70 Best Middle Names for Connor

Your own tiny being is on the way but you haven’t decided on the middle name. Or maybe you’ve already delivered but you’re struggling to find one that match your child’s personality.

If the baby is a boy, Connor is a cute baby name if you want to stick with something classy and unique. If you like it, I’ve put together one, two and three syllable middle names for Connor.

Try saying the names loud to find one that sound amazing together for your baby boy. I know it’s hard to find perfect baby names that both of you agree, but this list should help you pick names that you both like.

Best Middle Names for Connor

  1. Connor Adam
  2. Connor Aidan
  3. Connor Alexander
  4. Connor Allan
  5. Connor Archie
  6. Connor Ashton
  7. Connor Benjamin
  8. Connor Bennett
  9. Connor Blake
  10. Connor Brett
  11. Connor Brock
  12. Connor Brody
  13. Connor Bryce
  14. Connor Bryson
  15. Connor Camden
  16. Connor Charlie
  17. Connor Chase
  18. Connor Craig
  19. Connor Dane
  20. Connor Daniel
  21. Connor Dean
  22. Connor Donovan
  23. Connor Douglas
  24. Connor Drake
  25. Connor Drew
  26. Connor Dylan
  27. Connor Ethan
  28. Connor Elliot
  29. Connor Evan
  30. Connor Fergus
  31. Connor Finn
  32. Connor Flynn
  33. Connor Gavin
  34. Connor Gibson
  35. Connor Grant
  36. Connor Greyson
  37. Connor Harrison
  38. Connor Hayden
  39. Connor Heath
  40. Connor Henry
  41. Connor Holden
  42. Connor Jace
  43. Connor Jake
  44. Connor James
  45. Connor Jax
  46. Connor Jude
  47. Connor Killian
  48. Connor Lane
  49. Connor Lee
  50. Connor Logan
  51. Connor Mason
  52. Connor Max
  53. Connor Maxwell
  54. Connor Micah
  55. Connor Morgan
  56. Connor Nathan
  57. Connor Noah
  58. Connor Rae
  59. Connor Reese
  60. Connor Reid
  61. Connor Rhys
  62. Connor Rowan
  63. Connor Riley
  64. Connor Ryan
  65. Connor Sean
  66. Connor Seth
  67. Connor Shane
  68. Connor Tanner
  69. Connor Tate
  70. Connor Tatum
  71. Connor Tieran
  72. Connor Tristan
  73. Connor Troy
  74. Connor Vance
  75. Connor Wade
  76. Connor William
  77. Connor Wyatt
  78. Connor Zac
  79. Connor Zane

Cute Nicknames for Connor

  • Conan
  • Condor
  • Conn
  • Coner
  • Connar
  • Conair
  • Conno
  • Connie
  • Con Bun
  • King Kong
  • c-Boy
  • C-Baby
  • Cop Conner
  • Uni-Conn

Unique Ways to Spell Connor

  • Conor
  • Conner
  • Konor
  • Konnor
  • Konner

Names Like Connor

Aidan – Irish male name meaning little and fiery

Blake – Irish name meaning fair-haired

Carter – English boy name meaning cart transporter

Chase – French name which means to hunt

Cody – Means helpful of English origin

Dylan – Welsh baby name meaning son of sea

Ethan – Means firm of Hebrew origin

Kieran – Means little dark one of irish origin

Nathan – Masculine Hebrew name meaning given

Sean – Of irish origin denoting God is gracious

Tyler – English name meaning tiles maker

Names That Sound Like Connor

Conan – Of Irish name meaning wolf

Conley – Gaelic name meaning chaste

Conroy – Of irish name meaning wise advisor

Conway – Of Welsh origin meaning holy river

Connor Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

Connor is an Irish name for boys, mostly used in the English speaking nations. The name is anglicized from Conchobhar a compound title meaning wolf lover.

It is composed from conn which means wisdom or strength; Or con denoting hound or dog; and cobhair which means high or desire.

The popularity of Connor stems from Conchobhar, the Connacht semi-legendary king. Connor rose dramatically on name charts around the 1980s influenced by John Connor a star film actor in “The Terminator.”  

In the US, Connor gained most usage in the early 1990s. The highest number of boys given this name was in 2004 when a total of 10, 025 babies were named Connor. During that year, it was ranked at position 38 in baby name popularity.

It has once featured in the top 10 and thirty times in top 100 most used boy names. In 2018, Connor was ranked as 56th most used boys name in the United States.  

Today, Connor popularity is on a downward trend. It will most probably continue to drop as only few parents are picking this name for their newborn.

Famous Connor are Connor McDavid, a hockey player and Connor Fielding, a star actor.

Wrap Up

When deciding on a name, you may have to go through hundreds of baby names before both of you agree. Sometimes one partner will get weary firmly persuading the other to agree to it.

In a few cases, it’s usually a crunch time sometimes calling for a rest if both of you harshly disagree. But if you’ve both agreed on Connor as the first name, deciding on a middle name should be a piece of cake.

I sifted thousands middle names for Connor and settled on these classy ones so that both of you can have different ideas. With this list, deciding on a great middle name should be a lot easy!

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