80 Cute Middle Names for Everly

Is Everly the top first name choice for your little one? I love your name preference.

Though she’s been there for decades, Everly is not overused yet.  But how about the middle names? That’s quite frustrating to decide. But I’m here to help.

Searching for cute middle names for Everly? Not to worry! Check out the list below!

Middle Names for Everly

  1. Everly Alissa
  2. Everly Antoinette
  3. Everly Arden
  4. Everly Ava
  5. Everly Belle
  6. Everly Blythe
  7. Everly Brooke
  8. Everly Brynn
  9. Everly Camille
  10. Everly Charlotte
  11. Everly Claire
  12. Everly Constance
  13. Everly Corinne
  14. Everly Dean
  15. Everly Elaine
  16. Everly Eileen
  17. Everly Ellen
  18. Everly Emerald
  19. Everly Elyse
  20. Everly Emmeline
  21. Everly Faye
  22. Everly Giselle
  23. Everly Grace
  24. Everly Gwen
  25. Everly Harper
  26. Everly Hazel
  27. Everly Imogen
  28. Everly Iris
  29. Everly Isabelle
  30. Everly Jade
  31. Everly Jean
  32. Everly Jessah
  33. Everly Joy
  34. Everly June
  35. Everly Juniper
  36. Everly Kate
  37. Everly Kathryn
  38. Everly Kay
  39. Everly Leighton
  40. Everly Lynn
  41. Everly Macyn
  42. Everly Madeleine
  43. Everly Madison
  44. Everly Mae
  45. Everly Maple
  46. Everly Margot
  47. Everly Matilda
  48. Everly Meadow
  49. Everly Merissa
  50. Everly Noelle
  51. Everly Olivia
  52. Everly Opal
  53. Everly Orchid
  54. Everly Paige
  55. Everly Pearl
  56. Everly Penelope
  57. Everly Quinn
  58. Everly Rachelle
  59. Everly Rae
  60. Everly Raine
  61. Everly Rayne
  62. Everly Reese
  63. Everly Rosamund
  64. Everly Rose
  65. Everly Saffron
  66. Everly Sage
  67. Everly Scarlett
  68. Everly Shariden
  69. Everly Shea
  70. Everly Skye
  71. Everly Sophia
  72. Everly Summer
  73. Everly Susannah
  74. Everly Tiana
  75. Everly Tyne
  76. Everly Vanessa
  77. Everly Violet
  78. Everly Vivienne
  79. Everly Willow
  80. Everly Winter

Names Similar to Everly

  • Aurora
  • Blaire
  • Clementine
  • Imogen
  • Kyra
  • Penelope
  • Rhaenys
  • Tinsley
  • Wren
  • Zarrin

Different ways to spell Everly

  • Everlee
  • Everleigh

Nicknames for Everly

  • EV
  • Evie
  • Eve
  • Eva
  • Eevee
  • Evers

Everly Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Everly is a personal English name specifically meaning “wild bear”. The name Everly is derived from English words eofor “boar” and “leah” meaning clearing.

Some people believe it is linked to Eberhard, a title from German roots meaning “brave like wild boar”.

On American naming graphs, Everly did not show up until the turn of the 21st century. Through the years, she has maintained only low success to almost nonexistent in terms of popularity.  

She started to show substantial revival on popularity graphs in 2013, perhaps attributed by Channing Tatum after he chose it for his daughter,

Everly best year ever came in 2018 with 4313 occurrences. In 2019, she was ranked 43rd on the popularity naming list in America.  

Only 20358 newborn girls have been named Everly between 1880 and 2020. The name Everly remains less trendy and underused when compared to names like Nora, Sophia, Olivia and Emma.

Wrapping Up

That’s it – middle names for Everly, nicknames, similar names as well as different ways to spell. Hopefully you found a few spunky ones to get you started.

Which name combination did your family love? Searching for more name inspirations? Check: middle names for Lillian, Jasmine, or Rose.

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