80+ Best Middle Names for Jade

You have Jade on your shortlist of first name ideas for your daughter. You’re now searching for a perfect middle name that sound amazing together with it but you don’t seem to have the slightest idea.

Or, maybe you were expecting a boy but you’ve lucked out and delivered a girl. If you can’t figure out a great first name, Jade is a cute girl name you may choose for your little angel.

If you’re open to suggestions on best middle names for Jade, I hope this list helps you finalize on a great name that flow with it.

Jade Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name jade is derived from a Spanish name “piedra de la ijada” indicating “stone of the side”.  This is a green precious stone which is useful in jewelry and artwork.

There’s another belief that connects the gemstone to instant intestinal and pain relief as well as colic in babies when it’s placed on the stomach.

Jade rose to popularity as a unisex name in the early 1970s though to the mid-1990s when it was listed among the 1000 most used boys’ name in the US; and top 25 popular girls’ name in Wales and England.

It is now a feminine name; a short version of the now-predominant Jaden. In 2007, Jade was ranked as the 113th most used girls’ name in the US.

As of 2018, the popularity of Jade was almost the same, ranking as the 111th common girls’ name in the United States.

Today, the trend has remained about unchanged and may continue to plateau or make a definitive turn up or downwards.

Best Middle Names for Jade

Jade Alannah

Jade Alessandra

Jade Alexandra

Jade Allegra

Jade Alyssa

Jade Amber

Jade Amelia

Jade Angelica

Jae Anneliese

Jade Ansley

Jade Arabella

Jade Araminta

Jade Aria

Jade Ariella

Jade Aurora

Jade Autumn

Jade Ayla

Jade Bea

Jade Brianne

Jade Briar

Jade Callie

Jade Camilla

Jade Candice

Jade Cassandra

Jade Celeste

Jade Charlize

Jade Charlotte

Jade Chloe

Jade Clarabelle

Jade Claribel

Jade Clementine

Jade Colette

Jade Elaine

Jade Elena

Jade Eleanor

Jade Eliana

Jade Elizabeth

Jade Ella

Jade Ellen

Jade Elyse

Jade Emily

Jade Emmeline

Jade Esme

Jade Estella

Jade Eva

Jade Eveline

Jade Felicia

Jade Gabrielle

Jade Harper

Jade Indigo

Jade Iris

Jade Isabella

Jade Isadora

Jade Jasmine

Jade Kayley

Jade Leigh

Jade Leona 

Jade Liana

Jade Lily

Jade Livia

Jade Louane

Jade Louisa

Jade Lucille

Jade Lucinda

Jade Luella

Jade Mackeelie

Jade Mackenzie

Jade Madison

Jade Maelle

Jade Maeve

Jade Magnolia

Jade Maisey

Jade Marguerite

Jade Marissa

Jade Matilda

Jade Mia

Jade Montannah

Jade Myla

Jade Nadine

Jade Noelle

Jade Norah

Jade Nova

Jade Olivia

Jade Oliviana

Jade Paige

Jade Penelope

Jade Peyton

Jade Quincy

Jade Quintessa

Jade Raziela

Jade Romilly

Jade Rain

Jade Raquel

Jade Renata

Jade Rosalie

Jade Rosamund

Jade Roxanne

Jade Sage

Jade Scarlett

Jade Seraphina

Jade Shaylee

Jade Shea

Jade Sheridan

Jade Sienna

Jade Skyla

Jade Susa

Jade Theodosia

Jade Tia

Jae Violet

Jade Vivienne

Jade Waverly

Jade Willow

Jade Xaviera

Jade Zelie

Jade Zoe

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Names That Sound Like Jade

Adde – Of German origin meaning “noble king”

Aide – German name meaning “present or reward”

Aude – Of French origin meaning “prosperous”

Eyde – Of English origin indicating “strife for wealth”

Jaidee – Greek name meaning “well-behaved or modest”

Jodie – Of Hebrew origin denoting “from Judea”

Judee – Hebrew name meaning “Jewish”

Wrapping Up

Back then I used to wonder why picking a middle name was such a big deal. I remember dismissing topics on groups and forums that talked about baby names, but nowadays, it makes sense to me. 

For starters, you need to be aware of potential nicknames and if the middle name blends with the first. You’ll also need to consider the popularity of the name and if it grows with your baby beyond the toddler-stage.

Whether you’re seeking a one, two or three syllables middle name, you should be able to find a great middle names for Jade that everyone will love to call her.

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