80+ Best Middle Names for Hailey

Searching for middle names for Hailey?

Not to worry.

I’ve put together a collection of cute ones to help you finalize on a middle name for your little angel. Ready? Let’s get down to it!

Best Middle Names for Hailey

  1. Hailey Alessandra
  2. Hailey Amber
  3. Hailey Amelia
  4. Hailey Emma
  5. Hailey Annabel
  6. Hailey Annabelle
  7. Hailey Aria
  8. Hailey Auriel
  9. Hailey Ava
  10. Hailey Bella
  11. Hailey Blair
  12. Hailey Brianne
  13. Hailey Brielle
  14. Hailey Brooke
  15. Hailey Brynn
  16. Hailey Carlene
  17. Hailey Carter
  18. Hailey Cassidy
  19. Hailey Charlotte
  20. Hailey Cheraline
  21. Hailey Claire
  22. Hailey Danielle
  23. Hailey Dawn
  24. Hailey Elise
  25. Hailey Ella
  26. Hailey Ellen
  27. Hailey Eloise
  28. Hailey Elyse
  29. Hailey Elizabeth
  30. Hailey Erin
  31. Hailey Eve
  32. Hailey Faye
  33. Hailey Gabrielle
  34. Hailey Georgia
  35. Hailey Harper
  36. Hailey Imogen
  37. Hailey Isabelle
  38. Hailey Isobel
  39. Hailey Ivy
  40. Hailey Jaclyn
  41. Hailey Jade
  42. Hailey Jasmine
  43. Hailey Jean
  44. Harley Jessica
  45. Hailey Jo
  46. Hailey Joy
  47. Hailey Kaitlyn
  48. Hailey Kate
  49. Hailey Kathleen
  50. Hailey Katrine
  51. Kailey Kendall
  52. Hailey Lara
  53. Hailey Laura
  54. Hailey Lauren
  55. Hailey Leigh
  56. Hailey Lola
  57. Hailey Louise
  58. Hailey Mae
  59. Hailey Madeleine
  60. Hailey Madelyn
  61. Hailey Madison
  62. Hailey Maeve
  63. Hailey May
  64. Hailey Michelle
  65. Hailey Noelle
  66. Hailey Octavia
  67. Hailey Olivia
  68. Hailey Paige
  69. Hailey Patrice
  70. Hailey Pearl
  71. Hailey Piper
  72. Hailey Quinn
  73. Hailey Rae
  74. Hailey Raine
  75. Hailey Ray
  76. Hailey Reanna
  77. Hailey Reese
  78. Hailey Renae
  79. Hailey Renee
  80. Hailey Rose
  81. Hailey Roxanne
  82. Hailey Sage
  83. Hailey Savannah
  84. Hailey Scarlett
  85. Hailey Shae
  86. Hailey Shea
  87. Hailey Skye
  88. Hailey Tara
  89. Hailey Tayah
  90. Hailey Tess
  91. Hailey Violet
  92. Hailey Zara 

Different Ways to Spell Hailey

  • Haelie
  • Halea
  • Hailea
  • Haley
  • Haylea
  • Halleigh
  • Hallie
  • Hally
  • Haely
  • Haeley

Names Similar to Hailey

  • Alexandra
  • Aubrey
  • Brianna
  • Brielle
  • Cassie
  • Kaitlyn
  • Kylie
  • Madeline
  • Mckenzie
  • Wendy

Nicknames for Hailey

  • Hay
  • Hayes
  • Hails
  • Lee
  • Leigh
  • Haileybug
  • Haileybaby
  • Haileybear
  • Haybaybay
  • Hailbail

Hailey Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Hailey is of English origin indicating ‘’hays meadow’’. It’s derived from hale or hales, a surname which denote something that stays in a nook or remote valley.

Hailey originates from heg translated into hay and Leah whose meaning is meadow, clearing or wood.

It started out as a surname in the 13th century but did not enjoy a mass popularity until the 1980s when Halley’s comet was observed in Northern America.

Around 3000 children born around that year were named after the event. However, instead of Halley, the variation Hailey was used.

It grew much in popularity in the 1990s then fell out of favor until the early 2000s when it rose dramatically on name charts. By 2009, Hailey was way too common and has since been a fairly popular girls’ name starting with H in the US.

As from 2018, the popularity of Hailey has started to wane a bit ranking at 79th compared to the previous year when it ranked 72nd most popular girl name with 3,699 occurrences.  

Wrap Up

Choosing a baby name that both parents adore is a tiring process that will pay off in the end. In some cases, the process can strike arguments that may escalate to partner’s separation.

If both of you are having trouble having a consensus on a middle name for Hailey, one of you should be ready for a compromise.

After all, it is not always possible to be unanimous on everything. Every person will often want to have things done their way.

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