100 Cute Middle Names for Ivy

Ivy is lovely. It’s short, simple and cute.

But what about the middle names? Which ones flow the best with Ivy?

The good news: There are so many middle name ideas to choose from.

The bad news: With the so many middle names for Ivy, how do you decide on just one?

I scoured online baby groups and compiled lists of names that I believe complement the elegance of Ivy to make the process a little simpler. Ready? Let’s dig in.

Middle Names for Ivy

  1. Ivy Abigail
  2. Ivy Adelaide
  3. Ivy Amber
  4. Ivy Amelia
  5. Ivy Annabel
  6. Ivy Annalise
  7. Ivy Ariel
  8. Ivy Astrid
  9. Ivy Aurelia
  10. Ivy Aurora
  11. Ivy Belle
  12. Ivy Brooke
  13. Ivy Camille
  14. Ivy Charlotte
  15. Ivy Christabel
  16. Ivy Claire
  17. Ivy Clementine
  18. Ivy Cordelia
  19. Ivy Corinne
  20. Ivy Constance
  21. Ivy Delphine
  22. Ivy Elaine
  23. Ivy Eleanor
  24. Ivy Elena
  25. Ivy Elowyn
  26. Ivy Elise
  27. Ivy Elizabeth
  28. Ivy Ella
  29. Ivy Emma
  30. Ivy Emmeline
  31. Ivy Eloise
  32. Ivy Evangeline
  33. Ivy Erin
  34. Ivy Estelle
  35. Ivy Faye
  36. Ivy Felicity
  37. Ivy Fern
  38. Ivy Francesca
  39. Ivy Gabrielle
  40. Ivy Genevieve
  41. Ivy Georgiana
  42. Ivy Hazel
  43. Ivy Hope
  44. Ivy Imogen
  45. Ivy Isabelle
  46. Ivy Isla
  47. Ivy Isobel
  48. Ivy Jade
  49. Ivy Jean
  50. Ivy Jenna
  51. Ivy June
  52. Ivy Kate
  53. Ivy Katrice
  54. Ivy Leigh
  55. Ivy Leonora
  56. Ivy Louisa
  57. Ivy Lucille
  58. Ivy Luella
  59. Ivy Lynn
  60. Ivy Mae
  61. Ivy Madeleine
  62. Ivy Marabel
  63. Ivy Margot
  64. Ivy May
  65. Ivy Marguerite
  66. Ivy Marie
  67. Ivy Matilda
  68. Ivy Meredith
  69. Ivy Mia
  70. Ivy Mitchell
  71. Ivy Mireille
  72. Ivy Nicole
  73. Ivy Odelia
  74. Ivy Ophelia
  75. Ivy Olivia
  76. Ivy Paige
  77. Ivy Pearl
  78. Ivy Penelope
  79. Ivy Poppy
  80. Ivy Raine
  81. Ivy Renee
  82. Ivy Rosabelle
  83. Ivy Rosalie
  84. Ivy Rose
  85. Ivy Rosetta
  86. Ivy Rowan
  87. Ivy Scarlett
  88. Ivy Shae
  89. Ivy Sian
  90. Ivy Sienna
  91. Ivy Sierra
  92. Ivy Skye
  93. Ivy Summer
  94. Ivy Susannah
  95. Ivy Tamsin
  96. Ivy Therese
  97. Ivy Violet
  98. Ivy Willow
  99. Ivy Wren
  100. Ivy Zoella 

Girls Names Like Ivy

  • Ada
  • Eileen
  • Ethel
  • Fanny
  • Gwendoline
  • Hazel
  • Iris
  • Jade
  • Lottie
  • Mia

Different Ways to Spell Ivy

  • Ivie
  • Ivee
  • Ivey
  • Iva
  • Ivalyn
  • Ivyanne

Nicknames for Ivy

  • V
  • VV
  • Vaivy
  • Vee
  • Vivi
  • Viv
  • VeeVee
  • Vivy
  • Ivy bear

Ivy Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

Ivy is an English botanical name, believed to have been derived from the Ivy plant. The plant name is transferred from ifig, an old English word with unknown meaning.

The name Ivy entered American popularity charts around the turn of the 20th century, then took a nose dive almost immediately and began to lose her luster.

Early 1940s Ivy was barely in use as she fell off completely from naming charts. Apparently she appears to be reclaiming her lost glory in the past few years.

U.S. population data shows 58834 newborn girls have been named Ivy between 1880 and 2020. She has featured two times in the top 10 and also twice in the top 100 most popular girls name.

The year most newborns were given Ivy as first name was in 2018 with 3256 occurrences. During that year, she ranked 86 in girls’ name popularity.

Famous Ivy include Ivy Compton the British novelist, and baseball players Ivy Andrews & Ivy Olson.

Wrapping Up

Whether you want a rare common name like Imogen, a classic name like Annabel, or a simple and sweet one like Jean – there are tons of middle names for Ivy to consider for your baby girl.

Hopefully you found ‘the one’ for your tiny bundle of joy. You loved this guide? You might also want to look at middle names for Savannah or Nora

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