Exersaucer vs Jumper: One is Best for Babies!

There are numerous entertainment products parents can acquire to give the baby a firm place to swivel, jump and get entertained.

That said, there has been a constant debate online with regard to these two: ExerSaucer and Jumper. The two are almost similar but they also vary in many ways.

ExerSaucers are intended to let babies turn around in it while the Jumper is designed to keep baby busy jumping and spinning.

If you’re short for time, both contain lots of entertainment features but I prefer the Jumper because little ones love to move, jump up and interact with elements at the same time. The ExerSaucer doesn’t bounce as much as I’d want and I don’t think it’s the best for children who love to jump or move.

Need more details? I scavenged mom and dad reviews on forums and consolidated all the information in one guide. Let’s get into the details.


Jumpers give little ones’ freedom to swivel and jump up. They do have a bouncy seat but they don’t have a neck support, meaning – your baby must have mastered neck movement and ability to hold head up unassisted.

Baby jumpers are classified into three categories:

  • Standalone Jumpers: Must be secured to a supporting frame or structure
  • Doorway Jumpers: These ones are supported to a door frame
  • Activity Jumpers: Freestanding style with a seat and lots of entertainment baby stuff

For this guide, we’ll take a look at the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo because it is the most Standalone Jumper preferred by parents.


The ExerSaucer lets you sit baby down to spin and bounce in the stationary structure. Like the Jumper, the ExerSaucer must be used by babies who are able to hold their head up without the parent’s help or seeking balance with hands.

Here I will reference the Evenflo ExerSaucer World Explorer because it is what I used for my baby.

ExerSaucer vs. Jumper: Similarities

Sounds, Lights and Baby Music

Both contain toys that reverberate differently to give babies varying experiences at different developmental stages.

But If you wish, you can add your favorite toys. You may also take them off or sway as they follow and attempt to grab.

Once your little is outgrown and they no longer need the toys, simply disconnect them and you’ll be left with a table they can use for playing.  

Apart from the toys, they have exciting sounds, lights and baby music that is motion activated. Music isn’t too loud but there’s’ a volume control if you feel it’s annoying. These features get the baby jump even more crazily and this normally tires them for nap time.

Spin and Bounce

Both units let baby sit at the center while surrounded by a tray of toys. Both gives little ones a secure place to spin and bounce.

The seat is intended to turn around and bounce as your little one looks up the dangling toys and attempt to play with the ones within reach.

Height Adjustments

The seat is adjustable into 3 varying height positions to hold taller babies. Plus, it is supportive and a little stretchy so that it feels snug when the child bounce.

Height adjustment is straightforward – just turn over the bar and hard-press the loop. You may also adjust the dangling toys for their height.

If your little one can hold the head up independently but they’re still too short at lower setting, some parents prefer a pillow beneath their feet so they’re able to use the Jumper.


All the parts can be disconnected for cleaning. But the most important to clean is the seat cover and toys – and both come off so easily for washing.

You can snap the toys off and clean in the washer or just use a damp clothing. Parents love the fact that you can wash the seat regularly and it will still look like new. No stains or fading.

Folding and Transportation

Assembling the Exersaucer and the Jumper isn’t difficult. It may be a challenge and a long process but it’s doable. That said, there are instructions on how to put together the parts and lots of YouTube tutorials to help if some steps are unclear.

Their base is a little large and may take up fair chunk of space when set up. But the fact that they fold up makes them so portable or to put away.

ExerSaucer vs. Jumper: Differences

Jump vs Spin

The most notable difference between them is that the Jumper give the baby an opportunity to Jump. For the ExerSaucer, your baby can still jump but not as much as the Jumper.

Basically, the ExerSaucer is more of a spinning unit while the Jumper is mounted on springs to encourage babies to jump up.

Weight Limits

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is intended for babies up to 25lbs maximum while the Evenflo ExerSaucer World Explorer is safe for little ones up to 26lbs.

Though the construction leans more on the baby size rather than age, from experience the Jumper may outgrow baby much earlier than the Exersaucer.

ExerSaucer or Jumper: Which One to Pick?

I recommend the Jumper for active children who seem to love to move or jump up and the ExerSaucer if they only desire to play with toys because it has more developmental stuff.

But even if your child doesn’t love to jump up now perhaps they’re too little and there will reach a certain stage when they’ll be excited about it.

That said, I prefer the Jumper over the ExerSaucer. The things I like about it is the fact that the baby can jump up, or interact with the toys if they’re tired jumping. I also feel like the Exersaucer doesn’t bounce as much as the Jumper.

Nonetheless, both help strengthen leg muscles. Both help babies realize the purpose of legs and even begin to learn how to stand or walk independently. Both help open doors for object exploration and other physical improvements.

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