85 Perfect Middle Names for Henry

Parenthood is one of the most exciting phases in a person’s life.

Having said that, it’s also one that’s full of challenges. Sometimes it’s enjoyable, and everything is good… other times its dreadful, everything goes wrong and you feel hopeless.

One important decision you’ll make for your baby is choosing a name for them. And it can be very stressful! You not only need something that everyone in your family agrees on, but also that which your child will love growing up.

That’s why I’ve been scouring parenting forums & groups and compiling lists of names that sound together perfectly for a baby boy and girl.

Searching for perfect middle names for Henry? Check out the list below.

Middle Names for Henry

  1. Henry Adam
  2. Henry Alexander
  3. Henry Alistair
  4. Henry Allen
  5. Henry Archer
  6. Henry Atticus
  7. Henry Augustin
  8. Henry Austin
  9. Henry Benjamin
  10. Henry Blaine
  11. Henry Blake
  12. Henry Carter
  13. Henry Caspian
  14. Henry Cassius
  15. Henry Conner
  16. Henry Conrad
  17. Henry Cooper
  18. Henry Curtis
  19. Henry Daniel
  20. Henry David
  21. Henry Davis
  22. Henry Dawson
  23. Henry Dean
  24. Henry Dominic
  25. Henry Donovan
  26. Henry Douglas
  27. Henry Dylan
  28. Henry Edward
  29. Henry Ellis
  30. Henry Evan
  31. Henry Everett
  32. Henry Finn
  33. Henry Fletcher
  34. Henry Frederick
  35. Henry Gabriel
  36. Henry Gareth
  37. Henry Garrett
  38. Henry Graham
  39. Henry Grant
  40. Henry Hadrian
  41. Henry Hawthorne
  42. Henry Holden
  43. Henry Hugh
  44. Henry Jackson
  45. Henry James
  46. Henry Jameson
  47. Henry Jordan
  48. Henry Joseph
  49. Henry Jude
  50. Henry Knox
  51. Henry Kyle
  52. Henry Logan
  53. Henry Lloyd
  54. Henry Marshall
  55. Henry Mason
  56. Henry Matthias
  57. Henry Michael
  58. Henry Miles
  59. Henry Morgan
  60. Henry Nathan
  61. Henry Noah
  62. Henry Oliver
  63. Henry Owen
  64. Henry Parker
  65. Henry Patrick
  66. Henry Reese
  67. Henry Reid
  68. Henry Rowan
  69. Henry Ryan
  70. Henry Sawyer
  71. Henry Scott
  72. Henry Sebastian
  73. Henry Silas
  74. Henry Sylvan
  75. Henry Theodore
  76. Henry Thomas
  77. Henry Tobias
  78. Henry Vaughan
  79. Henry Vincent
  80. Henry Wade
  81. Henry West
  82. Henry William
  83. Henry Wyatt
  84. Henry Xavier
  85. Henry Zachariah

Different Ways to Spell Henry

  • Henree
  • Henrey
  • Henrie
  • Hennri
  • Henri
  • Henreigh
  • Hennreigh

Boy Names Like Henry

  • Alexander
  • Arthur
  • Benjamin
  • Frederick
  • Jake
  • Jonathan
  • Percy
  • Ryan
  • Sebastian
  • Theodore

Nicknames for Henry

  • Hank
  • Harry
  • Henny
  • ReeRee
  • Renny
  • Ry-Ry
  • Ree

Henry Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Henry is of German origin. The name comes from Germanic words haim to mean ‘’home’’ and ric to mean ‘’rule or power’’.

Henry has been favorite since the 1880s. For the over 200 years, the name has been constantly on U.S popularity naming charts, never falling outside of the top 150 baby names.

Between late 19th and early 20th century, henry was consistently in the top 20 year after year. Its low moments were between 1980 and 1990 but it currently appears to be gaining a steady ground.

The name Henry ranked #16 in 2018, and #12 in 2019. It sits at remarkable #9 in 2020 and it wouldn’t be surprising to see it claim a spot in the top 5 within a few years.

U.S. Social Security Administration shows 714 422 newborns have been given the name Henry between 1880 and 2020. It has featured 6 times in the top 10 and 105 times in the top 100 most popular boys name.

Famous Henry include American author Henry David, automobile maker Henry Ford, actors Henry Cavill and Henry Fonda. 

Wrapping Up

There you have it – perfect middle names for Henry, similar names, nicknames and different ways to spell.

Take a look through and create a short list of your favorites. Hopefully you find a cool one that you and your spouse love.

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