87 Best Middle Names for Hudson

If you’re expecting, chances are you’ve been spending endless hours searching for a perfect name for your kiddo. Now, you’ve got names for the new baby.

For a boy, both of you have settled on Hudson but no middle names ideas so far since you’re not sure what syllable middle name would sound best.

I’ve put together a list of middle names for Hudson so you can weigh the different options before eventually deciding on one.

Middle Names for Hudson

  1. Hudson Aaron
  2. Hudson Adam
  3. Hudson Alexander
  4. Hudson Asher
  5. Hudson Axel
  6. Hudson Benjamin
  7. Hudson Bennett
  8. Hudson Blaine
  9. Hudson Blake
  10. Hudson Bradley
  11. Hudson Broderick
  12. Hudson Bryant
  13. Hudson Cameroon
  14. Hudson Carter
  15. Hudson Clancy
  16. Hudson Clark
  17. Hudson Cody
  18. Hudson Colton
  19. Hudson Connor
  20. Hudson Damon
  21. Hudson Dane
  22. Hudson Dexter
  23. Hudson Elliott
  24. Hudson Emerson
  25. Hudson Everett
  26. Hudson Finn
  27. Hudson Fletcher
  28. Hudson Flynn
  29. Hudson Foster
  30. Hudson Gabriel
  31. Hudson Garrett
  32. Hudson Grant
  33. Hudson Gray
  34. Hudson Jake
  35. Hudson James
  36. Hudson Jasper
  37. Hudson Jonathan
  38. Hudson Jordan
  39. Hudson Joseph
  40. Hudson Jude
  41. Hudson Kyle
  42. Hudson Landon
  43. Hudson Lane
  44. Hudson Lee
  45. Hudson Levi
  46. Hudson Lysander
  47. Hudson Maddox
  48. Hudson Malcolm
  49. Hudson Mark
  50. Hudson Matthias
  51. Hudson Maverick
  52. Hudson Maxwell
  53. Hudson Micah
  54. Hudson Michael
  55. Hudson Miles
  56. Hudson Montgomery
  57. Hudson Nathaniel
  58. Hudson Oliver
  59. Hudson Parker
  60. Hudson Perry
  61. Hudson Pierce
  62. Hudson Ray
  63. Hudson Reece
  64. Hudson Reed
  65. Hudson Reid
  66. Hudson River
  67. Hudson Rowan
  68. Hudson Russell
  69. Hudson Ryan
  70. Hudson Sawyer
  71. Hudson Sebastian
  72. Hudson Seth
  73. Hudson Scott
  74. Hudson Sullivan
  75. Hudson Tanner
  76. Hudson Tate
  77. Hudson Taylor
  78. Hudson Theodore
  79. Hudson Thomas
  80. Hudson Tobias
  81. Hudson Tucker
  82. Hudson Wade
  83. Hudson Wilder
  84. Hudson William
  85. Hudson Winter
  86. Hudson Xavier
  87. Hudson Zachary

Boy Names Like Hudson

  • Aiden
  • Archer
  • Beckett
  • Callum
  • Carter
  • Cole
  • Cooper
  • Ethan
  • Everett
  • Finn
  • Grayson
  • Holden
  • Mason
  • Ryder
  • Sawyer
  • Tyler
  • Wyatt
  • Zane

Alternate Ways to Spell Hudson

  • Hudsinn
  • Hudsenn
  • Hudsen
  • Hudsonn
  • Hudsin
  • Hudsynn
  • Hudsyn

Pretty Nicknames for Hudson

  • Dud
  • Huddy Buddy
  • Huddle Bug
  • Huddy Buns
  • Huddy
  • Huds
  • Hugh
  • Lil Huddy
  • Hutty
  • Hud Stud

Hudson Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Hudson is of English roots specifically meaning Hudd’s son. In the United States, Hudson has been used as a baby name since the 1880’s. The oldest record of Hudson is May 1871 according to social security administration data.

Between that year all through the 20th century it’s usage was very low to nearly nonexistent.

It shot up the name ladder to solidly top 100 baby names in 1995. Since then, Hudson has been soaring up in popularity ranking at position 50 in 2019 with 6462 occurrences.

The most Hudson popularity every grew was in 2018 with 6540 occurrences. It has featured in the top 10 twice and 12 times in the top hundred popular boys name.

Today, it’s still a fairly common name and number of newborns named Hudson is continually rising. In the U.S, a total of 61962 newborn boys have been named Hudson between 1880 and 2018.

Over the years, its rise from obscurity can be attached to a few stars including Henry Hudson (English explorer and navigator) and The Hudson Brothers (American musical group).

Wrapping Up

There you have it – middle names for Hudson, names similar to Hudson, nicknames, as well as alternate ways to spell.

What style of middle name are you seeking? Common, classic, or trendy? One, two or three syllable?

Key secret is to mention each name combination out loud. Does it sound nice with a short or longer middle name? Hopefully you found a few you both like.

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