Britax Boulevard vs Marathon: One Britax Model is Better! [2020]

Britax car seat models are designed with closely similar features making it difficult to decide on the best model for your child.

However, by comparing their features and looking at key differences, making a good decision should be easier.

We’ll look at Britax Boulevard vs Marathon – some of the two top end convertible child seats by Britax to find out how they compare and the features that makes them different.

Before we get deeper, I recommend Britax Boulevard over Marathon because of the extra layer of side impact protection for thorough protection in a crash.

How They are Similar

Car Seats Dimensions

Car seat dimensions are essential to help you decide on the right car seat size that fits precisely within the car. If you’re contemplating to use the car seat in multiple cars, you may need to be extra cautious.

Both Britax Marathon and Boulevard measures 18.5 inches in length, 23 inches in width and a height of 23.5 inches. However, their weight is a little different.

Fitting three car seats across the back with these models is somewhat challenging considering their width is quite large.

Weight and Height Limitations

The weight and height limits of a car will help you estimate the length of time the baby will use the car seat before they outgrown it. Every parent wants a car seat that lasts their child the longest.

The limits of height and weight are equal in both convertible car seats. The weight and height limits are as below in both models:

Rear facing: 5 up to 40 pounds

Forward facing: 20 up 65 pounds

Maximum height: 49” and less

Rear facing is the safest position for newborns and infants. As the child grows, you may convert the seat into front facing until the child is 65 pounds and 49-inches tall as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

SafeCell Impact Protection

Both models are characterized by steel frames, impact absorbing base and a deep shell that’s lined with foam. The purpose of these features is to absorb energy and lessen the magnitude of impact and forces on the child during an accident.

It means when an accident happens, the impact absorbing base will compress and prevent the energy and impact from reaching the child. The purpose of steel frame is to reinforce the strength and maintain the convertible seat in place.

Britax ClickTight Installation Feature

The car seats ClickTight installation system is incredibly straightforward. The process is simple with the seat belt that secures the seat correctly.

The Click and Safe Indicator will notify you when the right level of snugness is achieved. You may consult the directions manual if you’re doubtful about the proper installation procedure.

Wonderful Harness Point System

The best part about Boulevard and Marathon is the no-rethreading harness system. Both models come with 14 position harness that offer the safest comfortable fit all through the child’s growth.

Adjusting the harness system and headrest is simple without the need of manual rethreading. What you need to do is to push a button to a different point within the 14-harness position.

Since you don’t want the harness to be too tight or loose, you’ll hear an audible click when the harness tightness is in the proper range.

Multiple Recline Positions

No parent would want to buy a new car seat every year as the child grows. With a reclining chair, you can adjust the seat height and headrest to fit your growing child.

Each product comes with 7-recline positions for premium comfort both to infants and toddlers. It is simple to change to a different recline position with the help of a recline indictor that conveys to you when the seat is properly angled depending on the mode it is. They both have a V-shape tether to reduce unnecessary seat rotation.

Remember straight up mode is never recommended to infants and newborns. On the same breath, you don’t want an older baby to stay in the rear-facing which may be uncomfortable for them. With these car seats, it’s easy to switch from rear to forward facing depending on the child’s age.

Additional Padding

You won’t have to worry about the child sitting down for long since the car seat is heavily padded on the sides with thick cushion. They both have sufficient padding on the headrest and seat to cushion your child from bumps and rugged surfaces.

It is soft and incredibly supportive to lure the baby on extended drives. You’ll also find some padding on straps just above the chest buckle for optimal comfort on larger babies.

The fabric lets in air as well to foster ventilation on long summer drives. It means the material won’t let the child sweat and make them uncomfortable on a hot weather.

Detachable Covers

The two models have covers that detach easily for machine washing without taking out the car seat. What makes this possible when compared to unpopular brands is that there’s no need to unthread the safety harness for you to take off the cover.

They wash off easily regardless of the intensity of blowouts, vomit and milk spillage. Putting back the cover is a breeze.

The Huge Difference Between Boulevard and Marathon

Side Impact Protection

The major difference is actually the number of layers by each model. Britax Marathon consists on only one-layer while Boulevard has two.

Even though Britax Marathon is in compliant with government safety standards, it may not be able to provide enhanced protection in the event of serious crash. Britax Boulevard does have an extra layer for advanced Childs’ protection on the head.

Even then, the Marathon model still cushions the baby from collision and unnecessary injuries. On each model, the side impact protection is in the form of absorbing foam to reduce and manage the intensity of energy from the impact.

Color Alternatives

Most parents will prefer appealing colors that match the interior of the car décor. Both models are available in different color varieties that are good-looking.

Britax Marathon has 8 options while Boulevard has 6. Marathon color choices include Verve, Bubbles, Ollie, Vue, Tempo, Oasis, Cowmooflage and Asthon. The colors are mainly in black & light blue, black with white stripes, black with dark bubble pattern, black & white resembling cow’s skin, black & light gray, black, black with dotted gray patterns, and black & medium gray varieties.

Color alternatives on Britax Boulevard include: Trek, Circa, Vector, Poole, Gray and Westin. The varieties range from black, black & medium gray, black & light gray, black & light blue, and black & dark gray. My favorite is the black one with a colorful pattern.


Britax Boulevard is heavier weighing 29.4 pounds while Marathon is pretty lightweight with a mass of 27 pounds. However, both models are bulkier and relocating either model will be difficult.


The price is another notable difference between Britax Boulevard and Britax Marathon. Britax Boulevard is a little pricey than Marathon.

The price is a little high on Boulevard which is quite reasonable perhaps because of the extra side protection layer that offer enhanced protection in an extreme crash.

My Recommendation

I find Britax Boulevard worth the extra cost due to the additional layer of side impact protection for improved protection in case of dreadful crash. Britax Marathon has one layer which means it may not be as effective as Boulevard.

However, as you may have realized, Britax Boulevard vs Marathon are surprisingly similar in design and shape. Therefore, despite the few contrasting features, on the whole, both models are incredible choices from Britax family.

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