90 Pretty Middle Names for Elise

So, you found out you’re expecting a girl. Congratulations on your baby!

Now, for a while you’ve been pondering on girl names.

If you haven’t decided on a first name, Elise is short, simple and sweet. Excellenct choice if you need something a little modern.

If you’ve already settle on her, I’ll help you come up with beautiful middle names for Elise. Here are a few suggestions.

Middle Names for Elise

  1. Elise Addison
  2. Elise Adelaide
  3. Elise Alexandra
  4. Elise Alyanna
  5. Elise Amber
  6. Elise Amelia
  7. Elise Antoinette
  8. Elise Ariana
  9. Elise Aurelia
  10. Elise Autumn
  11. Elise Avery
  12. Elise Blythe
  13. Elise Brianna
  14. Elise Brooke
  15. Elise Camille
  16. Elise Carlotta
  17. Elise Cassidy
  18. Elise Chloe
  19. Elise Claire
  20. Elise Claudia
  21. Elise Cordelia
  22. Elise Cyan
  23. Elise Daphne
  24. Elise Darcy
  25. Elise Delaney
  26. Elise Evangeline
  27. Elise Everly
  28. Elise Francesca
  29. Elise Freya
  30. Elise Gabriella
  31. Elise Genevieve
  32. Elise Georgina
  33. Elise Giselle
  34. Elise Gwendolyn
  35. Elise Harlow
  36. Elise Harper
  37. Elise Hazel
  38. Elise Hyacinth
  39. Elise Imogen
  40. Elise Isabelle
  41. Elise Ivy
  42. Elise Jade
  43. Elise Jasmine
  44. Elise Jordanna
  45. Elise Joy
  46. Elise Juliet
  47. Elise Juniper
  48. Elise Keira
  49. Elise Layla
  50. Elise Lilianna
  51. Elise Lily
  52. Elise Lisette
  53. Elise Mabel
  54. Elise Madeline
  55. Elise Madison
  56. Elise Maeve
  57. Elise Maud
  58. Elise Michelle
  59. Elise Minerva
  60. Elise Miranda
  61. Elise Molly
  62. Elise Nevaeh
  63. Elise Nora
  64. Elise Octavia
  65. Elise Opal
  66. Elise Paige
  67. Elise Pearl
  68. Elise Penelope
  69. Elise Poppy
  70. Elise Primrose
  71. Elise Rain
  72. Elise Renee
  73. Elise Rosalie
  74. Elise Rose
  75. Elise Ruby
  76. Elise Sabrina
  77. Elise Scarlett
  78. Elise Seraphine
  79. Elise Sienna
  80. Elise Skye
  81. Elise Summer
  82. Elise Tallulah
  83. Elise Verity
  84. Elise Violet
  85. Elise Vivienne
  86. Elise Wilhelmina
  87. Elise Willow
  88. Elise Winona
  89. Elise Wren
  90. Elise Xanthe

Different Ways to Spell Elise

  • Elyse
  • Ellyse
  • Eelise

Nicknames for Elise

  • Lise
  • El
  • Liss
  • Ellie
  • Leesie
  • Liz
  • Lis lis
  • Lissie
  • Leesy Lou
  • Elizou

Elise Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

Elise is French in origin specifically meaning pledged to God.

She’s traditionally a shortened variant of Elizabeth, an ancient name of Hebrew roots also meaning pledged to God. She would later become a self-contained name around the end of the 19th century.

Among the French and English speakers, Elise is pronounced without the accent on the first syllable. In Scandinavian and Germanic languages, Elise is mentioned with three syllables.

Having been in use for well over 140 years, Elise has never achieved the top hundred status. But as the years roll on, she has started to show promise. Just recently she edged onto the American’s top 200 list of most favored names for little girls.  

Elise is simple and pretty modern. She reminds of other elegant names anglicized from Elizabeth such as Lise, Elsa, Lisette and Babette.  

Wrapping Up

That’s all. Hopefully you discovered something you love.

Want more ideas? You might like: beautiful middle names for Elle, Layla, or Everly.

Got questions? Share below. I’ll appreciate any thought.

Good luck!

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