5 Best Crib Alternatives

Maybe Bed-sharing isn’t working for you.

You’ve tried regular baby crib, but your little one does not seem to like it.  You don’t like it too because it feels like a cage.

Now, you’re seeking for crib alternatives. Something compact you can keep in your room next to your King bed and not worry about suffocation risk.

I did some research and found these 5 to be the very best. Slide down and pick what you think will suit your baby perfectly.

Best Crib Alternatives

1. Pack N Play

Pack N Play works the best for me. It’s actually my favorite.

In my experience, I feel like it delivers pretty much similar sleep performance like the crib. But what I love most about pack n plays are the extra features that I don’t find in cribs.

Most pack and play have a changing table, full size bassinet for infants and a portable bassinet. But you can detach these additional parts to create more space for him.

I also find pack n play sturdier due to the metal frames. Besides that, most of them are made with mesh sides for aeration and a canopy for sun protection. You can even dismantle the whole thing to set up at the grandpa’s place or at the park.  


  • Most come with extra features
  • Portable


  • Some are difficult to put together

2. Mini Crib

Mini baby cribs tend to be smaller than regular or traditional cribs. Most mini cribs are compact to fit perfectly in tight and small spaces right next to your King or Queen size bed.

What I like most about mini cribs is the freedom to adjust the mattress height to suit a newborn and an active child who can stand or sit up.

Travelling with mini cribs is easy. Most models have wheels that make it so simple to push around. But it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll attach the wheels or not during assembly.

Setting up isn’t difficult. Plus, you can take down the whole thing for easy storage or travel.  Overall quality is great and classic.


  • Straightforward to put together
  • Wheels make it mobile
  • High sides so you won’t keep chasing after him


  • May become small quickly

3. Bedside Sleeper and Bassinet

Bedside Sleeper are particularly created for nursing mothers and those recovering from C-Section. It can be adjusted to level your bed height plus, there is a zipper on one side of the wall that is zipped down to the mattress level so you can lift the baby without having to wake up.

Bassinets cannot be converted into the nursing mode. But they’re mesh-sided so you can watch him while lying in bed. They are mobile as well and most have entertaining features for soothing baby.

That said, baby bassinets and Bedside Sleepers tend to outgrow babies quickly. Many have a limited weight limit and should never be used by active children.

Actually, they’re not recommended for babies over 6-months after birth. Their height is quite high and an active child can climb out and fall.


  • Sturdily made
  • Extra features to calm the baby
  • Mesh sides to let air in


  • Only recommended for babies under 6-months

4. Floor Bed

A floor bed is just that – a mattress put on the floor for your little one to sleep on. Favorite for parents who do not fancy pack n play, bassinet and other crib alternatives.

Classic choice is the Beautyrest Siesta Memory Foam. The mattress depth is 3-inch. Not too thick in the event your little one were to roll off. 

Simply lay it on the floor preferably next to your bed. I recommend putting the mattress against the wall but do not leave a gap. The good thing is that it has a fitted cover that can be taken out for washing.  

Remember to baby proof the room just in case he wakes up and decide to wander around when everyone is asleep. Even if the baby is not active, put away stuffed animals, pillows and any other thing that may choke.


  • Light weight
  • Can be folded and kept away


  • The baby may roll off to the floor
  • Not great for active baby

5. Travel Crib

The travel crib is a great choice if you’re planning to travel a lot. Since they’ll designed for travelling, travel cribs are lightweight and so simple to put together and take down.   

On top of that, the mattress is designed to be somewhat thick since your little one will be sleeping a lot in the crib when you’re away. The whole thing is sturdy, well-constructed and very stable.

I like how the child can use the travel crib as a play area at home. There’s even a zipper opening on the sides so you can lay fully/partially on bed to nurse or snuggle the baby. 

You can use the full size zipper to lock in baby or zip down to let him wander freely in and out of the travel crib.

I highly recommend travel cribs because most of them are safe and certified by relevant bodies as free from harmful metals.


  • Portable
  • Side zipper to lock child in
  • Simple to put together


  • Quite pricey

Bottom Line

Key things to consider when shopping for crib alternative is your child’s age, space available and your budget.

That said, it does not matter what you pick. From research, all the above crib alternatives are equally safe and their level of risk is low as well.

None of these crib alternatives is better than the other. Whichever works best for you is the best option – so long as all the AAP safety precautions are followed.

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