100 + Best Middle Names for Lily

If you’re like me, I always prefer to call my daughter by the middle name since it’s somewhat distinctive. Lots of girls have the same first name which is a put-off to me.

If you love Lily perhaps because of its immense irresistible attributes, but you’re hesitant about it because of its huge popularity, you can pair it along with a unique middle name.

I’ve provided you with unique and cute middle names for Lily to help you decide on favorite name combinations for the new baby.

Whether you’re seeking for one syllable, two syllable or longer middle name; this article will provide you with different names suggestions so you can have a wide range of options.

Lily Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

The name Lily is from English origin translated to mean “lily”. Actually, it is taken from lilium, a Latin name for lily flower which is a symbol of purity (whiteness), perfection and innocence.

Well-known Lily stars are Lily Aster Gottfried, daughter of American comedian; singer Lily Allen; TV characters, Lily Munster & Lily Aldrin; and author Lily Owens.

Even though it has been around for centuries, Lily was sparsely used for most parts of 19th and 20th century.

It came into limelight over the last decade, when it was listed among top 100 girls name in 2002 and 27th most used girls name in 2014 in the United States.

Since then, it has been one of the popular girl name starting with L in the US. It’s a flattering name to many parents in the US, Germany, France and other English speaking nations.

Nicknames for Lily are Lil, Lils, Lilsy, Lolly, Lillie, Lilster, Lilias, Lilac and Liana

Best Middle Name Ideas for Lily

Lily Ada

Lily Adeline

Lily Allegra

Lily Amara

Lily Amelie

Lily Annabel

Lily Ann

Lily Asha

Lily Audra

Lily Aurelia

Lily Aurora

Lily Autumn

Lily Ava

Lily Aveline

Lily Belle

Lily Blaire

Lily Bronwyn

Lily Cadence

Lily Cambria

Lily Camila

Lily Camille

Lily Celeste

Lily Charlotte

Lily Chloe

Lily Claire

Lily Claudia

Lily Coral

Lily Corinna

Lily Dawn

Lily Eileen

Lily Elaine

Lily Elena

Lily Elise

Lily Elizabeth

Lily Ellen

Lily Emma

Lily Emmeline

Lily Eva

Lily Eve

Lily Eveline

Lily Freya

Lily Georgia

Lily Grace

Lily Hannah

Lily Harriet

Lily Hazel

Lily Holly

Lily Iris

Lily Isabella

Lily Isla

Lily Isobel

Lily Ivy

Lily Jade

Lily Janine

Lily Jasmine

Lily Jessica

Lily Jo

Lily June

Lily Kaitlyn

Lily Kate

Lily Kira

Lily Louise

Lily Madeleine

Lily Mae

Lily Maeve

Lily Maia

Lily Mallory

Lily Mara

Lily Marina

Lily Matilda

Lily Marie

Lily May

Lily Maya

Lily Megan

Lily Meredith

Lily Mina

Lily Mirabel

Lily Mira

Lily Natalie

Lily Nia

Lily Nora

Lily Nova

Lily Ora

Lily Paige

Lily Pearl

Lily Phoebe

Lily Rae

Lily Rosalie

Lily Rose

Lily Sabrina

Lily Sasha

Lily Savannah

Lily Scarlett

Lily Seraphine

Lily Sienna

Lily Sophia

Lily Summer

Lily Tallulah

Lily Tessa

Lily Therese 

Lily Tia

Lily Violet

Lily Vonnie

Lily Zara

Lily Zinnia

Ways to Spell Lily

















Names Similar to Lily

Callie – of greek origin meaning “beautiful one”

Daisy – English girl name inspired by daisy flower

Hannah – Hebrew name for “Grace”

Holly – English name which means “the holly tree”

Mia – Scandinavian name for “dear”

Molly – from English origin meaning “of the sea”

Rose – English name inspired by rose flower

Violet – English name inspired by violet flower

Willow – English name derived from willow tree

Names That Sound Like Lily

Laila – Arabic name meaning “night”

Laily – Arabic name which means “night beauty”

Lala – from Slavic origin meaning “tulip”

Lally – Greek girl name meaning “well-spoken”

Lalya – Greek name for “talk”

Lola – Spanish name for “the sorrows”

Lolly – Latin name meaning “the bay”

Lula – German name which means “famous warrior”

Lyla – English feminine name meaning “night”

Wrapping Up

Lily is an elegant girl name ideal for parents looking for traditional and cute girl plant name for their little angel. It’s an excellent choice for parents who love nature names and the beauty inspired by lily flower.

Perhaps you’re expectant and you’ve chosen Lily as the first girl’s name. You’ve tried to think of cute middle names to pair with Lily but they don’t seem to flow well.

I know deciding on a middle name is a tough decision, but hopefully the list above helps you identify a cute middle name that go well with Lily.

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