100+ Best Middle Names for Alexander

Whether it’s selecting a boy or girl’s name, coming up with a middle name that flow with the first can be overwhelming. I’ve been there so I know how it feels.

If Alexander is your favorite first boy name, I’ve put together a list of best middle names for Alexander, you may choose from.

You’ll find short as well as common and unique middle names that sound amazing together with Alexander. Let’s get to it!

Best Middle Name Ideas for Alexander

Alexander Ace

Alexander Aaron

Alexander Adam

Alexander Adrian

Alexander Aiden

Alexander Asher

Alexander Axel

Alexander Banks

Alexander Beau

Alexander Bjorn

Alexander Blade

Alexander Blaine

Alexander Blasé

Alexander Blaise

Alexander Blake

Alexander Bradyn

Alexander Brett

Alexander Brice

Alexander Brooks

Alexander Bruce

Alexander Byron

Alexander Cade

Alexander Cael

Alexander Carl

Alexander Charles

Alexander Cliff

Alexander Cohen

Alexander Cooper

Alexander Corbin

Alexander Craig

Alexander Damon

Alexander Dante

Alexander David

Alexander Donovan

Alexander Duke

Alexander Dylan

Alexander Edward

Alexander Emerson

Alexander Ethan

Alexander Frost

Alexander Finn

Alexander Flynn

Alexander Fritz

Alexander Gage

Alexander Gabriel

Alexander George

Alexander Glenn

Alexander Giles

Alexander Gray

Alexander Grant

Alexander Gregory

Alexander Hank

Alexander Hank

Alexander Hans

Alexander Harrison

Alexander Hayes

Alexander Heath

Alexander Henry

Alexander Jace

Alexander Jack

Alexander Jacob

Alexander James

Alexander Jarrett

Alexander Jasper

Alexander Jax 

Alexander Jay

Alexander Joseph

Alexander Jules

Alexander Julian 

Alexander Jasper

Alexander Jay

Alexander Jeremy

Alexander Jordan

Alexander Jude

Alexander Keaton

Alexander Keith

Alexander Kim

Alexander Kurt

Alexander Lane

Alexander Lewis

Alexander Louis

Alexander Max

Alexander Maxwell

Alexander Miles

Alexander Nash

Alexander Nathan

Alexander Neil

Alexander Nicholas

Alexander Niles

Alexander Oak

Alexander Orion

Alexander Patrick

Alexander Pierce

Alexander Pine

Alexander Reid

Alexander Reeves

Alexander Russ

Alexander Ry

Alexander Reid

Alexander Roane

Alexander Rourke

Alexander Ross

Alexander Roth

Alexander Russ

Alexander Rhett

Alexander Rhys

Alexander Rylan

Alexander Sage

Alexander Seth

Alexander Sullivan

Alexander Sven

Alexander Tad

Alexander Trenton

Alexander Troy

Alexander Thomas

Alexander Van

Alexander Vaughn

Alexander Vin

Alexander Vincent

Alexander Victor

Alexander Von

Alexander Wade

Alexander West

Alexander William

Alexander Zach

Alexander Zain

Ways to Spell Alexander













Names Similar to Alexander

Andrew – Greek name meaning “manly and powerful”

Anthony – Latin name for

Henry – English name meaning “home ruler”

Maximilian – Latin name meaning greatest

Michael – Hebrew name meaning “Who is Like God

Nathaniel – Hebrew name for “God has given”

Theodore – Greek name for “God’s gift”

Best Names That Sound Like Alexander

Alaric – German name meaning “noble”

Albin – English name meaning “white”

Aldan or Alden – English name for “old friend”

Alexavier – American name

Alfonso – English name meaning “magical counsel”

Alvin – English name meaning “friend or magical being”

Alexander Name Meaning

The name Alexander is from Greek origin meaning “Defender of The People”. Although common, it has remained favorite to many cultures and nations across the world.

Depending on your state, some of the alternative spelling of Alexander include Alessandro, Alejandro, Sander, Alec and Alexzander. Female variants of alexander are Alexa, Alexandria and Alexandra.

Since it’s a long name, it can be shortened without feeling weird. Nicknames for Alexander are Al, Lexi, Alex, Sasha, Lex, Xander and Xandy.

Popular men in history to find inspiration are Alexander the Great, Alexander Graham Bell and Alexander Hamilton. Alexander also holds places from Popes in the recent past.  

Alexander was also a classic choice to famous actors like Alec Baldwin of Saturday Night Live & 30 Rock; and Alexander Skarsgaard who features in True Blood.

Importance of Selecting a Great Middle Name

In many cases, the second name is not usually related to the lineage in the US. Rather, it is used to show honor to notable public figures, close family friends or commemorate something prestigious.

In other cases, the middle name is intended to give your baby a special identity from other children with the similar first name.

Most families will shout by the middle name to get their child’s attention. It’s a personalized name that carries a lot of weight and great significance.

Making an abbreviation from the middle name is even easier to distinguish someone from the rest. For example, you may call your child Alexander S. Truman for a special recognition from children with similar first and last names.

The middle name is also a great way to arrive at the neutral point where you and your partner disagree on first and last names. You can have a consensus on the middle name to settle your differences so either partner can be at liberty to call the child by their favorite name.

If the child grows and dislike the three name combinations, they’ll have the freedom to choose first middle or middle last name combinations as their favorite choice.

Wrap Up

If you’re expectant, Alexander is a strong and powerful boy name with lots of history from prominent statesmen.

Having several boy middle names ideas will ease the pressure in choosing a name that flows nicely with it. Brainstorming these middle names ahead would be helpful.

The choice of middle name is subject to a myriad of influences. Nonetheless, I hope this list helps you choose the best middle name for Alexander that match the child’s personality.

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