Top 5 Best Tasting Formula for Breastfed Babies (2020 Reviews)

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These days, exclusive breastfeeding is proving to be difficult to working moms. And honestly, nothing beats the nutritional value provided by the breasts milk. Fortunately, science is seemingly bringing things to a close!

With the evolving technology, there are formula supplements engineered to imitate the nutrients and taste similar to the breastfed milk. The best tasting formula for breastfed babies is carefully formulated with all the essential nutrients to offer a complete diet to babies.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the top baby formulas to help you make a sound decision for your little wonder.

Best Tasting Formula for Breastfed Babies Reviews

1. Enfamil NeuroPro Baby Formula

The Enfamil NeuroPro Baby Formula is created to offer the whole nutritional advantage to babies through the first year of life. The taste is great and most babies will enjoy taking it since it does not cause the stomach to be gaseous.

It is the only formula with a blend of Omega 3 DHA and MFGM- the very important nutrients available in the moms’ breastmilk. According to a recent medical study, MFGM available in baby formula plays a central role in cognitive development like the breastfed milk.

For that reason, the formula is number-1 recommendation by pediatrician for the baby’s brain development. The complete diet is comprised of choline, probiotics for immune system and other essential nutrients for the overall body development.

None of the ingredients present is genetically modified for the sensitivity of the small tummies. Better still, all the ingredients present are easy to digest by the developing tummies and constipated babies.


  • Complete nutrition to nourish the baby
  • Ingredients are easy to digest
  • Not gassy to sensitive babies


  • We wish the package was bigger

2. Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula

If you happen to interrogate any experienced mom about the best infant formula, the Similac brand will undeniably be one of the brands she’ll list. Additionally, it is the number one formula recommended by pediatrist and use in hospitals.

What stands out about it is how it is packaged as a complete nutrition to provide all the nutrients that the baby needs for growth and development. This is important to ensure the baby gets a balanced diet which is why it is the best substitute for breast milk.

The advanced baby formula is comprised of essential elements present in the mom’s breast that makes it the closest to breast milk. The good thing is that it does not include artificial modified hormones that would impair the growth and development of brain and other parts.

Parents who have used the formula have reported reduced incidences of gassiness, spit up and fussiness during the transition. It tastes well and works extremely well with sensitive tummies. The ingredients are easy to digest as well so your baby will have no digestion issues.


  • No gas issues
  • Taste is great
  • Easy to digest


  • Some users may have issues with broken seal

3. Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Milk

The Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Milk is modelled to be the ideal solution to moms who have no time for exclusive breastfeeding. With the best bottles, this formula is engineered with all the nutrients that the baby needs for the first year.

The composition of the ingredients is in carefully adjusted ratios to imitate the nutrients present in breast milk for brains development and the nervous system.

The ingredients present are ARA, DHA and lactose that is obtained from cows and not from genetically modified additions. There is no addition of corn syrup and other sensitive ingredients that would affect a sensitive baby.

For babies with gas and fussiness issues, this formula is made with digestible proteins that are gentle on the sensitive tummies. The poop is soft so the baby will not have a hard time when passing stool.


  • Complete diet for breastfed babies
  • No sensitive ingredients
  • Proteins east to digest


  • May be expensive to some users

4. Gerber Good Start Gentle Infant Formula

This one is another amazing formula for babies who are under 12-months after birth. It is a complete nutritional formula to meet all the baby’s needs at the tender age.

It mixes well with a pleasant taste a baby will love. The baby formula is one of the brands with the expert-recommended DHA that supports the healthy development of eye and brain.

The gentle formula is a blend of prebiotics, DHA and comfort proteins. The small comfort proteins are easily digestible by the sensitive tummies to promote excretion of soft poops.

The formula is created to offer the same level of gentleness as the breast milk for babies with colic, spit ups, gas and fussiness problems. If the baby is struggling with reflux issues, this is an amazing brand if you have tried other brands without success.


  • Easy to digest
  • No gas and fussiness problems
  • The formula leads to soft poops


  • Pricey

5. Enfamil Premium Gentlease

According to a clinical recent study, Enfamil Premium Gentlease has been proven to reduce crying, gas and fussiness within a time-frame of 24-hours after intake. It is the number one suggested formula for fussy and gassy babies.

The package is comprised of all the nutrients essential for brain nourishing, cognitive development and the nervous system. The ingredients included are easiest to break down for easy excretion just like breastfed infants.

It is one of the closest formulas to breast milk with twice the DHA present when compared to other allegedly superior formulas. It mixes well forming bubbles that settles down pretty fast.

It is worth noting that Enfamil Premium Gentlease does not include GMO ingredients or other artificial flavors of any kind. The formula is highly recommended for breastfed infants.


  • Works great with fussy and gassy babies
  • Simple to digest proteins
  • Soft poop like breastfed baby


  • Price may not be decent to some users

Features to Consider When Choosing a Tasting Formula for Babies

  • Formula Ingredients

When trying to choose the baby formula that’s similar to breast milk, get to understand the basic ingredients that make up the whole infant formula. This is especially important for fussy, colic and babies with tummy issues. Get to know the available building blocks. Also understand if they’re easily digestible on not by looking at previous users’ reviews. Main Ingredients Include:

Soy Infant Formula: Not all baby formulas are made with this ingredient. It is the most ideal if the baby is sensitive to lactose and protein-based formula. Soy is added as small modified proteins for easy digestion by the tiny tummies.

Cow Milk Formula: This is the most popular formula readily available in the local store. Here, cow milk is modified for easy digestion.

Hydrolyzed Proteins Formula: Proteins are broken down into finer pieces for simple digestion. Breaking down the proteins reduces its sensitivity during digestion in the immature tummies of infants. It is an excellent choice for infants allergic to lactose or cow milk.

Lactose Free Formula: Corn syrup is used in place of lactose for sensitive babies allergic to lactose.

Organic Infant Formula: An organic formula is more of natural diet, with no artificial ingredients. The packaging tins are oftenly labeled as organic on the sides to be identical from others.

  • Available Nutrients

The best formula should contain the whole nutritional value provided by breast milk. According to the Infant Formula Act, a good formula for baby must be made with up to 29-nutrients.

If you’re not able to breastfeed the baby, the baby milk formula must supplement the breast milk by providing all the available nutrients like the breastfed milk.

When trying to choose a baby formula, get to know if the formula is made with the following ingredients:

Probiotics: It works like a bacterial to help break down the formula particles.

Calcium and Iron: They are helpful in the healthy development of the baby. Oftenly added in formulas with no lactose.

DHA and ARA: They are the most common ingredients naturally available in breast milk. They are available in the form of omega 6 and omega 3 closely connected with the healthy development of brain and eye.

  • Liquid Formula Vs Powder for Newborns

You will find two types of infant formulas in market stores: powdered and liquid formula. The powdered formula is available in solid particles and will require to be combined with water in the right ratios for the baby’s intake.

The liquid formula, also known as ready-to-feed or prepared formula does not require water or further dilution to prepare. It the best choice for business moms since you can take it with you and feed the baby with no further preparation.

When choosing the infant formula, check the label to see if the label is indicated as ready-to-feed or powdered formula, then weigh the options. For ready-to-feed formulas, you may need to part away with more dollars.

  • Size of the Tin

There are tons of reported cases of babies who refused a formula because of taste and texture of the infant milk formula. In other instances, the formula was gaseous causing the baby to cry for prolonged moments after feeding.

When starting, we suggest you begin with a smaller tin to see how the baby responds and if the taste will be pleasant.

  • GMO and BPA Free

When choosing a baby formula, get to see the ingredients and make sure there are no added flavors and genetically modified additions.

BPA is a chemical that’s used in the construction of the tins lining. Overtime, the lining can pull apart combining and contaminating the formula contents. This chemical is unhealthy and may cause issues to the stomach when it is eaten. Fortunately, most formulas are made with BPA-free and superbly safe containers.

How to Prepare the Powdered Baby Formula

After picking the right formula, you’ll need to follow the crafted guidelines for proper preparation of the infant formula. For new parents, follow these simple directions for proper preparation.

  • When starting, get to understand if you should use boiled water when preparing the infant formula. You may consult the doctor, or check the container’s guidelines on water temperature for right preparation.

In most cases, the water is supposed to be boiled for up to one minute then allowed to cool to a room temperature.

Do not mix the formula with hot boiling water as this would cause the formula to clump, watering down its nutritional value. From there,

  • Clean your hands thoroughly before preparation
  • Pour or scoop the right formula quantity by following the directions stipulated on the label
  • Place the cap on the feeding bottle and shake the content gently to prevent bubbles from forming for gassy babies
  • For spit up babies, leave the mixture for up to 2-minutes for the bubbles to settle. Also, do not use a nipple with small hole for faster flow of formula to prevent formation of bubbles when feeding.
  • After feeding, clean the bottles and disinfect
  • Only prepare the right quantity for immediate feeding since the prepared formula cannot be used beyond 24-hours
  • Do not use a micro wave to warm the remaining formula. Instead, place the formula bottle in warm water on a bowl and make sure it doesn’t get hot before you feed the baby.

However, most pediatricians recommend you throw away the unfinished formula after one hour.  The reason for this is because the deposited baby saliva may contaminate it and refrigerating or warming the formula does not destroy the bacteria.

As we said above, ready-to-feed formula does not require mixing or preparation. Just shake the content and feed as it is. Regardless of whether it is ready-to-feed or powdered formula, store the tins away from light at a room temperature.


Breastfeeding is the best natural way to nourish your infant for healthy development and growth. But if you’re not able to breastfeed; or if the milk the production is low, then you may need to introduce your infant to formula milk.

If you’re forced to take the route of baby formula, you’ll need to make sure you choose the healthiest formula. We hope this article helps you choose the best tasting formula for breastfed babies that your baby will love.

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