80+ Elegant Girl Names with Cute Nicknames

When preparing for the arrival of a newborn, perhaps one of the hardest thing is how to choose the baby’s name. 

You want a name everyone will admire when it is mentioned – a classic girl name your daughter will love when they grow up. However, coming up with the right name is not as easy as it sounds.

If the name is long, your friends may prefer a nickname instead of the real name. Unfortunately, some nicknames are infamous, so you may want to be diligent and find elegant girl names with cute nicknames.

If you’re at a crossroad, I hope this list ease your search for elegant female names with fantastic and cool nicknames for your baby girl.

Strong Elegant Female Names with Cute Nicknames

Alanna: Hawaiian name meaning precious or fair

Nicknames – Lana, Aly


Arabella: Latin name meaning yielding to prayer or lovable

Nicknames – Bella


Amberly: Arabic name meaning jewel fossilized resin

Nicknames – Amber


Amelia: German name that means work

Nicknames – Amy, Lia, Milly, Mia


Annaliese: Hebrew name meaning devoted to God  

Nicknames – Ann, Anna, Lis


Annalee: English girl name for grace

Nicknames– Ann, Anna


Aurelia: Latin name that mean golden

Nicknames – Auri, Elle


Beatrice: French names meaning Beatrix for she who makes happy

Nicknames – Bea, Trixie


Brianna: English name meaning noble or strong

Nicknames – Anna, Anne, Bri


Brinleigh: English name meaning burnt meadow

Nicknames – Brin, Lee, Leigh


Cadence: English name that means flow of sound or rhythm

Nicknames: Cady, Cade, Cadie


Camilla: Latin name meaning free-born

Nicknames – Cam, Camie, Cami, Millie


Camryn: Scotland name meaning crooked nose

Nicknames – Cammy, Cam, Cami


Coralline: English name that means growth coral of semi-precious sea

Nicknames – Cora, Cory, Coral


Caroline: English name that means joy

Nicknames: Carole, Cara, Carrie


Carlotta: Italian name meaning strong

Nicknames –  Lottie, Carl, Carly


Catherine: Latin name meaning clear

Nicknames – Catie, Cathy, Cate, Kitty, Kit


Cassidy: Irish name meaning clever

Nicknames: Cassie, Cass 


Charlotte: French name that means petite

Nickname – Charlie, Lottie


Christina: Scotland name meaning follower of Christ

Nicknames – Christa, Christy, Tina


Cordelia: Latin and Celtic name meaning heart 

Nicknames – Cordy, Delia


Danica: Hebrew name meaning morning star

Nicknames – Dannie, Dani, Nika, Niki


Davina: Scottish name meaning beloved

Nicknames – Davi, Vina


Delaney: Irish name meaning dark challenger

Nicknames – Laney, Dellie


Eleanor: Greek name meaning shining light

Nicknames – Elly, Elle, Nora


Emmeline: French name meaning hardworking

Nickname – Em, Emma, Emily, Emmy


Elaina: French girl name meaning bright shining light

Nicknames – Ella, Elle, Elaine, Lana, Laine, Lainie


Elizabeth: Hebrew name meaning my God is an oath

Nicknames – Bettie, Eliza, Libby, Liz


Evelyn: English name that means light or desired

Nicknames – Evie, Eva, Lynn


Faelynn: English name meaning fairy of the lake

Nicknames – Elyn, Fae, Lynn


Florence: English name for blossom

Nicknames – Flo, Flossie, Lora


Grace: Latin name meaning inspired by grace

Nicknames – Rae, Gracie


Georgina: Greek name meaning farmer

Nicknames – Georgie


Gwendolyn: welsh name meaning fair

Nicknames – Lyn, Gwen, Wendy


Helena: Greek name meaning shining light

Nicknames – Lena, Nellie


Henrietta: French girly name meaning keeper of the hearth

Nicknames – Hattie, Ettie, Etta


Hillary: Latin name meaning cheerful

Nicknames – Hilly, Hil


Isabella: Hebrew name meaning pledged to God

Nicknames – Bella, Ella, Elle, Izzy, Belle


Ivette: French name meaning yew tree

Nicknames – Ivee, Ivy


Jasmine: Persian name meaning gift of God

Nicknames – Jas, Jazzy, Mina


Jaylee: American name that means Blue Jay Meadown

Nicknames – Jenny, Jen


Jennifer: Arthurian name that mean fair one

Nicknames – Jenny, Jen, Jenna


Jessica: Hebrew name that means God beholds

Nicknames – Jessie, Jess


Kathleen: French name meaning pure

Nicknames – Kate, Kathy, Kath, Lee


Kendall: English name meaning royal valley

Nicknames – Doll, Kay, Ken, Kenny


Kaitlyn: Irish name that mean pure

Nicknames – Kait, Kay, Kty, Lynn


Kristen: English name meaning follower of Christ

Nicknames – Kristie, Kris, Kiki


Laurel: Latin baby girl name meaning laurel tree

Nicknames – Aura, Laura, Laurie


Layla: Arabic girl name meaning night

Nicknames – Lora, Lay


Leilani: Hawaiian name meaning heavenly flowers

Nicknames – Lani, Leila


Liana: French name meaning climbing a vine

Nicknames – Ana, Lian, Lil


Lorraine: French name means from Lorraine province in France

Nicknames – Lora, Raine, Lori


Marguerite: French girly name for Daisy or a Pearl           

Nicknames – Margie, Rita, Marg, Rite


Marigoid: English name that means golden flower

Nicknames – Goldie


Marielle: Means star of sea derived from Latin and Danish names

Nicknames – Elle, Marie


Margaret: Greek name meaning pearl

Nicknames – Marge, Margie, Maggie, Molly, Margot, Maisie, Greta


Magnolia: Latin name that means magnol’s flower

Nicknames – Maggie, Nola


Melanie: Greek name meaning dark

Nicknames – Annie, Melly, Mel, Lanie


Melissa: Greek name meaning bee

Nicknames – Mellie, Mel, Lissa, Liss


Michelle: French name meaning gift from God

Nicknames – Ella, Elle, Chelle, Mich


Mikayla: Hebrew name meaning who is like God

Nicknames – Kay, Kayle, Ayla


Natalie: Latin name meaning birthday

Nicknames – Tallie; Talia, Nattie


Natasha: Russian name meaning Christmas day

Nicknames – Tasha, Nattie, Nat


Nicolette: French name meaning people’s victory

Nicknames – Nicole, Colette, Niki


Olivia: Latin name meaning olive tree

Nicknames – Ollie, Livy, Livia


Oriana: Latin name meaning sunrise

Nicknames: Orri, Orrie


Payton: English name meaning fighter’s farm

Nicknames – Pey, Pay


Paisley: Scotland name meaning church

Nicknames – Paisy, Pai


Prudence: Latin name meaning good judgement

Nicknames – Pru


Petronella: Netherland’s feminine name meaning rock

Philomena: Phil


Renee: French name meaning reborn

Nicknames – Renny, Wren


Rosalie: Latin name meaning rose

Nicknames – Rosie, Sally


Scarlett: Arabic name meaning red or scarlet

Nicknames – Scar, Lettie


Skylar: English, American and Dutch names meaning scholar

Nicknames – Sky


Talie: Greek name meaning means flourishing

Nicknames – Tal, Tally, Talicia 


Tamara: Hebrew name meaning palm tree

Nicknames – Tammy, Tara, Mara


Ulyana: Russian name meaning youthful

Nicknames – Ana, Uly


Vivienne: French name meaning lively

Nicknames – Viv, Vi


Victoria: Latin name meaning victory

Nicknames –  Ria, Toria, Tori, Vic, Vicky, Vee


Winifred: welsh name meaning fair one

Nicknames – Winnie


Willow: English name meaning slender

Nicknames – Willa, Lo


 Zaidee: Arabic name meaning worthy of praise

Nicknames – Dee, Zai

Bottom Line

When choosing a baby’s name, think about potential nicknames that go with it. Think about how the nicknames will affect her self-esteem, her social life and other aspects in the daily life.

Do you like the nicknames? What do they mean? A great nickname should suit the baby when she’s young all through into the future when she gets old.

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