80 Perfect Middle Names for Miles

So you’re pregnant with a boy and you’ve settled on Miles for his first name. Miles is adorable and I think it’s pretty cool.

Now, you need help picking out a middle name because you can’t think of anything you like.

Not to worry. I’m here to help. I combed parents’ forums and compiled names that sound great in the middle with Miles.

Searching for middle names for Miles? Let’s get started.

Middle Names for Miles

  1. Miles Alexander
  2. Miles Alistair
  3. Miles Andrew
  4. Miles Anthony
  5. Miles Antonio
  6. Miles Archer
  7. Miles Arthur
  8. Miles Atticus
  9. Miles Augustin
  10. Miles Avery
  11. Miles Beckett
  12. Miles Benjamin
  13. Miles Caden
  14. Miles Cage
  15. Miles Cameroon
  16. Miles Carson
  17. Miles Carter
  18. Miles Chandler
  19. Miles Christopher
  20. Miles Colin
  21. Miles Daniel
  22. Miles Darius
  23. Miles David
  24. Miles Dominic
  25. Miles Donovan
  26. Miles Douglas
  27. Miles Elliot
  28. Miles Ellis
  29. Miles Emerson
  30. Miles Ethan
  31. Miles Evan
  32. Miles Everett
  33. Miles Fletcher
  34. Miles Fox
  35. Miles Frank
  36. Miles Gabriel
  37. Miles Grayson
  38. Miles Gregory
  39. Miles Griffin
  40. Miles Harrison
  41. Miles Henry
  42. Miles Hudson
  43. Miles Hugh
  44. Miles Hunter
  45. Miles James
  46. Miles Jasper
  47. Miles Jeffrey
  48. Miles Jordan
  49. Miles Joseph
  50. Miles Julian
  51. Miles Keegan
  52. Miles Leander
  53. Miles Levi
  54. Miles Lincoln
  55. Miles Lucas
  56. Miles Matthew
  57. Miles Oliver
  58. Miles Owen
  59. Miles Patrick
  60. Miles Parker
  61. Miles Paul
  62. Miles Quinton
  63. Miles Ray
  64. Miles Reed
  65. Miles Remington
  66. Miles Reuben
  67. Miles Richard
  68. Miles Robert
  69. Miles Ryan
  70. Miles Spencer
  71. Miles Sullivan
  72. Miles Taylor
  73. Miles Thaddeus
  74. Miles Theodore
  75. Miles Thomas
  76. Miles Vincent
  77. Miles Warren
  78. Miles Wesley
  79. Miles William
  80. Miles Xavier

Names Similar to Miles

  • Aiden
  • Blake
  • Chase
  • Ellis
  • Grant
  • Griffin
  • Hunter
  • Jason
  • Micah
  • Niles
  • Parker

Different Ways to Spell Miles

  • Myles
  • Mylles
  • Milles

Nicknames for Miles

  • Mi
  • Milo
  • Mill
  • Smiles
  • Mickey
  • Mylo

Miles Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Miles is a male name of English roots. Originally, Miles is borrowed from a Norman-French name Milo, the medieval written version of Miles (Latin name meaning soldier).

Miles is also believed to be a medieval Norman-French pet version of Michael. Even though he’s been around for over a century, the name’s usage has been moderate to low.

The name started to show astounding upward momentum around the turn of the 21st century and he’s inching closer to claim a spot on the most favored top 100 boy names.

Somehow, Miles is a unique choice. He has never experienced any sizable popularity ever since the American Government began monitoring his naming trends.

The data available shows 89482 newborn boys have been named Miles in the past 140 years. Miles has featured twice in the top 10 and 11 times in the top one hundred boy names in America.

Wrapping Up

That’s an incredible list, right?

Did you like the flow of a three, two or one syllable middle name for Miles? My top contenders are Miles Isaak, Miles Oliver, or Miles Alexander. I think they’re more handsome.

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