Bumbo vs Sit Me Up Floor Seat Review

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Baby floor seats have become more and more admired as years go by. As the baby begin to sit up unassisted, many parents start searching for a floor seat to sit baby down when they want their hands free.

That said, there are numerous floor seat brands. Within each brand, options are available depending on the baby’s age and body size.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Bumbo Floor Seat. It’s the most recognized brand. But is it worth all the hype?  

You’ve also heard of the Sit Me Up – not so popular, but certainly an excellent alternative to the Bumbo. Some parents trust Bumbo. For others, Sit Me Up seems pretty fantastic and the perfect solution.

You want to get one of these. If you’re short for time, the Fisher Price Sit Me Up is the better option in my experience.

Fisher Price Sit Me Up

The Sit Me Up is intended to be used exclusively on the floor. Options are available in lots of designs, and colors.

The Fisher Price Sit Me Up is not a hard floor seat. It’s constructed from a thick fabric, but its soft and very comfy. Plus, you can take out seat cover and clean in a washing machine.

There are interactive toys to help the baby develop motor skills as he tries to reach out. But you can detach them and replace with your favorites.

What I like most about this chair is the wide base to keep little ones in stable position. When I compare the legs opening to the Bumbo, the Sit Me Up’s are roomier so the baby’s legs do not get stuck if they are chunky.

The sides and backrest are also higher than the Bumbo to provide adequate front and back support so you won’t have to worry about him rolling out. High back is helpful if they’re too little and need assistance strengthening the neck.

Assembling Fisher Price Sit Me Up is easy. Plus, it folds nicely to save space when not in use or to transport to other places.   


  • Sides are higher for excellent neck and head support
  • Roomy leg openings fit even the chunky legs
  • Wide base keeps floor seat stabilized
  • Seat cover is washable
  • Folds nicely for storage and transportation


  • Only ideal for little ones up to 25lbs

Bumbo Floor Seat

This one is the most-known floor seat for babies. It is constructed from foam and there are lots of color options available.

The seating surface is deep to help the baby seat in the proper posture. The sides are high as well but not like the Sit Me Up. High sides means your little one will be able to maintain proper upright posture and feel secure. 

Manufacturers description states it fits little ones between 3 and 9 months. But I feel it’s smaller and not a great choice particularly for chunky or developing babies. Chubby thighs may feel squeezed and experience difficulty moving out.

One feature I like about the Bumbo is the safety harness. The belt straps are adjustable, secure but not restrictive.

It also has a tray to help you feed your little one or train him to eat on his own. The best thing is that you can take off the belt and the tray if you feel they’re unnecessary. The Bumbo cleans so easily and it’s very simple to transport.


  • High backrest provide great back support
  • Seat straps keep the baby secure
  • Tray is handy during feed time
  • Rubberized material is easy to clean


  • Chunky thighs maybe a little difficult to take in or out

Alternative Brands of Baby Floor Seats

There are other floor seats options available, but I do not recommend either of them for developing babies. Most of those brands are ideal for petite babies and only for a short while.

The only floor seat intended for chubby babies I can recommend as great alternative to the Bumbo is the Summer 3-Stage Deluxe.

Summer 3-Stage Deluxe

The Summer 3-Stage Deluxe is built from foam which is quite soft. It’s cute and is available in lots of bright colors. The recommended age limit is between 4 months up to 4-years (max. 33lbs)

Overhead your little one is an entertainment center to keep them excited but it can be disconnected to create enough space as he gets big.

The floor seat comes with a tray, but you can take it off to transform it into a booster seat for use on the dining table.

I like that there is a safety belt that keeps the baby secure. Plus, it’s quite easy to loosen or tighten. Parents say it’s simple to put together the pieces and also carry the seat along since it’s very light. Most parts are made from plastic so they’re simple to clean.

Bottom Line

If I had to pick one, I’d definitely go for the Fisher Price Sit Me Up. Its leg positioning and back support is excellent. The seat is ergonomic and it promotes proper spinal alignment and better posture.

I do not recommend the Bumbo. I feel it’s kind of restrictive particularly if your little one has chunky legs. It really doesn’t grow with baby hence not the best for physical development.

Having said that, note all floor seat options must be used by little ones who have mastered to sit in upright position unassisted. If you desire to use a floor seat, it’s advised to sit baby down 5 up to 10 minutes and not over 30minutes max.

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