100+ Best Middle Names for Savannah

You’ve already decided on Savannah as the first name but you’re stuck at deciding the best middle name that flows with it.

You’ve probably come across several middle name suggestions but none of them seem to be the right fit. Perhaps you want something classy, or trendy? Unique, or common?

Whichever name you want; I’ve compiled an in depth list of best middle names for Savannah to relieve you the pressure involved when deciding on the baby name. There we go!

Best Middle Name Ideas for Savannah

Savannah Abigail

Savannah Amelia

Savannah Angelique

Savannah Anne

Savannah Arnay

Savannah Astrid

Savannah Bea

Savannah Belle

Savannah Blair

Savannah Blaise

Savannah Blue

Savannah Blythe

Savannah Bree

Savannah Bridget

Savannah Brie

Savannah Briony

Savannah Brooke

Savannah Brynn

Savannah Claire

Savannah Dawn

Savannah Elise

Savannah Elizabeth

Savannah Emily

Savannah Esme

Savannah Eve

Savannah Fae

Savannah Fawn

Savannah Faye

Savannah Fern

Savannah Fleur

Savannah Flynn

Savannah Gale

Savannah Georgia

Savannah Giselle

Savannah Grace

Savannah Greer

Savannah Grey

Savannah Gwen

Savannah Gypsy

Savannah Hayley

Savannah Hope

Savannah Imogen

Savannah Iris

Savannah Ivy

Savannah Jade

Savannah Jean

Savannah Jo

Savannah Jordan

Savannah Joy

Savannah June

Savannah Kate

Savannah Kay

Savannah Lae

Savannah Lake

Savannah Lark

Savannah Lauren

Savannah Leigh

Savannah Liesel

Savannah Lily

Savannah Louise

Savannah Lourdes

Savannah Lucille

Savannah Lux

Savannah Madeline

Savannah Madelyn

Savannah Mae

Savannah Maeve

Savannah Marie

Savannah Marin

Savannah May

Savannah Meg

Savannah Mia

Savannah Michelle

Savannah Mireille

Savannah Nadine

Savannah Nell

Savannah Neve

Savannah Noemie

Savannah Nouvel

Savannah Paige

Savannah Patrice

Savannah Pearl

Savannah Pilar

Savannah Piper

Savannah Plum

Savannah Quinn

Savannah Rae

Savannah Raine

Savannah Renee

Savannah Reese

Savannah Rose

Savannah Rue

Savannah Sage

Savannah Shay

Savannah Sian

Savannah Tamsin

Savannah Taylor

Savannah Tess

Savannah Topaz

Savannah Willow

Savannah Wren

Savannah Wynne 

Savanna Xanthe

Savannah Xylia

Ways to Spell Savannah










Names Like Savannah

Annabelle – French name meaning ‘loving’

Bella – Italian female name meaning ‘beautiful’

Brooklyn – English feminine name meaning ‘broken land’

Charlotte – French name that indicates ‘free man’

Chloe – Greek name meaning ‘young green shoot’

Emma – German feminine name meaning ‘universal’

Georgia – English name for ‘farmer’

Hailey – English name meaning ‘hay meadow’

Isabella – of Italian, Hebrew and Spanish origin meaning ‘pledged to God’

Mesa – Spanish name that means ‘table’

Noelle – French name meaning ‘Christmas’

Sienna – English name meaning ‘reddish brown’

Names That Sound Like Savannah

Anna – Hebrew name meaning ‘gracious’

Hannah – Hebrew name which means ‘grace’

Sabina – of Latin origin meaning ‘sabine’

Sahara – Arabic name derived from ‘desert’

Savine – Of Latin origin meaning ‘sabine’

Syvonne – Of Irish origin meaning ‘God is gracious’

Xavienna – Spanish name meaning ‘bright’

Zahara – Hebrew name meaning ‘flowering’

Savannah Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Savannah is a Spanish name that indicates the “flat tropical grassland”. Originally, it is derived from Taino, a Native American tribe term “zabana”.

It shot up into fame as a girl name around the 19th century; then declined a bit in usage until the 1980s when it rapidly rose on name charts after the movie Savannah Smiles in 1982 by Mark Miller.

As of 1983, 434 Savannahs’ were born pushing the name up in ranking as the 466th popular girl name in the US in that year.

The highest record was in 2000 when a total of 7097 girls were given the name Savannah bringing its rank as the 37th most used girls’ name in the US.

It dropped a bit in popularity in 2013 but still maintaining its ranking at 37. It still ranks on the same position in the US, but it isn’t a popular choice by the online naming community.

Right now, it isn’t overly talked about. Even though it feels a bit underrated, Savannah is still a classy choice for parents who want a cute nature name for their daughter.

Savannah isn’t just a nature name, it’s also a place name for a city in Georgia, US. Savannah nicknames are Sanna, Savy, Vanna and Van.

Wrapping Up

I am a huge fan of Savannah now that it’s less overused. It’s cute, classy and amongst the best girls’ name that start with S.

If you feel like Savannah is a bit overused in your state, you can choose from names like Savannah or the ones that sound like Savannah if you love how it sounds.

If you love Savannah despite its rising use in your state, you can pair it a long with a unique middle name or use variants of Savannah to evoke a similar inspiration.

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