80+ Boy Names That Mean Strong Fighter – Uncommon Strong Names for 2020

When choosing a name for your baby, there are lots of things you may need to consider. Maybe you’ve survived a terrible car crash or even a miscarriage. 

Or perhaps you’ve gone through a lot while pregnant, and you’re looking for a name that will invoke the memory later on in future.

You may also be looking for baby boy unique names that derive inspiration from past heroes or circumstances. 

If you’re looking for boy names that mean strong fighter, I have gathered favorite names for boys on one list. Take a look at the following strong names for your little guy.

Unique and Strong Boy Names for 2020

Boy Names That Mean Warrior

Alphonse: French and German name to mean ready for battle

Arrio: Spanish name for war like

Alger: English name for clever warrior

Aloisia: German name for famous fighter

Armando: Portuguese, Italian or Spanish name meaning soldier

Boy Names Meaning Strength and Honor

Nolan: Gaelic name to mean champion

Ned: English name for healthy guardian

Neron: Spanish name to mean strong

Unique Strong Boys Names That Mean Strength

Nelo: Latin or Italian name to mean strength and power

Angus: Ireland, Scotland, Australia and English name to mean ‘one strength’

Denzel: Celtic name meaning powerful

Lorcan: Ireland and English masculine name meaning fierce

Ryker: Danish name to mean super strength

Boy Names That Mean Strong Fighter

Akecheta: Native American name meaning fighter

Cayden: Scottish and English name to mean great fighter

Barrin: German name meaning noble fighter

Cathmor: Ireland name meaning great fighter

Dustin: English name meaning famous fighter

Boy Names That Mean Protector

Athelward: English name meaning noble protector

Ardwyad: English name meaning protector

Blaz: German name meaning unwavering protector

Eamon: French name to mean prosperous protector

Edmund: English name to mean fortune protector

Liam: Irish name to mean protector or strong-willed warrior

Ned: English name meaning protector

Ray: English name to mean wise protector

Boy Names That Mean Brave

Andy: English and American name meaning brave

Angus: Gaelic name to mean one strength

Einar: Norwegian name meaning fearless

Everitt: English name for brave

Farrell: Irish name to mean man of courage

Mel: English name to mean one who is fearless

Maynard: German name to mean hard strength of brave

Kyle: English name foe elite army or valiant

Uncommon Strong Boy Names to Mean Fighter

Arsensio: Spanish name for strong

Barin: Unique Teutonic name to mean fighter

Borya: Russian name

Clovis: German name

Ludwik: German name

Cathair: Irish name

Devante: Spanish name

Kileona: Unique Hawaii name

Herold: Dutch name

Strong Boy Names That Mean Survivor

Sarid: Hebrew name

Sanosuke: Japanese name

Powerful Names For Boys

Armstrong: English name for strong fighter

Aloysius: German name to mean powerful

Caelan: Irish name to mean powerful warrior

Edric: English name to mean power

Olis: German name to mean strong or powerful

Kendrick: Scottish and welsh name to mean power

Amory: German name to mean powerful

Ulric: English name to mean powerful ruler

Boy Names That Mean Strength Of God

Aziel: Hebrew name to mean God is my power

Ezekiel: Hebrew name meaning God will strengthen

Gabriel: Hebrew name to mean God is my strength

Oswaldo: German name to mean God’s power

Oswald: German name meaning God’s power

Griffin: Welsh name to mean strong Lord

Masculine Names for Boys

Arsenio: Spanish name to mean masculine

Andre: French name to mean manly

Archer: English name to mean bowman

Axel: Scandinavian name to mean my father is peace

Blaze: Latin mane to mean stutter

Brody: Scottish name to mean ditch

Cutler: English name to mean knife maker

Draco: English name to mean dragon

Enzo: Italian name to mean from Laurentum

Strong Male Names That Mean Strong Fighter

Aergad: Breton name meaning strong in battle

Donaghy: Celtic name to mean strong fighter

Guillame: Teutonic name to mean resolute fighter

Lutz: German mane to mean famous fighter

Ludwik: German name to mean famous fighter

Herold: Dutch name for strong fighter

Heriberto: Teutonic name to mean shining fighter

Heribert: Teutonic name to mean shining fighter

Strong Boy Names For Babies Meaning Honor

Shogun: Japanese name to mean ruler

Sanosuke: Japanese name for honor

Swithin: English name

Safdar: African name

Xavion: Baby boy name

Xander: Greek name

Boy Names That Mean Strong Warrior

Ajax: Greek name to mean strong warrior

Batair: Scottish name to mean strong warrior

Eloy: Spanish name to mean renowned warrior

Finian: Irish name to mean handsome warrior

Griffith: Welsh name meaning chief warrior

Igor: Scandinavian name to mean heroic warrior

Magnar: Nordic name meaning fierce and strong warrior  

Khalon: American name for strong warrior

Bottom Line

Picking a proper name for your baby can be stressful. Even though there are endless options of strong yet different boy names, you may need to determine if it is uncommon and classy.

You may not be a big fun on name meanings, but you may want a unique masculine name that’s less popular. I hope this list helps you identify a special name for your baby boy.

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