Ergobaby vs Baby Bjorn: Which One is Better?

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When it comes to shopping for essential baby gears, perhaps the biggest dilemma is choosing the right baby carrier that’s comfortable for yourself and the baby.

Truth is, just because a carrier is comfortable for you does not mean it will be universally suitable to every parent. Every baby is different and every parent will have a distinctive preference.  

There are variety of models in the market but if you’re careful, you’ll notice a resemblance between Baby Bjorn vs Ergobaby. Both are popular brands, but there’s a widespread debate with respect to the better choice between the two carriers.

If you’re in a hurry, I recommend Ergobaby for large baby and Baby Bjorn for an infant. Overall, my favorite choice is Ergobaby since it has more carry positions than Baby Bjorn. Read on to find out more reasons and features that makes it an amazing choice.

Ergobaby vs Baby Bjorn: Overview

Ergobaby is a trusted brand established in 2002 to provide babywearing gears to mothers on the go. It is amongst the most reputable brands and a favorite choice to many parents.

Baby Bjorn is a little older founded in 1961 to provide simple yet classic baby carriers for parents through their parenting journey. Both Ergobaby and Baby Bjorn are designated for the same purpose; but which baby carrier has the best features?

Both Ergobaby and Baby Bjorn are available in an array of models to meet the needs and tastes of different parents.  

In Ergobaby family there’s, Ergo Baby Original, Omni 360, Organic Baby Carrier, and 360 All Carry Positions – all with varying specs for the needs of everyone.

As for the Swedish brand, there’s BabyBjorn Original, Miracle, and BabyBjorn One baby carrier. Both brands are pretty pricey but Baby Bjorn brands are slightly cheaper when compared to Ergobaby. 

Because of the myriad of options by each brand, we will compare Ergo Baby Omni 360 vs Baby Bjorn Original

Ergo Baby Omni 360 vs Baby Bjorn Original: Comparison

Carry Positions

Ergo Baby is a multi-position baby carrier consisting of 4 carry positions. You can carry your little one on face in, face out, at the back or on the hip. For new parents, it’s worth noting that front-face-in is the most preferred method for babies under 4-months.

Baby Bjorn models have slightly lesser positions since they’re less sophisticated than Ergo Baby. You can carry the baby only in the face-in and out positions.

Weight Limits

Ergo Baby is a better fit for newborns as well as large babies. The weight limit is greater adapting a newborn who is 7-pounds to a toddler who is 45-lbs.

Unlike Ergo Baby, Baby Bjorn is created exclusively for the wellness of newborns and infants. It’s designed to grow with a newborn who is 8 pounds all the way to 26-pounds.

Hip Healthy

Both Ergo Baby and Baby Bjorn are certified by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute as hip healthy. Click here to check the whole list of baby carriers acknowledged as hip healthy.

Lumbar Support

The Ergo Baby Omni 360 has an exceptional lumbar support in the form of a padded supportive waist belt. This helps distribute the baby’s weight equally to prevent the risk of shoulder strain and lower back pain.

Perhaps the major difference between the Original and Miracle version is the presence of the lumber support that provides equal weight distribution a feature that’s unavailable in BabyBjorn Original. However, you may have to part away with hefty dollars.

For that reason, the Original model may not be great once the baby has reached some significant weight since there’s no waist welt to offer good support and prevent straining at the back.

From what I can see, the lumbar support is wider than normal; and generously padded on Ergo Baby Omni 360 more than the BabyBjorn Miracle model.

Solar Protection and Privacy Hood

For travelling moms, you may need to shield your baby from solar rays and wind. There’s a thoughtful baby hood on Ergo Baby Omni 360 that also allows for privacy when the baby is nursing or sleeping.

The BabyBjorn Original is not equipped with a hood hence it may not be convenient in sunny days or when you want the baby to nap and eat in the outdoor outings.

Adjustable Seat Width

The purpose of adjustable seat width is to set and support the baby in the natural ergonomic position for the proper development of hip and spine.

All the two carriers can be adjusted on the seat width to meet the needs of the growing baby. Ergo Baby Omni 360 has some higher level of adjustment to suit a toddler who is 45lbs.

BabyBjorn Original is adjustable to some extent though I find BabyBjorn Miracle to be easily adjustable and the better preference than the later.

Shoulder Straps

The Ergo Baby Omni 360 is constructed to fit the frames of every wearer. It is easy to customize the carrier to fit large body types as well as petite parents. Waist belt adjusts from 26-52 inch.

With only 4 clicks, BabyBjorn Original is easier to adjust to fit differently sized wearers. However, it is not an excellent choice for long term use with the baby’s growth.

Mesh Panel

Both brands are created with mesh panels so the baby does not get hot and super sweaty. However, the Omni 360 mesh panels are partial with less breathability than the BabyBjorn brand. 

Storage Pouch

Omni 360 does have a removable storage pouch where you can secure the smaller stuffs on the go. The BabyBjorn Original baby carrier does not have a pocket.

Baby Bjorn Or Ergobaby: Which is the Better Baby Carrier?

While both are fantastic choices, the Ergobaby baby carrier is my top choice since it is a little bigger and versatile for larger babies who are 4-years.

I love the lumbar support that equally spreads the baby’s weight and prevents the back and shoulders from straining. My favorite part about this carrier is the hood for privacy when you want to breastfeed on the go. The baby hood will also shield your baby from wind and solar rays when it’s hot.

When we look at price, Ergobaby is a bit pricier than Baby Bjorn. But it does have the advantage of a large storage pocket that can be removed when it’s unnecessary.

I recommend Baby Bjorn baby carrier for newborns and infants. However, you may need to switch to a more sophisticated carrier like Ergobaby for good support to prevent the risk of back pain.

The best part about Baby Bjorn when compared to Ergobaby is the adjustable head support that’s slightly higher to support the fragile neck when the baby is asleep. The flap can fold down when it’s not in use.

A huge advantage about Baby Bjorn over Ergobaby is the super breathable mesh fabric that prevents the baby from sweating on hot days. I suggest you pick Baby Bjorn for humid, hot or summer weather since it does a much better job at allowing circulation of air when it’s really hot.

If you’re looking for a basic baby carrier with simplest design, I recommend Baby Bjorn but Ergobaby if you’re looking for ultimate comfort and longevity.

Bottom Line

Deciding between two products created for a similar purpose can be quite confusing. The most important thing is to know the key features that gives one product an edge over the other.

Fortunately, you won’t go wrong with either brand since both Baby Bjorn vs Ergobaby are aimed at tackling the parents’ babywearing needs. Both are safe and comfortable models that enhance the bond between the baby and the parent.

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