100 Cute Middle Names for Layla

Layla is a lovely first name and she’s what you’ve decided on for the new baby.

For the middle name, you’re really stuck. You need help.

Some parents would want to consider a pretty short one. Others will like the rhythm of a longer middle name or something they haven’t heard before. Not to worry.

I’ve been scouring names forums and creating lists of the ones that I think are great choices. Searching for cute middle names for Layla? Let’s go!

Middle Names for Layla

  1. Layla Alexandria
  2. Layla Aliyah
  3. Layla Amber
  4. Layla Amelia
  5. Layla Anne
  6. Layla Aspen
  7. Layla Astrid
  8. Layla Autumn
  9. Layla Blair
  10. Layla Blythe
  11. Layla Bree
  12. Layla Brianne
  13. Layla Brooke
  14. Layla Bryn
  15. Layla Camille
  16. Layla Catherine
  17. Layla Celeste
  18. Layla Chloe
  19. Layla Clara
  20. Layla Claire
  21. Layla Corinne
  22. Layla Daphne
  23. Layla Dawn
  24. Layla Diane S
  25. Layla Elise
  26. Layla Elizabeth
  27. Layla Erin
  28. Layla Esme
  29. Layla Eva
  30. Layla Faith
  31. Layla Faye
  32. Layla Felicity
  33. Layla Fern
  34. Layla Genevieve
  35. Layla Giselle
  36. Layla Grace
  37. Layla Gwendolyn
  38. Layla Harper
  39. Layla Harriet
  40. Layla Hope
  41. Layla Iris
  42. Layla Isobel
  43. Layla Ivy
  44. Layla Jade
  45. Layla Jane
  46. Layla Janelle
  47. Layla Jean
  48. Layla Jessamine
  49. Layla Jess
  50. Layla Jo
  51. Layla Josephine
  52. Layla Joy
  53. Layla Jude
  54. Layla Juliet
  55. Layla June
  56. Layla Kate
  57. Layla Kay
  58. Layla Lane
  59. Layla Lorraine
  60. Layla Louise
  61. Lyla Lynn
  62. Layla Madeline
  63. Layla Mae
  64. Layla Maeve
  65. Layla Marie
  66. Layla Marissa
  67. Layla May
  68. Layla Meghan
  69. Layla Opal
  70. Layla Olivia
  71. Layla Paige
  72. Layla Pearl
  73. Layla Penelope
  74. Layla Poppy
  75. Layla Quinn
  76. Layla Raine
  77. Layla Renee
  78. Layla Rae
  79. Layla Rose
  80. Layla Ruby
  81. Layla Rue
  82. Layla Sabine
  83. Layla Sage
  84. Layla Seraphine
  85. Layla Shea
  86. Layla Skye
  87. Layla Sophie
  88. Layla Susanne
  89. Layla Tamsin
  90. Layla Tess
  91. Layla Tori
  92. Layla Vale
  93. Layla Vivian
  94. Layla Wilhelmina
  95. Layla Willa
  96. Layla Willow
  97. Layla Wren
  98. Layla Wynn
  99. Layla Xanthe
  100. Layla Zoe

Different Ways to Spell Layla

  • Leila
  • Leyla
  • Laylah
  • Laela
  • Laila
  • Laelah

Nicknames for Layla

  • L
  • Elle
  • Lala
  • Lae
  • Lolo
  • Laybug
  • Looloo
  • Lay
  • Lays
  • Lay-lay
  • Leils
  • Layleee

Layla Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Layla is originally Arabic in origin meaning “night”. She’s a derivative of an Arabic name Leila. The name Layla is also believed to have roots in the Persian and Hebrew languages.

Layla is a character in the Qays and Layla, the Arabic story about two young virgins in passionate love that they could hardly control.

The name Layla first showed up on the American naming graphs in 1950. Her popularity in America is a result of pop-culture influence.

Layla became popularized following the release of ‘’Layla’’ in 1972. Layla was a hit single in the compilation album by Eric Clapton.

Eric borrowed the title “Layla” from the Arabian unrequited love story, having been narrated about it by a close ally who wanted to convert to Islam.

By the 1980s, Layla fall out of fashion. She would emerge from hibernation in the early 1990s influenced by the acoustic version of the hit song “Layla”.  

Apparently, Layla continues to display forward momentum on naming graphs. However, she has never claimed a spot on the top 100 list.

Wrapping Up

That’s it – cute middle names for Layla, nicknames, and different ways to spell her. Hopefully you found a cute one you really like.

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