Graco Affix vs TurboBooster LX: Which Model is Better?

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Graco Affix vs TurboBooster LX are amongst the two top car booster seats options manufactured by Graco. Both of them are quite similar and a lot of parents are often confused about the better choice between the two versions.

Fortunately, knowing the similar qualities as well as differences should help you determine the better model. 

If you’re in a hurry, I find Graco Affix to be a lot comfier and therefore a better choice than TurboBooster LX. The price is also reasonable when compared to TurboBooster LX that’s offered at a higher price point.

Graco Affix vs TurboBooster LX: Comparison


The number one factor to consider when shopping for a car seat are the seat dimensions. Graco TurboBooster LX measures 26.5 by 15 by 16.5 inches while Affix is 25.4 by 10.5 by 16.75 inches. By looking the dimensions, you’ll find that Graco affix is narrower, shallower but pretty wide when compared to Graco TurboBooster LX.

High Booster Mode

Both car seats arrive as 2-in-in models to be used both in backless booster and high back modes. Either model can be transformed into backless booster mode to hold bigger and heavy babies after they graduate from infant stage.

Even though their dimensions are different, their weight limit is the same. On high-back mode, either seat takes a weight range of 30 up to 100 lbs and 40 up to 100 when it is on backless booster car seat mode. They’re designed to take kids from 38 up to 57 inches in height.

Safety Levels

The reason why many parents love Graco products is because of its good reputation in producing quality and dependable products that lasts for many years.

They both have excellent side impact protection on the sides in the form of EPS and foam to cushion your child in the event of a car wreck. For that reason, your kiddo will not be affected or injured since the energy and impact will be taken away and absorbed by the layers.

The two models have been crash-tested and approved by FAA to comply with all safety standards as set out in the US.

Do They Come with Safety Belts?

Both TurboBooster LX and Graco Affix are engineered with seats belts but there may be a learning curve before you understand how to use the seatbelt accordingly.

There’s a shoulder strap guide that helps contain the straps at the right spot or in one place during a journey. This helps prevent unnecessary injuries in the event of an impact crash.

What About the Comfort

There is a layer of padding on the headrests on each model for the child to rest the head comfortably as you drive. The completely adjustable headrest lets you adjust the height as the child grows for ultimate security and comfort.

I however feel like the headrest padding is a lot flimsy than other models by Graco. Perhaps because they are way cheaper than other versions but it isn’t such a great issue though. They still provide good level of comfort those moments your kiddo is asleep even at the lower price range.

The Affix model reclines as well when it is in high-back mode. You can adjust to a slightly angled position to prevent the neck from swinging in an awkward position or bend forward when your child is asleep after a long road trip.

Cup Holders and Compartment

Two cup holders are also integrated on each model where the child can place their favorite snacks and drinks. The cup holder is good size to hold bottles of all sizes. You can also hide them especially the one that come in the way of the door or remove them completely if you feel they are not useful.

My favorite part is the hide-away drawers where the kid can hide the crayons and toys. It isn’t large enough but it’s a nice feature where your kids can hide their own stuff.


It is easy to fix both models via the latch system. There are two straps just at the front of the car seat that tighten the lower anchor connector straps when it is pulled.

The latch system locks the seat in place to prevent unnecessary wiggling as the kid buckle up. You can also uninstall the booster car seat a lot easily if you want to transfer it to a different car.

Assembling the armrests, back and the cupholder is easy as well but there’s a well laid out instructions manual to help you figure out when you get stuck.

Removable Covers

Both of them come with covers that remove off easily for machine washing and they clean incredibly easily even when they are severely dirty.


As for the pricing Graco Affix is way cheaper than TurboBooster LX. But both models are affordable if you have a less budget under 100 dollars.

Even at the lower price, the models are unbeatable considering the incredible features and the outstanding quality.

Graco TurboBooster LX vs Graco Affix: The Difference

Both Graco TurboBooster LX and Graco Affix are closely similar in several ways but also different. Four huge differences stand out between the two models.

When you look at dimensions, you’ll find that Graco Affix is a bit wider when it is compared to TurboBooster LX. The Graco TurboBooster LX on the other hand has a slightly more depth than the Affix model.

When assembling the armrests, you do not require the screws when fixing them on the Affix model but you’ll need them on Graco TurboBooster LX. Graco Affix is also engineered with pretty lower connectors that helps keep the car seat stable when it is not in use.  

Another major difference is pricing. Graco Affix is at a lower price point than Graco TurboBooster LX.

My Recommendation

Honestly, both models are fantastic but I find Graco Affix comfier because of extra width. This car seat comes with two stage recline feature that we don’t find on Graco TurboBooster LX. While it is offered at a lower price tag, it still addresses the same needs like TurboBooster which is offered at a higher price.

Other than the plush fabric, I do not see another reason why Graco TurboBooster LX is offered at a higher price point yet other features are almost equally the same.

Nonetheless, either model is excellent so you won’t go wrong whether you choose Graco Affix or TurboBooster LX as long as it’s your preference.

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