100+ Best Middle Names for Violet

Your baby will most likely retain the name you give them at birth-time for their whole lifetime. That’s why choosing perfect name combinations for them is extremely important.

When it comes to selecting a middle name, you might not like a common one overused for years. You want a name that takes everyone’s breath away at the mention of it.

If you love Violet but you’re stuck on middle name options, you may be on the lookout for best middle names for Violet that flows with it. 

I’ve provided you with some great suggestions to help you find the right name for your Kiddo.

Violet Name Meaning, Nicknames and Origin

The name Violet is from Latin origin meaning purple, blue color and violet flower. Nicknames for Violet are: Vi, Viva, Viley, Latte, Vio, Vivi, Viola, Flower, and Purple.

Even though it has been popular for hundreds of years, few families would use it. Its rising popularity was attributed by Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner after the prominent English family chose the name Victorian Violet for their daughter.

Since then, it has been nearly on top of charts, coming close to other names like Rose and Lily. The most recent was 2015 when it was featured on top 50 girl names for the first time.

Today, the name is favorite to most families in the US, Britain and some other parts of the world. Well-known personalities with the name Violet are Bonham Violet Carter- English politician and writer; Violet Markham – English social reformer; American artist – Violet Oakley, and the Irish author – Violet Florence Martin.

Best Middle Names Ideas for Violet

Violet Adelaide

Violet Adeline

Violet Alessia

Violet Amanda

Violet Amora

Violet Ann

Violet Annabelle

Violet Anneliesse

Violet Angel

Violet Annique

Violet Aurora

Violet Audrey

Violet Aurelia

Violet Alexandra

Violet Belle

Violet Braelynn

Violet Bronte

Violet Callan

Violet Camille

Violet Carissa

Violet Celeste

Violet Claire

Violet Clarice

Violet Claudia

Violet Darcie

Violet Delia

Violet Eleanor

Violet Elise

Violet Eloise

Violet Esme

Violet Estelle

Violet Eulalie

Violet Felicity

Violet Francesca

Violet Georgina

Violet Geraldine

Violet Giselle

Violet Grace

Violet Gretchen

Violet Harper

Violet Hazel

Violet Heather

Violet Hermione

Violet Iris

Violet Isabelle

Violet Jade

Violet Jean

Violet Jemma

Violet Jessica

Violet Jocelyn

Violet June

Violet Justine

Violet Kathleen

Violet Katrina 

Violet Kyra

Violet Laine

Violet Lauren

Violet Lee

Violet Leigh 

Violet Liliana

Violet Lindsey

Violet Lorelei

Violet Louise

Violet Luella

Violet Mabel

Violet Madeleine

Violet Mae

Violet Marie

Violet Matilda 

Violet May

Violet Melody

Violet Meredith

Violet Michelle

Violet Monet

Violet Monique

Violet Nevaeh

Violet Noelle

Violet Nicole

Violet Ophelia

Violet Olivia

Violet Paige

Violet Pearl

Violet Penelope

Violet Phillipa

Victoria Queenie

Violet Ray

Violet Raye

Violet Renee

Violet Romily

Violet Rose

Violet Ruby

Violet Sabrina

Violet Saskia

Violet Sasha

Violet Sheridan

Violet Sibyl

Violet Sydney

Violet Tess

Violet Virginia

Violet Wilhelmina

Violet Xanthia

Violet Zara

Violet Zoe

Variant Names of Violet

Eolande – Spanish origin meaning violet flower or purple

Iolande – from Spanish origin meaning purple or violet flower

Jolanda – of Latin origin meaning purple

Jolantha/Jolanthe – Spanish name meaning violet flower or purple

Viola / Viole – Latin name meaning purple

Violaine – Latin name which means purple

Violanta/ Violante – of Latin origin meaning purple

Violeine – from Latin origin meaning purple

Violeta / Violetta – Latin name which means purple

Violletta / Viollette – from Latin origin meaning purple

Vyolet – Latin name which means purple

Vyoletta / Vyolette – from Latin origin meaning purple

Yolanda / Yolande – Spanish name which means violet flower

Yolantha / Yolanthe – from Spanish origin meaning violet flower or purple

Names Similar to Violet

If you like Violet, you may want an equivalent name with less popularity. Here are a few name options you may want to consider:

Aria – English name meaning ‘vocal solo’

Camellia – Latin name meaning ‘helper to the priest’

Lily – English name derived from lily flower

Piper – English name meaning ‘pipe player’

Rose – English name derived from rose flower

Sienna – English name meaning ‘reddish brown’

Scarlett – English name which means red

Vivienne – French name which means Alive

Willow – English name meaning ‘willow tree’

Names That Sound Like Violet

Charlotte – French name meaning ‘free man’

Scarlet or Scarlett – English name meaning ‘shade or red’

Villette –  French name meaning ‘small town’

Wrapping Up

Violet is a cute girl name that’s not popular in some nations. If it’s common in your state, there are chances it will have a steep descent in the near future as few families will want to use it.

However, every other name you select will most likely get popular in a few years. For that reason, I recommend you select a name because you like it and not based on its popularity.

Despite its immense rise, the middle names for Violet should help your baby to stand out. Hopefully, the list above helps you select best name combinations for your baby girl.

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