MintLyfe Patch Weight Loss Reviews: Does it Work? [2020]

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Obese moms are more vulnerable to miscarriage than moms with the right weight. Not all overweight women will encounter this challenge though.

But I am saying this from first-hand experience. At first, I was not sure if the excess weight was the reason I had the two pregnancy loses. But when I took the challenge to lose some fats, I did not experience miscarriage again.

Burning the excess calories by simple exercises and weight loss diets did not work. I had to look for premium weight loss patch to see if they’d help. And sure they did!

There are tons of them that are likely to get you frustrated but not MintLyfe Patch! It worked for me and I’m sure it’ll work with you too.

In this MintLyfe Patch weight loss review, we’ll take an indepth analysis as well as alternatives just in case it doesn’t work with you.

MintLyfe Patch Weight Loss Review: How it Works

The ingredients in MintLyfe Patch works by accelerating the rate of metabolism in the body. Increased metabolism stimulates faster burning of fats.

Surprisingly, the patches can penetrate through the skin into the inner and deeper cells where fat is stored. The ingredients will hasten the metabolism process hence accelerating the breakdown of fat in these cells.

It lessens fats as well as sugar absorption into the body. This leads to considerable weight loss, increased blood circulation, and removal of toxins just within a couple of weeks.  


One notable ingredient from the name itself is mint. Mint is naturally available in Hokuto mint, a scarce Japanese plant species.

What makes Hokuto mint great in weight loss is methanol, a very important compound that speed-up the metabolism action. Like Hokuto mint, Capsaicin derived from pepper is also key in faster metabolism.

Another prime ingredient in MintLyfe Patch is Korean Ginseng. It is rich in antioxidants that helps diminish the massive appetite for moms who are not able to control the amount of food they eat.   

While Hokuto mint and Capsaicin foster the metabolism process, Korean Ginseng will regulate the amount of food you eat and therefore the quantity of calories in the body.

The amalgamation of these compounds is what makes MintLyfe Patch a favorite choice for magical weight loss.

Mintlyfe Patch Review: Alternatives

If MintLyfe Patch does not work for you, you may try the following alternatives:

O.k Detox Tea

Unlike MintLyfe Patch, O.k Detox Tea is a combination of 13 natural ingredients. They include Sencha, Milk Thistle, Oolong, Matcha, amongst other ingredients as well as herbs and berries derived from plants.

It is non-GMO and laxative free. The product is exclusively natural without the addition of artificial flavors.

The combination of these ingredients is magical in calming the tummy bloat and inflammation. It jumpstarts the metabolism process leading to dramatic weight loss.

It boosts your mood and reduce the appetite. It gives tons of energy for the day and you won’t feel hungry even after reducing your craving for food.

You may prepare the tea and leave it to refrigerate overnight, then drink it cold in the morning. Or have it in the morning as hot tea when you’re starting the day. The drink is delicious when prepared the right way.

Purely Inspired Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit from subtropical regions of West and Central Africa and South East Asia. The fruit is rich in hydroxycintric acid which is key in reducing belly fat.

Hydroxycintric acid stops the storage of fats in various tissues, accelerate fat breakdown and enhance exercise performance to prevent fatigue.

The formula also has pure green coffee extract accounting for 45-percent chlorogenic acid that has scientifically been proven to help in weight loss.

The company has added apple cider vinegar which helps decrease the appetite and cravings and totally make you to feel full. This reduces the amount of calories and aid in weight loss.

Once it gets into the body; it helps cut the horrible bloating, enhance blood circulation and furnish you with much energy to get you through the day.

Combine these pills with a balanced diet and exercise program if you’d like magical and quicker results.

Are They Safe? Can I Use During Pregnancy?

Sure they are. MintLyfe Patch is a blend of naturally derived compounds. However, for moms with sensitivity issues, MintLyfe Patch may not be an excellent option.

Stay away from MintLyfe Patch and the alternatives if you have a history of heart condition or other medical underlying issues.

No side effects have been reported by pregnant moms or to the baby, however, do not take any of these products if you’re a pregnant or nursing mom.

It’s recommended you have a talk with your doctor about other healthy options to both of you. 

Your doctor will assess you and offer personalized advice depending on your condition. He or she may recommend an exercise and/or dietary program.

You can also be referred to a trainer since they have a wealth of knowledge on the right exercise during pregnancy and also on strenuous exercises you should avoid.

Hectic exercises that cause you to lose balance like mountain biking and horseback riding can be risky during pregnancy.

You may be asked to adjust your lifestyle in moderation. For example, for exercise, you may be advised to start with shorter durations like five minutes for one week, then 10 minutes the following week until you attain your goal of about 30 minutes per day.

Don’t overdo the exercises that you breath heavily. The secret is to stay active and not endanger yourself and the baby.

Dietary advice is about reducing or stopping the intake of junk foods, food with sweeteners, amongst other unhealthy diets.

Actually, a researchers’ study has found dietary changes more effective in weight loss and incredibly healthier to the baby than exercise. Taking a balanced diet supplies the baby with the right nutrients leading to healthy growth and less calories.

Possible Risks of Overweight During Pregnancy

You are overweight if your body mass index is 30 and above. Most obese women may have complications during pregnancy. You may also experience blood clots, high blood pressure, miscarriage and abnormal loss of blood during delivery.

You may also deliver a baby with excess weight, birth disorder, high risk of chronic issues, or even before the due date which is around 37 weeks.

Bottom Line

Even though these products can’t be used by pregnant moms, they are great to take ahead of pregnancy to avoid complications that come with obese during pregnancy.

These weight loss products do not force you to have instant changes in your daily life. MintLyfe Patch does the magic so long as you combine it with a balanced diet. Otherwise it will not be fruitful if you continue with junk foods.

Shedding excess fat isn’t easy, but I hope MintLyfe Patch weight loss review has helped you figure out how to burn fat in a faster way! Try it out if you have tried other brands without success

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