70+ Best Middle Names for Declan

Picking a middle name can be very challenging.

The good news – there are a tons of middle name ideas that flow nicely with every name provided you know secret of how to pick out.

If you’re expecting a boy, you may want to start brainstorming the names before the due date. Your major problem is how to sift through and stick to a name that everyone adores.

If you’re obsessed with Declan but you’re stuck on middle names, I’ve compiled a list so at a glance you can figure out the perfect name for your baby boy.

Below are great middle names for Declan along with its cute nicknames so everyone can call your kid by their favorite when he grows up.

Middle Names for Declan

  1. Declan Aiden
  2. Declan Alexander
  3. Declan Alistair
  4. Declan Anthony
  5. Declan Arthur
  6. Declan Avery
  7. Declan Benjamin
  8. Declan Bennett
  9. Declan Blake
  10. Declan Bradley
  11. Declan Brady
  12. Declan Charles
  13. Declan Christopher
  14. Declan Connor
  15. Declan Elias
  16. Declan Elliott
  17. Declan Ellis
  18. Declan Fiachra
  19. Declan Finn
  20. Declan Fionn
  21. Declan Francis
  22. Declan George
  23. Declan Grant
  24. Declan Hamish
  25. Declan Harris
  26. Declan Henry
  27. Declan Hugh
  28. Declan Isaac
  29. Declan Jace
  30. Declan Jack
  31. Declan Jake
  32. Declan James
  33. Declan John
  34. Declan Joseph
  35. Declan Jude
  36. Declan Keith
  37. Declan Lee
  38. Declan Leo
  39. Declan Lewis
  40. Declan Lucas
  41. Declan Malachi
  42. Declan Marcus
  43. Declan Matthew
  44. Declan Maxwell
  45. Declan Micah
  46. Declan Michael
  47. Declan Mitchell
  48. Declan Nathaniel
  49. Declan Noah
  50. Declan Oliver
  51. Declan Patrick
  52. Declan Peadar
  53. Declan Quinn
  54. Declan Ray
  55. Declan Rhys
  56. Declan Riley
  57. Declan River
  58. Declan Robert
  59. Declan Ross
  60. Declan Ryan
  61. Declan Scott
  62. Declan Seamus
  63. Declan Sean
  64. Declan Sebastian
  65. Declan Seth
  66. Declan Shea
  67. Declan Theodore
  68. Declan Thomas
  69. Declan Tyler
  70. Declan Vincent
  71. Declan William
  72. Declan Xavier

Boy Names Like Declan

  • Aidan
  • Alexander
  • Atticus
  • Callum
  • Dermot
  • Dylan
  • Emmett
  • Ethan
  • Finn
  • Fintan
  • Gavin
  • Kieran
  • Mason
  • Oliver
  • Ronan
  • Sawyer
  • Trey
  • Tristan
  • Tyler
  • Zachary

Different Ways to spell Declan

  • Declyn
  • Declin
  • Declen
  • Decllan
  • Declann
  • Decllann
  • Deklan
  • Deckleen
  • Deklenn
  • Deklyn

Nicknames for Declan

  • Big D
  • Dee-man
  • Dax
  • Dex
  • Dec
  • Deccy
  • Deckee
  • Dee
  • D-Lan
  • Lan

Declan Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Declan is of irish origin specifically meaning “man of goodness.” The name itself is derived from Gaelic title Deaglan originally composed from deagh and Ian.  

In the united states, Declan has been used as a baby name since the mid-19th century. But the oldest birth record available is July 1885 according to Social Security Administration.

The name first appeared on the U.S name charts in 1998. Its upwards momentum on popularity charts has been low to moderate.

The year most newborns were named Declan is 2018 with 3792 occurrences. In 2019, it was ranked as 95th most used boy name in U.S. It has featured 0 times in the top 10 and 6 times in the top hundred popular boys name.

Famous Declan’s’ are athlete Declan Meehan, musicians Declan deBarra & Declan Affley and TV show character Declan Coyne.

Wrapping Up

When picking a middle name, there are numerous things to consider. Do you want to get away from traditional names and at least stick to something that’s a bit modern or trendy?

Do you want to pair it with an Irish name? You might also want to look at the initials to make sure they sound right.

While there’s no perfect name, this article should help you find something your kiddo will be pleased of glowing up.

What middle names for Declan did you like? Can’t still figure out yet? Don’t give up. But don’t wait until the last minute before you decide.

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