Ezytone Detox Patch Reviews: Easy Weight Loss Solution [2020]

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Overweight moms may have a lot of issues during pregnancy. If you’re contemplating to get pregnant, you may want to manage the weight ahead.

There are tons of weight loss methods, but if you’ve tried most of them unsuccessfully, you may wish to try Ezytone Detox Patch. 

Weight loss patch is the newest cheap alternative that has been found to be dramatic in weight loss than supplements.

In this Ezytone Detox Patch Review, we’ll look at how it works and whether it is effective or not. Let’s get to it.

How Ezytone Detox Patch Works

Like the rest of weight lost patch brands, Ezytone Detox is not administered orally. The patch is adhesive to stick on the skin but it’s advised you put a tight clothing to help it stay in place.

The manufacturer say you apply the patch overnight when you want to sleep and you should see noticeable outcomes in the morning. When placed on the navel area, the ingredients get absorbed and target the fat reservoirs in the body.

The ingredients accelerate the metabolism process which helps in the breakdown and removal of excess fats. Accordingly, the patch detoxifies the body and helps in removal of unwanted toxins.

It stops new production of fats, boost body energy and dramatically reduces the appetite which in turn will lessen the amount of calories in the body.

You’ll need one patch every night for up to 8-hours for about 45 days. The patch should be black when you wake up to convey to you that the action was successful.

When applied, the patch is breathable and it won’t give you a sultry and moistness feeling where it is attached.

Ezytone Detox Patch Review: Ingredients

The product has 3 main compounds: Guarana, Wakame Fucoxanthin and Garnicia Cambogia. Let’s explore the details.

Garnicia Cambogia

Garnicia Cambogia is a compound obtained from Garcinia Gummi-Guta, a rare tree species that grows in Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and some parts in Africa.

The extract from Garnicia Cambogia has been found to fasten up weight loss, reduce food cravings as well as in boosting exercise performance to reduce fatigue.

It has hydroxycitric acid, a compound with an enzyme that stops the body from storing fats. Apparently, it helps burn the fats into calories.

Wakame Fucoxanthin

Fucoxanthin is obtained from Japanese seaweed, a scarce marine resource. Scientific studies say that the pigment targets the abdominal fats to combat obesity.

It has the capability to reduce cholesterol levels by converting the stored fats into other forms like fat busting protein. However, there are no researchers’ studies that confirm how the mechanism work.


Guarana is a fruit obtained from a native Brazilian plant species. Once processed, the Guarana extract has been found to have properties that aid in weight loss.

It is rich in caffeine, a compound that hastens the metabolism process. It means the body will burn more calories faster to help in weight loss.

Ezytone Detox Patch Alternatives

Using the patch to lose weight sounds convenient and easy. It feels good news to obese moms who are struggling to lose weight. 

Overall, it helps eliminate unwanted fats on the waist to achieve your cherished body.

Some people have reported success after a couple of weeks. However, the success of Ezytone Detox patch is massively critiqued and unless you try it, you may never find out if it will work with you.

If you’re skeptical about weight loss patch, you may look at the alternatives. Let’s look at the best alternatives to Ezytone Detox Patch Review.

15 Day E-Z Weight Loss Detox Tea

Like Ezytone Detox, E-Z Detox Tea is manufactured from natural compounds. However, the constituent ingredients are completely different.

E-Z Detox Tea has a lot more ingredients than the latter. The 12 Ingredients include Anise, eucalyptus, red raspberry, tamarind, lemon, cornflower and more.

It does not contain caffeine which may give you jitters and other horrible side effects like other weight loss supplements.

Instead, these compounds are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that helps you achieve the weight loss goals in a healthy way.

One cup three times per day will enhance your mood, suppress the appetite, remove toxins, flatten the tummy, and reduce bloating to help you achieve the slim body you’ve always longed.

Yogi Tea Green Tea

This one is formulated with Green Tea, Ginseng, Eleuthero roots and Garcinia Cambogia extract. There is also caffeine, kosher, vegan and a flavor of Bright Hibiscus and Sweet Blueberry.

It is purely natural without the addition of artificial sweeteners. The good news is that you won’t feel jittery even with the presence of caffeine.

It curbs the appetite and induce the feeling of satisfaction. It boosts the energy, stamina and make you to feel energetic, and naturally productive and active.

Boiling water and steep three minutes will help you achieve faster weight loss results from every cup. The delicious tea works the magic when combined with work outs and a balanced diet.

Other Slimming Approaches That Work

As you can see, how to use slim patch is totally different from detox and green tea. For pregnant moms, you’ll need to be extremely careful on the best approach to lose weight.

Most overweight women will have a challenge of additional weight due to pregnancy. However, do not take the weight loss patch, or any other weight loss supplements before you have a talk with your doctor.

Better still, you can still lose some calories safely during pregnancy without causing trouble to the baby. Here’s how to keep fit when you’re pregnant.

Check Your Diet

One way to cut weight is to limit the amount of calories you eat. Your daily goal should be to eat not less than 1700 calories as this is the minimum recommended to furnish both of you with the right amount of nutrients and energy for the day.

If the calories are more than needed, they’ll be stored as fats resulting in more weight. Avoid junk food, unhealthy fats, condiments and refreshers with sweeteners.

Opt for heathy plant-based fats, vegetables, water instead of soda and smaller food portions and not in large amounts.

Exercise Regularly

Spending around 30 minutes per day will help you trim down the excess weight. Do not engage yourself in strenuous work outs that may cause pain or dizziness. 

Simple exercises like jogging, walking, gardening and swimming will suffice.

If thirty minutes are too much for you, you may take a rest after a couple of minutes until you achieve your set target of 30 minutes.

Bottom Line

If Ezytone Detox patch does not give you the desired results, you may swap over to alternatives. Either approach should help you get slender and achieve your mind blowing weight loss goals.

For overweight pregnant moms, a lot of weight may put you at a risk of birth defects to the baby, high blood pressure, blood clots or even premature delivery.

For obese moms planning for a pregnancy, it is important you have ideal weight early on. That way, you won’t be in a dilemma at how to manage the weight during pregnancy

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