Britax vs Graco vs Evenflo: The Better Car Seat Brand [2020]

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Britax, Graco and Evenflo are all top leading brands in the manufacture of baby car seats. If you’re at a crossroad at deciding the best brand, I am going to make it a little easier for you.

For starters, the only way to make an exceptional decision is to compare distinctive features by the three brands – from the comfort to the ease of use, and safety – there are tons of qualities every parent will consider a must-have on a child car seat.

Let’s have a detailed look at the common features shared by the three brands as well as their differences to help you decide on the best brand.                     

If you’re in a hurry, my Top Choice is Graco 4Ever. I love its higher weight limit of 120 pounds since it means you won’t need to purchase another car seat as the child grows. Additionally, unlike Evenflo and Britax, this car seat is lightweight and can be converted into backless booster seat.

Comparison Between Britax, Graco and Evenflo

Since there are plenty of other models by each brand, I’ll compare Graco 4Ever, Britax Marathon and Evenflo Symphony. They’re the highly rated models and the most favorite to many parents. Let’s get down to finer details.

Level of Safety

The safety of the baby is the number one priority to any parent. All of them have excelled in this area after a rigorous testing to comply with federal standards on infants’ car seats.

Both Graco 4Ever and Evenflo Symphony have a 5-point harness system that slides easily when you want to adjust for accurate fit. Here, the Britax Marathon beats Graco and Evenflo brands since it consists of 14 harness system that adjusts easily as the child grows. With the push of button there’s no need of unnecessary rethreading on the three brands.

Weight and Weight Limits

The weight of the car seat may be an issue to many parents. This is especially the case when you want to install or relocate the infant car seat.

Graco 4Ever weighs 22.8 pounds while Britax Marathon is 27 pounds. Evenflo Symphony on the other hand is 24 pounds.

When I look at the width, Britax Marathon is the slimmest covering only 18.5 inches wide. Graco 4Ever is 20 inches while Evenflo Symphony is a little wider taking 21.5 inches.

Even though Britax is a slim car seat it is the heaviest when compared to Evenflo and Graco. It may also take a lot of space when it’s fully reclined.

For parents who travel a lot, I recommend Graco 4Ever since it’s light. I suggest Britax Marathon for narrow cars or for users who are on the lookout for a reclining car seat.

The weight limits are as follows:

Graco 4Ever:

Rear facing – Newborn between 4 and 40 pounds

Forward facing- Toddlers ranging 22-65 pounds

Booster seat with high back belt positioning- Children between 30 and 100 pounds

Backless belt mode- Children from 40-120 pounds

Recommended maximum child height – 4-feet and 9-inches

Britax Marathon:

Rear facing- Babies from 5-40 pounds

Forward facing- Toddlers from 20 up to 65 pounds

Maximum child standing height- Up to 49-inches Graco 4Ever

Evenflo Symphony:

Rear facing mode- Infants ranging from 5 up to 40 pounds

Forward facing- Ideal for toddlers between 22 and 65 pounds

Booster seat mode- Children weighing 40 and 110 pounds

If you’re looking for a car seat that your baby will use the longest, Graco 4Ever is the best deal. You can use the car seat until the baby is up to 120 pounds.

Graco 4Ever is followed by Evenflo Symphony that sustains a maximum of 110 pounds while Britax Marathon can only hold up to 65 pounds.

Reclining Positions

All adjust accordingly with regard to headrest and recline positions. Graco 4Ever has 6-recline positions and 10 adjustable headrest positions for comfortable sleeping and playtime.

The Britax model comes with 7-recline positions. The baby can recline far back from the lowest to upright setting. The reclining lever will help you achieve the required level of adjustment that’s right to the baby depending on age.

Evenflo has 3-recline positions. The rear facing can only be reclined up to a 45-degree angle which may not be enough for small babies.

If the recline feature is a huge concern to you, then you won’t go wrong with Graco 4Ever. Unlike Evenflo Symphony, it reclines back in front facing and that’s an advantage to small babies. The reclining system is smooth as well when compared to Britax vs Evenflo.

Even though Britax Marathon does have more reclining positions, there may be a learning curve before you get used to it. Evenflo Symphony on the other hand does not recline enough and according to most parents, even the lowest reclining position is seemingly upright.

A rule of the thumb is to adjust the reclining settings before installing the seat.


All the models are softly padded so the baby can stay comfortable for longest durations. They are a bit taller to provide lots of support with no issues. In all the models, the material ventilates so the baby does not sweat on summer drives.  

Even though the width differs from brand to brand, there’s plenty of space on each model for the baby’s growth. It is easy to get the baby in and out of the infant to toddler car seat.


By looking at customer reviews, installing the convertible car seat is super simple by the three models. Britax Marathon utilizes the ClickTight system to fix the seat and the seat belt at the same time. The hardest part to many parents though is tightening the car belt sufficiently.

Graco 4Ever features a patented InRight LATCH System that lets you install the seat just by one simple click. It emits an audible click to signal to you once the seat is properly installed.

Evenflo Symphony is engineered with a SureLatch system that lets you achieve the best level of tightness.

In all the brands, the secret is to read the manual prior installation to help you understand how to do it with less effort. It may take several attempts to get everything right but you should be able to do it faster after a few times.


All the three brands are available in several color options. There is a total of 12 color alternatives on the Graco brand. They include Ottlie, Cameron, Matrix, Hayden, Azalea, Tambi, Skylar, Dorian, Kylie, Basin, Studio and Bryce. Popular variants are dark or light gray and black.

In Britax Marathon there’s Oasis, Ollie, Tempo, Verve, Vue, Bubbles, Ashton and Cowmooflag. Evenflo Symphony on the other hand is available red/black; gray/black; purple/black and blue/black colors.

All the colors are impressive but as you can see, Graco 4Ever does have an edge of larger amount of color variations over Evenflo Symphony and Britax Marathon.


The most notable difference that separates the three brands is price. The Evenflo brand is way cheaper than both Britax and Graco. But it doesn’t mean it’s less quality. Actually, there are people who prefer Evenflo over Britax or Graco, to prove to you that quality products do not have to be pricey.

Britax Vs Graco Vs Evenflo: Which Brand is Better?

If the budget is small, Evenflo Symphony is the excellent deal. Both Graco and Britax are on the same price range and you may need to part away with more dollars.

Another issue that may influence your decision is the weight limit and seat dimensions. Britax Marathon is an amazing choice for narrow cars taking only 18.5 inches of car space. Graco 4Ever is bulky but it’s the lightest car seat weighing only 22.8 pounds.

I suggest Graco 4Ever if you’re looking for a car seat that will last the baby the longest since it can sustain a baby who is up to 120 pounds. Unlike Evenflo, you may choose between Britax Marathon and Graco 4Ever if you need a car seat with the most reclining positions and ultimate baby comfort.

In terms of safety, you won’t go wrong with any of the three models. However, Britax Marathon has more harness positions when compared to Evenflo vs Graco.

As you can see, there’s no hands-down winner as each has an advantage over the other on some aspects. Nonetheless, I hope you find the best convertible infant to toddler car seat that meet your car and baby needs.

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