100 Best Middle Names for Nora

After picking the first name, deciding on a middle name that flows with it is probably the hardest part to many parents.

If you’ve already decided on Nora as the first girls’ name, you may be on the lookout for a great middle name that fit well with it.

If you can’t think of best middle names for Nora, read on and explore cute middle name suggestions that sound amazing together for your baby girl.

How to Choose the Middle Name

The name you choose for your little one is likely to remain the same for the rest of her lifetime. Your child will use the name on every aspect in her daily life.

When deciding on baby names, think about how they sound when your child is interacting with different people. Aim for a name that boost your child’s confidence when it’s mentioned.   

Consider the rhythm pattern of full names when said loudly. You can practice ahead a few times alone and in the presence of your partner for second opinion.

One thing you’re not supposed to forget is the name meaning and potential nicknames. I’ve come across names that bring a preconceived notion which may affect your child and her identity in the society.

Best Middle Name Ideas for Nora

Nora Abigail

Nora Aileen

Nora Alexa

Nora Anne

Nora Ashlyn

Nora Ariel

Nora Belle

Nora Brooke

Nora Adeline

Nora Aileen

Nora Aline

Nora Amber

Nora Annabelle

Nora Baylee

Nora Blair

Nora Camille

Nora Celeste

Nora Charlotte

Nora Cherise

Nora Claire

Nora Clementine

Nora Colleen

Nora Constance

Nora Danae

Nora Danielle

Nora Delaney

Nora Elaine

Nora Elise

Nora Elizabeth

Nora Eloise

Nora Emilie

Nora Emmeline

Nora Emily

Nora Estelle

Nora Eve

Nora Fae

Noora Faye

Nora Felicity

Nora Genevieve

Nora Georgiana

Nora Giselle

Nora Grace

Nora Harriet

Nora Haven

Nora Ines

Nora Imogen

Nora Isabelle

Nora Jade

Nora Jean

Nora Jo

Nora Joleen

Nora Joy

Nora June

Nora Kate

Nora Kathryn

Nora Leanne

Nora Lee

Nora Leigh

Nora Lily

Nora Lisette

Nora Loren

Nora Lorraine

Nora Louisa

Nora Louise

Nora Lucille

Nora Madeleine

Nora Madeline

Nora Madelyn

Nora Mae

Nora Maeve

Nora Mackenzie

Nora Mairead

Nora Margot

Nora Marie

Nora Paige

Nora Pearl

Nora Penelope

Nora Petronille

Nora Phoebe

Nora Quinn

Nora Rae

Nora Rain

Nora Reese

Nora Renae

Nora Renee

Nora Riley

Nora Rosalie

Nora Rosamund

Nora Rose

Nora Roxanne

Nora Sage

Nora Scarlett

Nora Selene

Nora Seraphine

Nora Sophie

Nora Storm

Nora Suzanne

Nora Sylvie

Nora Tamsin

Nora Taylor

Nora Violet

Nora Vivian

Nora Vivienne

Nora Willow

Nora Yvette

Ways to Spell Nora









Names Like Nora

Adeline – of French origin meaning “noble”

Amelia –  derived from amal a German word for “work”

Aurora – of Latin origin meaning “dawn”

Charlotte – French name which means “free man”

Clara – Latin feminine name for “clear”

Cordelia – linked to different uncertain origins

Emma – German name meaning “whole”

Evelyn – English name which means “desired one”

Hazel – English name derived from “the hazelnut tree”

Katie – English name for “pure”

Lily – English name derived from lily flower

Lola – Spanish name meaning “the sorrows”

Mabel –  Latin name meaning “loving, beautiful”

Maeve – Irish name translated to mean “she who intoxicates”

Olivia – Latin name meaning “olive tree”

Penelope – greek name meaning “weaver”

Sadie – Hebrew name which means “Princess”

Sarah – Hebrew name for “Princess”

Names That Sound Like Nora

Annora – Latin name meaning “honor”

Cora – greek name for “maiden”

Eleanor – English feminine name

Honor – Latin name which denotes “woman of honor”

Nera – Hebrew name meaning “candle”

Noura – of Aramaic origin meaning “light”

Nora Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Nora is a feminine name from Irish origin meaning “light”. It’s notably used as a feminine name of Norman in Scotland.

Originally, Nora is a derivative of Eleanor and Honora. Nora was previously Honora, a Latin word for honor through the middle ages. In Hungary, Nora spawned from Eleonora which was a variation of Eleanor.

The name Nora enjoyed immense popularity in the late 19th century and early 20th century. It then went into oblivion and is now making a comeback in a dramatic way.    

Even though Nora is among the top 100 girl names in the US, it is currently slowly going down the chart names dropping down to position 30 in 2018 for the first time.

Well-known Nora stars are singer Nora Jones, fictional characters Nora Charles, author Nora Roberts and screenwriter Nora Ephron.

It is also a name of major towns in the US, Sweden, Italia and Australia. Nora nicknames are Rah, Nory, Nor and No-No.

Bottom Line

For parents who do not want to name after a relative, deciding on a name is something that may take countless days before you arrive at favorite choices.

With plenty of name options, the biggest task is identifying right name combinations that flow together and reflect your child personality traits.

If you were having trouble deciding on a middle name for Nora, brainstorm this list with your partner to arrive at the right name for your daughter.

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