Snuza Go vs Snuza Hero

We are mom-supported. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As a parent it’s normal to wake up several times every night to check on your little one. Like many parents, I feel it’s okay to wake in panic wondering if they’re still breathing. Basically, it’s quite impossible to sleep soundly without reassurance …

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5 Best Crib Alternatives

Maybe Bed-sharing isn’t working for you. You’ve tried regular baby crib, but your little one does not seem to like it.  You don’t like it too because it feels like a cage. Now, you’re seeking for crib alternatives. Something compact you can keep in your room next to your King bed and not worry about …

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How to Make Breastmilk Lotion

Apart from nourishing your baby with healthy nutrients, the amazing properties in breastfed milk have tons of amazing benefits that will help you in many ways. The newborn food has antibacterial and antibodies properties that helps in baby acne, diaper rashes, eczema, stretch marks and other skin disorders. The content in breastmilk is healthy to …

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