90 Best Middle Names for Lillian

If popularity of a name isn’t a huge deal to you, Lillian is a cute girl name that has remained classic over the years.  

While it is trendy, I have discovered some parents love it but would want to pair it with a less popular middle name. However, coming up with a unique middle name for Lillian has proved to be a little wearying to many parents.

If both of you have decided on Lillian as the first name, here, browse best middle name suggestions that sound amazing together with it.

Lillian Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Lillian is of English and Latin origins. The feminine name is taken from Lily flower, suggestive of purity and innocence.

In the US, Lillian has been in use since the 16th century.  It gained most usage in 1890 when a total of 1890 newborns were named Lillian.

The highest number given this name was in 1920. In that year, 10, 053 people were given the name Lillian. It then dipped a bit until the 21st century.

In 2010, Lillian was ranked at position 21, the best it’s been since 1898 when it ranked at position 10 in popularity.

Through the years, Lillian has seen a surge in popularity. Since the 1880s, a total of 405 405 girls have been given this name in the US.

Even though popularity of Lillian has dropped in the recent years, it’s among the top 50 girls name in the United States.  In 2018, Lillian was ranked at 34th by the Social Security Administration.

Best Middle Names for Lillian

Lillian Adelaide

Lillian Adeline

Lillian Alessandra

Lillian Alexandra

Lillian Amelia

Lillian Annabel

Lillian Angelique

Lillian Arlene

Lillian Astrid

Lillian Aubrey

Lillian Aurora

Lillian Aveline

Lillian Avery 

Lillian Bea

Lillian Bee

Lillian Belle

Lillian Blair 

Lillian Blythe

Lillian Bridget

Lillian Brielle

Lillian Britt

Lillian Brooke

Lillian Camille

Lillian Carys

Lillian Charlotte

Lillian Claire

Lillian Claudia

Lillian Dale

Lillian Dara

Lillian Dawn

Lillian Dee

Lillian Eirlys

Lilian Eloise

Lillian Elise

Lillian Elizabeth

Lillian Emily

Lillian Emmeline

Lillian Esme

Lillian Etta

Lillian Eve

Lillian Faye

Lillian Fern

Lillian Fleur

Lillian Frances

Lillian Francesca

Lillian Gail

Lillian Georgina

Lillian Harper

Lillian Harriet

Lillian Hermione

Lillian Isabella

Lillian Ivy

Lillian Jade

Lillian Jean

Lillian Kate

Lillian Lark

Lillian Leigh

Lillian Louisa

Lillian Lourdes

Lillian Louise

Lillian Lucille

Lillian Madeleine

Lillian Mae

Lillian Maeve

Lillian Maire

Lillian Marguerite

Lillian Mathilde

Lillian Maude

Lillian Meredith

Lillian Noelle

Lillian Nora

Lillian Nova

Lillian Octavia

Lillian Paige

Lillian Parker

Lillian Pearl

Lillian Rae

Lillian Raine

Lillian Rayne

Lillian Reese

Lillian Renee

Lillian Rose

Lillian Sage

Lillian Seraphina

Lillian Serena

Lillian Shaun

Lillian Shea

Lillian Sian

Lillian Sidony

Lillian Skye

Lillian Taylor

Lillian Tess

Lillian Violet

Cute Nicknames for Lillian







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Unique Ways to Spell Lillian
















Names Similar to Lillian

Adelaide – German name meaning noble

Amelia – German girl’s name meaning work

Belle – French name meaning beautiful

Celia – Latin girl’s name meaning heavenly

Cora – Greek girl’s name meaning maiden

Genevieve – French girl’s name meaning tribe woman

Iris – Greek name meaning rainbow

Isabella – Of Italian, Spanish and Hebrew origins meaning pledged to God

Lila – Of Hindi, Persian and Arabic origin meaning night or play

Lily – English girls name meaning lily

Louisa – Latin girl’s name meaning renowned warrior

Mabel – Latin name meaning lovable

Nora – Irish girls name meaning light

Olivia – Latin name meaning olive tree

Penelope – Greek girl’s name meaning weaver

Wrapping Up

Picking an appropriate first name is pretty easier than deciding on a middle name. Even though adding a middle name is optional, there are several reasons why many parents resort to include it to their baby.

It can be a tradition; to honor someone within the family tree; or if they’re not impressed by the first name. Some attach it since it’s a trend in the community to have a middle name.

Whichever reasons it is, picking a middle name your baby will adore when they grow up is your responsibility as a parent. Hopefully you’re able to zero in on a perfect middle name for Lillian your princess will be proud of when she interacts with others.

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