassuring.

For heavy sleepers and overnight usage, these diapers do not leak. The openings at the legs are quite elastic to keep everything in. No mess will sneak from the back since there’s a strip to keep blow outs at bay. They keep all the moisture contained and there will be no blow outs.

Wetness Indicator

Each diaper contains a PH sensitive stripe that turns into another color when the baby is wet. Since it may be impossible to tell when the diaper is messed, the stripe will signal to you when to replace the diaper. There will be no need to peep in or touch like it is the case with most disposable or reusable diapers.

Why Pampers Pure Protection is Better Than Other Pampers Diapers

Almost all the other diapers by Pampers are laden with fragrances that react horribly when they rub against the sensitive skin. This results to constant rashes on the baby’s bottom.

Pampers Pure are purely hypoallergenic diapers with zero fragrance. They’re plant based diapers constructed with premium cotton and other carefully selected materials non-sensitive to babies. They’re softest and healthy to the baby’s skin.

When compared to other diapers, these ones are incredibly adorable featuring endearing prints from the box that are favorite to many parents.

What We Don’t Like About Pampers Pure

As far as the price goes, these diapers are relatively pricey when compared to other brands like Huggies, Honest and Luvs. But they’re the only option if you’re worried about sensitive fragrances that irritate the delicate skin.

What Customers Say About Pampers Pure Protection Diapers

At the time of review, the product stood at 4.7 out of 5 stars. Here’s the breakdown of overall user experience by stars.

Leak absorption 4.5 stars

Absorbency 4.6 stars

Scent 4.7 stars

For sensitive skin 4.6 stars

Value for money 4.0 stars

Alternatives to Pampers Pure Protection Diapers

If price is an issue, you may choose Pampers Swaddlers since the diapers are less pricey. Both are eco-friendly diapers but the composition of ingredients differs. 

Another amazing choice is the Honest company diapers. Like Pampers Pure, these diapers do have amazing prints. They’re slightly less pricey but they’re not as soft as Pampers Pure Protection diapers. What we don’t like about them is the absence of the wetness stripe. Fortunately, they do not have irritating chemicals which is why we recommend them for use by sensitive babies.

Other fantastic ecofriendly options include, Andy Pandy, Naty by Nature Babycare, Bamboo Nature, and 7th Generation diapers. All these diaper brands are chemical-free even though they’re not as soft as Pampers Pure diapers.

bottom Line

One of the most frustrating part to any mom is finding the best diaper that meet the baby’s needs. And honestly, knowing the right diaper may need some trial and error which is usually a disappointing phase.

Even though not every diaper may work well with every baby, Pampers Pure has been found to work with most babies. What amazing about it is the fact that it is constructed with specialized materials that are healthy to the gentle skin. Unlike most diapers, they do not contain irritating chemicals that may react to the sensitive skin.

We hope our pampers pure review provides the insight you needed in deciding whether it’s the best diaper choice for your little wonder.

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