100 Perfect Middle Names for Landon

So you’re expecting your little bundle of joy in few months. Best wishes on your pregnancy!

That said, you’ve been thinking of possible first names for boys and girls. For a boy, you both have agreed on Landon.

Landon is classic, I think. It sounds pretty modern.

Your only problem right now is the middle name. You can’t think of any. You only have a few days left but still haven’t got a perfect middle name that sound great with Landon.

Do not worry. Here’s a list of middle names for Landon.

Middle Names for Landon

  1. Landon Ace
  2. Landon Aidan
  3. Landon Alexander
  4. Landon Anthony
  5. Landon Arthur
  6. Landon Asher
  7. Landon Augustus
  8. Landon Aurelius
  9. Landon Avery
  10. Landon Bentley
  11. Landon Blake
  12. Landon Brandon
  13. Landon Brooks
  14. Landon Carl
  15. Landon Carter
  16. Landon Charles
  17. Landon Chase
  18. Landon Christopher
  19. Landon Cole
  20. Landon David
  21. Landon Dominic
  22. Landon Douglas
  23. Landon Drake
  24. Landon Edward
  25. Landon Eli
  26. Landon Elliot
  27. Landon Elijah
  28. Landon Emerson
  29. Landon Emmett
  30. Landon Everett
  31. Landon Ezra
  32. Landon Felix
  33. Landon Finn
  34. Landon Francis
  35. Landon Frederick
  36. Landon Gabriel
  37. Landon Gage
  38. Landon Garrett
  39. Landon George
  40. Landon Grant
  41. Landon Gregory
  42. Landon Grey
  43. Landon Griffin
  44. Landon Harvey
  45. Landon Heath
  46. Landon Henry
  47. Landon Hunter
  48. Landon Isaac
  49. Landon Jack
  50. Landon James
  51. Landon Joseph
  52. Landon Jude
  53. Landon Julian
  54. Landon Kyle
  55. Landon Lane
  56. Landon Lawrence
  57. Landon Maddox
  58. Landon Marcus
  59. Landon Matthew
  60. Landon Matthias
  61. Landon Maximillian
  62. Landon Maxwell
  63. Landon Michael
  64. Landon Micah
  65. Landon Miles
  66. Landon Montgomery
  67. Landon Oliver
  68. Landon Parker
  69. Landon Pax
  70. Landon Pierce
  71. Landon Philip
  72. Landon Preston
  73. Landon Quinn
  74. Landon Reed
  75. Landon Reese
  76. Landon Reid
  77. Landon Rhys
  78. Landon Richard
  79. Landon Riley
  80. Landon Robert
  81. Landon Ross
  82. Landon Ryan
  83. Landon Ryder
  84. Landon Sebastian
  85. Landon Schuyler
  86. Landon Scott
  87. Landon Seth
  88. Landon Tate
  89. Landon Theo
  90. Landon Theodore
  91. Landon Thomas
  92. Landon Trent
  93. Landon Tyler
  94. Landon Vincent
  95. Landon West
  96. Landon William
  97. Landon Wyatt
  98. Landon Xavier
  99. Landon Zachary
  100. Landon Zander

Different Ways to Spell Landon

  • Landyn
  • Landen
  • Landin
  • Landan
  • Lannden
  • Lanndin
  • Lanndan
  • Landun

Nicknames for Landon

  • Adon
  • Landy
  • Lan
  • La La
  • Landino
  • Lanny
  • Lando
  • Don
  • Lan-man
  • Andy
  • Donny

Landon Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Landon is originally English in origin, consisting of two elements – lang meaning “long” and dun ‘‘hill’’.

He’s also believed to have derived from a place name, describing a settlement established close to a “long hill”. The name would later be assigned to one who stayed on such a landscape to serve as form of recognition.

The name Landon showed up on the American naming graphs around the turn of the 20th century -although only a handful of American parents would use it.

Then something interesting happened in 1936. Turns out it was an election year and Landon experienced noticeable moderate success, popularized by Alf Landon who was the Republican nominee on the presidential election.

For the brief period (1935-1937), Landon experienced sudden rise usage, then disappeared almost completely from radar. He would later resurface in 1962 and has been on upward trajectory ever since.

Landon achieved his peak of success in 2003, closing in on the 100 top most favored boy names for the first time.

Today, Landon seems to have gained steady ground. He has featured in the top 10 favorite once and 19 times on the top hundred list in the US.

Now It’s Your Turn

Hopefully you find a great combination you both really love.

Not sold on middle names for Landon? Check the following guides: Lincoln, Michael, or Hudson.

Good luck!         

Got questions? Share your thoughts below.

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