Boppy Lounger vs Dock A Tot

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So you are due in few weeks or you have delivered already but you can’t just decide on a baby lounger that would suit your baby perfectly.

Top two most recommended are Boppy Lounger and Dock A Tot. They both serve the very same purpose of protectively holding the baby so they feel comfy wherever you may be.

Having said that, the most recent discussion is on which one is best if you have to pick one. If you’re short for time, I advise parents to choose Boppy Lounger for a newborn and Dock A Tot for the one who’s a little older.

If you’re a little apprehensive, read on to find out the finer details and the one you should buy.

How the Two Are Similar

Supervised Awake Time

There are two categories of caregivers – those who are seeking for a safe point to put baby down, and those trying to find a comfy sleeping place.

The most notable similarity between Boppy Lounger and Dock A Tot is that they are both intended for supervised awake time.

Both are great during tummy time and to prop baby up when it’s feeding time.  With the U-Shape, they’re both designed to cuddle baby up when you need free hands.


Both Boppy Lounger and Dock A Tot are machine washing friendly. However, for the Boppy Lounger the cover is not detachable.

This makes it terrible to clean up particularly after a blowout. That said, you can shop for separate and spare covers to take off and clean when it gets dirty.

I also find Boppy Lounger a bit awkward both in shape and size which makes it a little difficult to clean in the washer.

For the Dock A Tot, simply take off the cover and throw the whole thing inside the washing machine. My only issue is putting it back after laundering which seems like a chore.

How the Two are Different

Safe Sleep

I should clarify – Boppy Lounger is not meant for overnight sleep. You have to stay right next to the baby or move with it to maintain an eye on them. It’s comfy to set them while you’re busy or for short naps during daytime.

DockATot is cuddly and safe even when the baby is unsupervised. The baby can sleep through the night without the stress about him being in independent room. Great thing you can use it for tummy time or simply a resting spot.

Note DockATot is not supposed to be used in a pack n play or crib. But you can use it in your bed as you prepare to transition him to their crib or own bed

Parents claim Dock A Tot solve sleep issues. The baby can sleep and not wake up at all throughout the night. I also love how the baby can play inside the DockATot without the risk of falling out due to the added protection.


While both of them are constructed with breathable components, the Boppy newborn lounger cover is 100-percent polyster fiber – Incredibly soft, comfy and strong.

The Dock A Tot on the other hand is certified Oeko-Tex Standard. Having said that, I wish the Dock A Tot material was a little softer. But it is thick and tightly stitched.

Nonetheless, all materials on both models are hypoallergenic and tested for harmful components. 

Available Sizes

The Boppy newborn lounger is designed for little ones under 16lbs or up to 4 months. Specifically designed for newborns, the Boppy Lounger comes only in one size.

The DockATot model comes in two sizes. There is Dock A Tot Grand designed for kids 9 up to 36 months and DockATot Deluxe which is perfect for newborns 0 up to 8-months.

The Dock A Tot is a little longer and wider to ease transition into toddler bed. Unlike Boppy Lounger, the sides are more elevated to give kids a greater sense of security in their own toddler bed.

Ease of Movement

The Dock A Tot is huge. It is not a travelling item. Not unless you travel by car or use its own transport bag. In my experience, it takes up much space – up to a half of Queen Size bed so I’d not recommend it for travelling or sleepovers.

The DockATot Deluxe is approximate 24 by 6 by 18 inches while DockATot Grand is 39 by 25 by 9 inches.

The dimensions of the Boppy lounger are 18 by 18 by 7 inches. The product is so lightweight and transportable.


The DockATot is almost three times of what Boppy Lounger goes. While Boppy Lounger is way less expensive, parents say it works just as perfectly as the DockATot.


Both Boppy Lounger and Dock A Tot are massively rated.

Boppy Lounger – 4.9 out of 5 stars

DockATot Grand –  4.8 out of 5 stars

DockATot Deluxe – 4.7 out of 5 stars

Pros of Boppy Lounger

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Does not take up much room on King size bed
  • Product is lightweight

Cons of Boppy Lounger

  • Does not accommodate bigger toddlers

Pros of DockATot

  • Plenty of growing space
  • Soft but firm sides
  • Cover is washable

Cons of DockATot

  • I wish it can be folded in half
  • Product is really pricey

Boppy Lounger vs Dock A Tot: My Recommendation

During the first weeks after delivery, you are likely to feel fatigued and just wanting to relax. I find Boppy Lounger a convenient option for a newborn to take it everywhere when you need an extra hand.

However, Boppy Lounger has a pretty short window of usefulness only in the early days.

The Dock A Tot is big. I feel it’s a solution for kids older than six months. I recommend shopping for Boppy Lounger in the beginning then move to Dock A Tot when the baby outgrows it.

That said, you can shop for Dock A Tot from the start if you feel it’s pricey to buy another lounger as he grows.

My only issue is price. Nonetheless, the product is great in value and it really does vindicate its steep price tag – so I think it’s worth a try.

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