How to Make Breast Milk Jewelry

Apart from nursing your little one, breast milk is a magical substance with tons of remarkable benefits. 

As a nursing mum, I’ve used breast milk to heal cuts, burns, infected baby eye, and congested nose.

If your baby is suffering from eczema, the liquid gold will work the magic as well since it has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to facilitate the healing process.

You can also mix the milk with specialized preservatives and make a jewelry of your choice. It is an old idea but it isn’t very common.

Most moms will do it after delivery to preserve the pregnancy memories or when they want the baby to wean to immortalize their nursing journey.

Let’s take a look at how to make a breast milk jewelry when starting your parenting journey as a new mom.

What You Will Need

  • Fresh Breast Milk: Little milk at room temperature will suffice to form a few jewelry choices.
  • Resin: Can be obtained from craft or jewelry stores.
  • Dried Umbilical Cord: You can use your baby’s lock of air or umbilical cord.
  • Blank Jewelry: It can be a necklace, bracelet, or pendant obtained from your local jewelry store.
  • Empty vessel or jar and a stirring rod.
  • Dropper.


  1. Squash your baby’s lock or the umbilical cord into powder. Don’t use both, it will depend on what you have.
  2. Arrange those elements in the pendant or jewelry of your choice into your favorite design.
  3. Prepare resin mixture. You can use AB epoxy or regular resin. When preparing AB epoxy resin, you need to combine 1ml hardener and 3 ml resin; and it takes 24 hours to set completely. Regular resin requires 20 up to 30 minutes.
  4. Once resin is fully set, combine it with breastmilk milk. It may take some time before you have a consistent texture.
  5. Use the dropper to fill the liquid into your jewelry choices. Only put the liquid into a level you can close the jewelry with no issues.
  6. Let it air dry to harden preferably under the sun. The breast milk jewelry will be ready in no time.

When making a jewelry at the end of breastfeeding to commemorate your nursing journey, you may not have your baby’s umbilical cord. In this case, you’ll use a different method.


  1. Express and preserve the milk. Mostly, the milk is boiled and a special preservative added to destroy moisture and harden the milk to stop bacteria growth.  
  2. From there, grind the hardened milk into tiny particles (powder).
  3. Next, add resin and few drops of favorite colors or pearl shimmers for sparkling appearance.
  4. Aim for a consistent texture that’s not too watery. Once it’s well mixed, fill your blank jewelry choices with the mixture but not to the top as to form a dome shape.
  5. Scoop or pop out air bubbles that form as you fill. Then, wait for a couple of days for the breastmilk jewelry to dry and harden.

If you feel it’s intricate, there are breast milk jewelry DIY tutorials online. 

You may also buy jewelry making kits or have your jewelry fashioned by professional breast milk jewelry makers at a small fee.

Your designer will tell you the amount of milk enough for your pieces. You also need to tell your jewelry designer the color and design you’d like it to have.

It isn’t a lengthy process but it may not be instant depending on the number of pieces that you want.

How Long Does Breastmilk Jewelry Last?

The longevity of breastmilk jewelry will be influenced by how you store and use it. Here are a few guidelines to help you prolong the lifespan of your piece:

Wash it carefully: Buff gently so you don’t interfere with external setting. Use mild soap and avoid hash chemicals when washing. Only wash your jewelry occasionally since the external seal may not be fully waterproof.

Avoid chemicals and staining materials: Take it out when applying perfume, dyes and lotions.

Do not expose the breastmilk jewelry to moisture or water: Take it out when showering, washing dishes or any point you’re in contact with water. Even though the jewelry is water-resistant, excessive exposure to water will loosen your gem. 

Do not expose to direct sunrays: Don’t store on direct UV light or wear the jewelry if you’ll be subjected to sunrays for an extended period. For example, when going to the beach.

Don’t expose to heat: Remove the jewelry when sleeping. The resin may melt and lose its original setting when subjected to high temperatures.

Other Coolest Uses of Breast Milk

Breastmilk for diaper rash treatment: Breastmilk is laden with natural moisturizers that hasten the healing process. Clean the affected area then rub milk and let air dry before putting the diaper.

Breastmilk for ear infections: Breastmilk has antibodies like over-the-counter prescriptions that will fight the ear infections. 3 to 4 drops after every few hours should clear the infection within 24 or 48 hours.

Breastmilk for eye infection: Instead of leaving the eye to heal on its own, a few drops a couple of times a day will speed up healing of pink eye and clogged tear ducts.

Breastmilk soap for baby eczema: You may make soap from breastmilk or rub breast milk on the infant’s skin. It is more effective on mild and moderate atopic eczema; extreme conditions may need a medical expertise guidance.

Breastmilk for minor wounds and burns: When applied on affected areas, breastmilk has antibodies that heal and prevent the skin from infections. 

Breastmilk for banana ice cream: With a frozen banana and a few spices (optional for sensitive babies) you should be able to come up with something to sooth the gums of a teething baby.

Breast milk for stretch marks: Rub breastmilk on stretch marks and you’re see noticeable difference in a few weeks. Let it air dry before you put on the clothing.

Breastmilk for yogurt: Create homemade yogurt to treat your little one too. Add a few tablespoons of plain yogurt and mashed fruit to breastmilk to make it more delicious.

Breast milk for cooking: Breast milk is an excellent alternative to regular milk. You can cook cream sauces, cupcakes or whatever dish you’d like to cook.

Bottom Line

DIY breast milk jewelry kit is the best way to have a customized breastmilk jewelry to reminisce your nursing journey.

Apart from that, there are whole lots of non-food and food breast milk recipes you can create to get the most out of it.

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