Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease: Which One to Choose?

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Some babies will have tummy issues when they feed on regular formulas. In most cases, it’s because the baby’s tummy is not well developed to digest certain ingredients given to them.

Sensitivity to these ingredients leads to gas in the tummy and the baby may develop fussiness which can be very stressful. 

If your child suffers from formula allergy, you may need a special formula with gentler ingredients. 

There are several formula options for digestion and tummy issues, but the most notable controversy is on the better choice between Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease.

Both Enfamil Reguline and Gentlease are closely similar but very different. Read on to find out the one that fit your child the best.

Enfamil Reguline Review

When the baby is having digestive problems, it may lead to tummy discomfort and pain resulting to   fussiness and colic.

Enfamil Reguline is created with gentle proteins to sooth the baby’s tummy when gas and constipation becomes an issue. These ingredients have been tailored to match the gentleness of human milk.

Along with proteins is dual-prebiotic blend previously found in moms’ breast milk to boost the growth of beneficial intestine bacteria (probiotics).

Probiotics are the ones that promotes the growth of good bacteria found in the gut for digestive health. A healthy gut results in softer stools and reduced constipation.

Enfamil Reguline has Omega 3 DHA that stimulate faster brain growth and development during the first years of the child’s life.

It also has Choline for brain cells function and development as well as essential vitamins for immune support.

What’s even great about Enfamil Reguline is the Triple Health Guard that has a total of 30 nutrients for the overall newborn’s health.

The Triple Health Guard is what makes the Enfamil brand closer than ever to mothers’ breast milk when compared to other formula brands; and the most trusted choice by pediatricians for immune support and brain building during the first year.

What’s more, Enfamil Reguline is completely non-GMO which is good news for your baby’s health. The major complaint about it is price which is somewhat high to some parents.

Enfamil Gentlease Review

Like Enfamil Reguline, this one is a complete nutrition, designed to be similar to mothers’ breast milk. It has all the amazing benefits of breast milk for the baby’s healthy growth for the whole of first year.

The Enfamil brands understands that the baby’s digestive system is not yet fully developed and tailor the formula to resemble the gentleness of mom’s breastmilk.

Enfamil Gentlease is designed for sensitive tummies when the regular formula is irritable and gassy. 

That feeling makes the child fussy and wanting to cry most times after feeding sessions.

The secret of this formula are the proteins that break down simply during the digestion process. 

Parents who use it report less gas, acid reflux, spit-up, fussiness, and colic symptoms.

One benefit about this formula are baby probiotics that support gut health the same way natural breast milk does. Healthy gut promotes softer bowels and fewer constipation complaints.

It also provides the baby with healthy doses of Omega 3 DHA and choline along with other vitamins naturally found in breastfed milk.

None of the ingredients is genetically modified. The price is also lower than Enfamil Reguline so it’s worth it considering the needed relief it brings.

Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease: Which One is Better for Your Baby?

Both Enfamil Reguline and Gentlease are gentle protein-based for a sensitive tummy; the most common culprit for gas, fussiness or long crying spans.

However, pick Enfamil Reguline if the baby is constipated. Enfamil Reguline has dual-prebiotic blend that help softens the stool for softer defecation. The poop will become regular either instantly or after a few days.

You can start with Enfamil Reguline or Enfamil Gentlease if the issue is gas and fussiness. Parents report tremendous change in gas, spit-up, colic and acid reflux few hours after transitioning to either formula.

Enfamil Reguline vs Gentlease: Comparison

Enfamil Reguline

Enfamil Gentlease

Designed for sensitive tummies and soft stools

Designed for protein intolerance

Dual-prebiotic blend

No additional prebiotics

No Iron

Contains Iron



Best for constipation, gas, fussiness, colic and crying

Best for gas, fussiness, colic and crying

Bottom Line

We all know that kids are different. So, deciding which formula is best will be determined by the problem your child is having.

Some babies will do well with Enfamil Reguline while other parents will find Enfamil Gentlease a life saver for a gassy, spit-up, or colicky baby.

However, if you’re not sure what the issue is, consult the baby’s doctor for further diagnosis. The problem may be the formula or a deeper health condition.

Nonetheless, no one formula is magical. If advised on a different formula, be patient as it can take between 2 and 6 weeks for the baby to adjust to the new formula. 

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