100 Pretty Middle Names for Brooke

So you’re expecting in few months’ time.

If she’s a girl, you both have decided on Brooke for the first name.

Brooke is cool … she’s sweet sounding. I think.

For the middle name, you’re only able to come up with few combinations, but you want more ideas -middle names that are cute but unusual.

Don’t panic. There are lots of middle names for Brooke. Here’s the list.

Middle Names for Brooke

  1. Brooke Addison
  2. Brooke Adeline
  3. Brooke Ainsley
  4. Brooke Alaina
  5. Brooke Alanna
  6. Brooke Alexandra
  7. Brooke Allison
  8. Brooke Alyssa
  9. Brooke Amber
  10. Brooke Amelia
  11. Brooke Angelica
  12. Brooke Ann
  13. Brooke Annabelle
  14. Brooke Annelise
  15. Brooke Ashley
  16. Brooke Ashton
  17. Brooke Aubrey
  18. Brooke Autumn
  19. Brooke Ava
  20. Brooke Avery
  21. Brooke Bijoux
  22. Brooke Bridget
  23. Brooke Casey
  24. Brooke Darcy
  25. Brooke Danielle
  26. Brooke Delaney
  27. Brooke Elise
  28. Brooke Elizabeth
  29. Brooke Ellie
  30. Brooke Emily
  31. Brooke Emma
  32. Brooke Emmeline
  33. Brooke Emmerson
  34. Brooke Erin
  35. Brooke Evelyn
  36. Brooke Francesca
  37. Brooke Freya
  38. Brooke Gabrielle
  39. Brooke Genevieve
  40. Brooke Gwendolyn
  41. Brooke Harper
  42. Brooke Hayley
  43. Brooke Heather
  44. Brooke Hermione
  45. Brooke Holly
  46. Brooke Indigo
  47. Brooke Isabel
  48. Brooke Isla
  49. Brooke Ivory
  50. Brooke Jade
  51. Brooke Jasmine
  52. Brooke Jenna
  53. Brooke Jocelyn
  54. Brooke Joy
  55. Brooke Juliet
  56. Brooke Juniper
  57. Brooke Katerina
  58. Brooke Katherine
  59. Brooke Kaydence
  60. Brooke Kendall
  61. Brooke Kenna
  62. Brooke Kylie
  63. Brooke Lee
  64. Brooke Lindsey
  65. Brooke Louisa
  66. Brooke Lynn
  67. Brooke Mackenzie
  68. Brooke Maddison
  69. Brooke Madeleine
  70. Brooke Maisie
  71. Brooke Matilda
  72. Brooke Morgan
  73. Brooke Miranda
  74. Brooke Neve
  75. Brooke Nicole
  76. Brooke Noelle
  77. Brooke Nora
  78. Brooke Olivia
  79. Brooke Ophelia
  80. Brooke Paige
  81. Brooke Pearl
  82. Brooke Penelope
  83. Brooke Poppy
  84. Brooke Presley
  85. Brooke Renee
  86. Brooke Rhiannon
  87. Brooke Riley
  88. Brooke Rosalind
  89. Brooke Rose
  90. Brooke Savannah
  91. Brooke Shelby
  92. Brooke Sienna
  93. Brooke Skylar
  94. Brooke Summer
  95. Brooke Taylor
  96. Brooke Teagan
  97. Brooke Vanessa
  98. Brooke Violet
  99. Brooke Willow
  100. Brooke Winter

Different Ways to Spell Brooke

  • Brooklyn
  • Brook
  • Brooks
  • Brooklynne
  • Brookelle
  • Brooklynne
  • Brookey

Nicknames for Brooke

  • B
  • BB
  • Bee
  • Cookie
  • Boo bear
  • Brookie
  • Rooke
  • Rux
  • Babbling Brooke
  • Bubbles
  • Brookie cookie
  • Queen B
  • Brookie bear
  • Bookie Wookie

Brooke Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

Brooke is English in origin specifically meaning small stream. Originally, Brooke was a unisex name but it’s recently considered feminine.

The name is borrowed from Olde English term “broc” indicating a “stream” or “brook”. She would later be assigned to people dwelling close to the topographical feature as means of identification.

Brooke owes much of her popularity to New York socialist, Brooke Astor (1950s) and Brooke Shields (late 1970s) when she emerged from obscurity to a coveted spot on top 100 most favored girl names in 1979.

Her best year came in the early 2000s when she landed a spot #43 on American naming charts. Brooke would later lose her position on the top 100 list in 2012.

Today, Brooke’s popularity has been replaced by the more fashionable Brooklyn. However, she remains cool and some parents still find her appealing. When I hear Brooke, I visualize a stream of water trudging down a babbling brook.  

Wrapping Up

That’s it – Pretty middle names for Brooke, different ways to spell her, and nicknames. Hopefully you found one you both agreed on.

What’s your favorite combination? Not sold on Brooke? Check: Blair, Jasmine, or Jade.

Good luck!

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