100 + Best Middle Names for Emily

If you’re pregnant, you may be seeking for perfect name combinations before the baby arrives. Sure, you don’t want a weird name or one that has been used to death, the reason you want to look for cute baby names early on. 

If you love Emily for a girl but you don’t seem to think of a perfect middle name, I’ve put together a list of cute and unique middle names for Emily for you to explore. 

Check out fabulous suggestions to brainstorm ahead for your new daughter! Try saying different name combinations to figure out the right middle name that pair perfectly with Emily.

Emily Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

The name Emily is derived from Latin name Aemilia, translated to mean industrious and hardworking or “rival”.

Parents have used Emily over the decades, but its massive rise was attributed by the all-time stars like poet Emily Dickinson, actresses Emily Deschanel & Emily blunt, and model Emily Ratajkowski.

It experienced a descent steep through most parts of the 20th century then came back into spotlight in the 21st century.

All through the last decade, Emily has seen a massive rise in popularity featuring at position one from 2000 to 2007 and position six in 2012 in the US.

In 2014, Emily was the 7th widely used girls’ name in USA. It then dropped down the charts in 2016 felling down to position 12.

Even though Emily has lost its spot on top 10, it is still a popular name in America, England speaking countries and most parts of the world.

Nicknames for Emily are Emmy, Em, Emmers, Ly, Mil, Emi, Emmuls, Emmie, Emlee, Emma, Mia, Millie, Emsie, Emgem and Lee.

Middle Names Ideas for Emily

Emily Abigail

Emily Adelaide

Emily Amelie

Emily Ann

Emily Anwen

Emily Arabella

Emily Aurora

Emily Belle

Emily Bennett

Emily Breanne

Emily Brie

Emily Brooke

Emily Charlene

Emily Camille

Emily Caitlin

Emily Cass

Emily Catalina

Emily Celeste

Emily Charlotte

Emily Charissa

Emily Claire

Emily Colette

Emily Corinne

Emily Dawn

Emily Eden

Emily Eilean

Emily Elena

Emily Elise

Emily Elizabeth

Emily Erin 

Emily Eve

Emily Faye

Emily Fern

Emily Fleur

Emily Freya

Emily Genevieve

Emily Harper 

Emily Harriet

Emily Hazel

Emily Helena

Emily Iris

Emily Isabelle

Emily Isla 

Emily Jade

Emily Jasmine

Emily Jayde

Emily Jean

Emily Jessica

Emily Joy

Emily June

Emily Kate

Emily Kathryn

Emily Kayla

Emily Kay

Emily Lara

Emily Laura

Emily Lauren

Emily Layla

Emily Leandra

Emily Lesia

Emily Lilah

Emily Lola

Emily Louisa

Emily Lucinda

Emily Lyra

Emily Maddison

Emily Madeleine

Emily Maeve

Emily Maisie

Emily Marie

Emily Maya

Emily May

Emily Matilda

Emily Mikayla

Emily Neve

Emily Nina

Emily Noelle

Emily Nova

Emily Olivia

Emily Patrice

Emily Paige

Emily Pearl

Emily Rai

Emily Rae

Emily Reese

Emily Renee

Emily Robyn

Emily Rose

Emily Rowen

Emily Ryanne

Emily Scarlett

Emily Shae

Emily Sienna

Emily Skye

Emily Susannah

Emily Thalia

Emily Toyah

Emily Vera  

Emily Violet

Emily Vivienne

Emily Willow

Emily Yasmin

Emily Zara

Ways to Spell Emily

Spelling Emily a different way will be a little complicated for your daughter. However, if you love Emily but you’re still concerned about how it’s overused, below are various ways to spell it to give the popular name a distinct look.































Names Similar to Emily

Abigail – Hebrew name meaning ‘father’s rejoice’

Anna – Hebrew name which means ‘gracious’

Catherine – of Greek origin meaning ‘pure’

Charlotte – French name meaning ‘free man’

Clara – Latin feminine name which means ‘bright and clear’

Elizabeth – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is my oath’

Hannah – Hebrew name for ‘grace’

Jessica – English girl name meaning ‘to see’

Sarah – Hebrew name meaning ‘princess’

Wrapping Up

Growing up, you don’t want your daughter to be ridiculed at how weird her name is. Even though Emily is somewhat a generic overused name, it’s still amongst the strong girl names that start with E that has stayed relevant.

Maybe you’d prefer a unique middle name or one that isn’t very common to go along with it. Whatever name you want, hopefully this article helps you identify a cute middle name for Emily that suits perfectly with your daughter.

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