100 + Best Middle Names for Abigail

You have selected your first baby name but you’re stuck on the middle name. Every name that cross your mind is either common or does not sound together with the first name.

I know selecting best name combinations can be a little difficult and that’s why I’ve done this hardest part for you.

If you’re seeking for elegant middle names for Abigail, read on to find out some great middle name suggestions that go with Abigail.

Whether you want a one syllable or longer middle name, the following list should help you decide on perfect name combinations for your daughter.

Abigail Name Meaning, Origin, Personality, Popularity, and Nicknames

Originally, Abigail is a Hebrew name that means “rejoicing father or giving joy”. It’s notably used in the Bible where it describes King David’s wife as beautiful and intelligent.

Abigail’s true meaning denotes a free-spirited and a freedom-loving person. An inquisitive individual who makes sensible decisions pretty quickly in difficult circumstances.

Abigail rose to popularity during the protestant reformation, then experienced a sudden loss in prominence around the 17th century after becoming a slang label for ‘servant’.

It then rose again into prominence in the 1980’s and 1990’s where it was featured in the top 100 girl’s names in the US.

The name made a massive resurgence in 2001 when it cracked into the top 10. Since then, it has remained a popular girl name becoming the 11th most popular name for girls in 2018.

Abigail name popularity will most likely drop down on the charts in the coming years as few parents would want the popular name for their daughter.

Nicknames for Abigail are Abby, Aby, Abs, Abbey, Bibi, Gail, Gayle and Lily. Similar names that are alternative to Abigail are Josephine, Hannah and Bethany.

How to Choose the Best Middle Name That go with Abigail

The best way to determine if the name is good and if it flows to pair with the first is to mention it out loud. Listen to how it sounds and if there’s a rhythmic flow.

Does it feel fiddly? A good way to select the right combination is to mix short and longer syllable names. Pitch it high to determine if they complement each other.

Best Middle Names That Go with Abigail

Abigail Aerin

Abigail Amelia

Abigail Angela

Abigail Ann

Abigail Arden

Abigail Aynee

Abigail Bea

Abigail Blair

Abigail Blythe

Abigail Bree

Abigail Brooke

Abigail Bryn

Abigail Caitlin

Abigail Claire

Abigail Camryn

Abigail Carys

Abigail Constance

Abigail Charlotte

Abigail Daphne

Abigail Darlene

Abigail Dee

Abigail Delphine

Abigail Delia

Abigail Elaine

Abigail Elle

Abigail Ellen

Abigail Elissa

Abigail Elise

Abigail Emma

Abigail Emily

Abigail Eloise

Abigail Erin

Abigail Faye

Abigail Felicity

Abigail Fleur

Abigail Frost

Abigail Georgia

Abigail Hazel

Abigail Iris

Abigail Ivy

Abigail Jade

Abigail Jean

Abigail Jessica

Abigail Joelle

Abigail Jolene

Abigail Josie

Abigail Joy

Abigail June

Abigail Kate

Abigail Katherine

Abigail Kay

Abigail Kerr

Abigail Lara

Abigail Laurel

Abigail Lee

Abigail Lillian

Abigail Lily

Abigail Mabel

Abigail Mae

Abigail Maeve

Abigail Maisy

Abigail Marie

Abigail Marlene

Abigail Matilda

Abigail Melissa

Abigail Meredith

Abigail Maren

Abigail Mary

Abigail May

Abigail Nadine

Abigail Noelle

Abigail Nora

Abigail Nova

Abigail Olivia

Abigail Paige

Abigail Paloma

Abigail Patience

Abigail Pearl

Abigail Penelope

Abigail Peyton

Abigail Phoebe

Abigail Philippa

Abigail Plum

Abigail Raine

Abigail Renee

Abigail Reese

Abigail Riley

Abigail Rosalie

Abigail Rowan

Abigail Ruby

Abigail Sage

Abigail Scarlett

Abigail Shaw

Abigail Skye

Abigail Tessa

Abigail Tess

Abigail Violet

Abigail Wilde

Abigail Willa

Abigail Willow

Abigail Wren

Abigail Yael

Abigail Zara

Abigail Zoe

Biblical Middle Names for Abigail

Abigail Elizabeth

Abigail Eve

Abigail Faith

Abigail Grace

Abigail Hannah

Abigail Hope

Abigail Leah

Abigail Ruth

Ways to Spell Abigail

If you love Abigail, there are different ways to spell it. Below are alternative names to put a distinctive spin on the popular name.
















Names Similar to Abigail

Anna – Hebrew name meaning ‘gracious’

Elizabeth – of Greek origin meaning ‘pure’

Hannah – Hebrew name for ‘’grace’

Judith – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘from Judea’

Louise – German name for ‘famous warrior’

Olivia – Latin name derived from olive tree

Rebecca – Hebrew name meaning ‘to join’

Names That Sound Like Abigail

Abeesha – Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my father’

Abellona – Greek name for ‘destroyer’

Abeer – Arabic name for ‘scent’

Abiah – Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my father’

Abila – Latin name for ‘beautiful’

Wrapping Up

Selecting middle name combinations can be overwhelming, yet you want a name that gives your baby a sense of uniqueness as they grow.

The name you select for your daughter will define her personality, her self-esteem and other aspects in her lifetime. Your daughter will use the name at school, work place –everyday, everywhere- for identity.

That’s why it’s important to select flattering names your daughter and everyone else will love. I hope the list above helps you find cute middle names for Abigail that evoke a special recognition.

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