Top 5 Best Sippy Cup for 6-Month-Old Breastfed Baby [2020]

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The key secret when shopping for a sippy cup is knowing the right one that suits the baby’s age and stage. This means providing the right sippy cup as the baby transitions from one stage to the other.

For breastfed babies, it can be quite a chore to identify the best sippy cups that provide a similar feeling like the mom’s breast. Here, we’ve provided you with incredible choices of best sippy cups for 6-month-old breastfed baby that will make transitioning as easy as possible. Let’s get down to best options.

Best Sippy Cup for 6-Month-Old Breastfed Baby (Reviews)

1. MAM Starter Cup Sippy Cups

This is a great starter cup for breastfed babies who are 4-months and above. The sippy cup is constructed from a sturdy material that doesn’t leak even when it is thrown on a hard surface.

What makes these sippy cups favorite is the additional spill free spout that makes it a perfect choice for babies who are training to drink independently. This feature is intended to make the cup easier for the baby to switch from breastfeeding to independent drinking.

The handles are ergonomically designed to fit in the tiny hands without slipping. But the handle can be detached if the baby seems not to like them.

Your little one will have no problem holding the cup and directing it to the mouth. When drinking, we love the fact that the flow is right for breastfed babies so the pressure does not cause the choking hazard.

There’s even a cap that shields the content from spillage and dirt. The cup consists only of a few parts when dismantled that are pretty easy to clean.


  • Removable handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Material is strong


  • Spout may get discolored with time

2. Philips Avent My Natural Trainer

Philips Avent is another amazing brand created for babies who are 4-months and above after birth. The sippy cup is designed with a soft spout as well as silicon nipple to imitate the mom’s breast and make transition a breeze.

What you’ll like most about the cups is the valve that’s designed with creativity to keep off air that may combine with the cup contents. This equates to no colic, gassiness or spit up that’s brought about by the swallowed air.

The cup is constructed with comfy handles grips that hold easily by the tiny fingers. What’s great is the flexibility to detach or fix back the handle any time you want.

There’s a protective cup that covers the content from dirt. Not to mention that all the pieces can be disassembled and safely be cleaned in a dishwasher.  

No part of the cup is constructed from BPA materials. Besides, the trainer cup can be used interchangeably with other products manufactured by Philip Avent such as Avent bottles, my sip and click cups, my easy sippy cups and more.


  • Soft spout and nipple
  • Venting air valve to keep off air
  • Cleaning is easy


  • Handle may be huge to some babies

3. NUK Disney Learner Sippy Cup

The NUK sippy cup constitutes a soft silicon spout that’s gentle to the baby’s developing teeth, palate and gums. Even though the nipple is soft it is pretty thick for substantial use without wear off.

For colic, spit up and gassy babies, the sippy cup features a built-in valve that vent the air away from the liquids. It does not leak even when it’s literally held in an upside-down manner.

The learner cup is built with easy anti-slip handles that grips comfortably on the baby’s hands. The handle can easily be removed as the baby grows.

The cups parts are dishwasher safe, cleaning easily on a shorter time-scale even when you’re in a hurry. You may also use a standardized bottle cleaning brush to wash the inner parts.

There’s no need to worry about the spills since the cup is spill-proof. It is even equipped with a cap that protects the spout from germs and dirt. All the cups pieces are safe without the use of BPA.


  • Doesn’t spill
  • Nipple is soft but strong
  • Removable handles


  • Flow may be slow for faster babies

4. Munchkin Latch Transition Cup

Like most sippy cups we’ve reviewed, Munchkin Latch Transition Cup is built with silicon spout that is naturally gentle to the baby’s mouth. It is flexible with a resemblance of mom’s breast and does not feel hard on the baby’s mouth.

Created for baby who are 4+ months, this transition cup is constructed with a comfy handle that’s easy on the tiny hands. We love the fact that you can detach the handle and still remain firm when you fix back. You can even use the handle and cap with normal bottles.

One amazing feature is the anti-colic valve that prevents air bubbles from forming. With this valve, there is reduced pressure, gassiness and spit up.  

The sippy cup disassembles easily for dishwashing. Once the parts are dry, it is straightforward to put the pieces together with no leaking. You can also handwash the pieces with a cleaning brush.


  • Quality nipple
  • Sippy spout is soft
  • Easy to disassemble the parts


  • May require some practicing for both of you

5. NUK Learner Cup

NUK Learner Cup constitutes a softly constructed spout to be easy on the gentle mouth of babies. Designed for babies 6-months and up, the silicon spout resembles the baby’s bottle to make transitioning easy.

With the spill-proof, the content cannot spill off even when you get busy with other chores or when it tips down. Besides, the sippy cup is easy to hold and drink to make transition from mom’s breast or breastfed bottles to sippy cup a lot easier.

You’ll love how the spout is built with air vent to keep the air away from the liquid reducing the possibility of gassiness, fussiness and spit up. Cleaning the parts is simple either by handwash or dishwasher once it is disassembled.

This one is a 5-ounce cup with charming elephant patterns and colors to harmonize with other NUK products such as bottles and orthodontic pacifiers.

No harmful chemicals such as BPA were used during the construction stage that could affect the baby’s development. You can even pack the cup in a diaper bag for use on the go.


  • Plastic quality is great
  • Adorable patterns that babies love  
  • Easy to hand wash or dishwash


  • Not good for breastfeeding babies

Important Features When Shopping for Sippy Cup for Breastfed Babies

Air Vent

For colicky and spit up babies, one important feature that you need to consider is the air-vent system. its purpose is to keep off air from combining with the cup contents.

Leak Proof

Most models are leak proof but there are versions that may have some leaking issues. With a leak-proof sippy cup, you’ll have no worries since the content can’t spill off even when the cup has tumbled. You can offer the cup to the baby without the worry of messes.


The material that makes up the parts must be easily cleanable. This is important to minimize the build-up of dirt and germs at some sections. The best sippy cup should be made to be separated into parts so you can clean and sanitize every part independently to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. 

Removable Non-Slip Handle

Look for sippy cups with comfortable non-slip handles that are easy to grip by the tiny fingers. The handle should be detachable and easy to reattach back when it is needed.

How to Introduce the Baby to Sippy Cup

The introduction of a sippy is an important milestone when the baby is weaning or moving from bottles into sippy cups. These cups have been created for babies in different stages and age. The different stages include:

4-6 Months

At this stage, the baby is younger and you’re introducing them to independent drinking. The transitioning phase should be in such a way that it’s a resemblance of natural breastfeeding.

For that reason, you should look for a sippy cup with soft spouts and comfy handles that hold easily. Check customer reviews to make sure the cup is spill and leakage proof since the baby is beginning to train on their own and the cup can topple over and cause a mess.

6-12 Months

As the baby grows, you may need to move to bigger cups with a greater capacity. At this stage, you can choose from the different types of cups available in market stores. You can choose from spout cups, spout-less; and straw cups.

The key thing is to choose a lightweight cup with a comfortable grip handle. With the handle, the baby is training on how to hold the cup and drink without your help.

12-18 Months

At this stage, the baby has fully mastered the art of drinking on their own. The baby is big and you can transition from handled to ups with hourglass or curved shape.

According to American academy of pediatrics, the baby should be fully transitioned into sippy cups by the age of 18-months.

18-Months and Up

At 18-months, the toddler does not need a sippy cup. It is a good idea to introduce the baby to an open-topped cup so they can train on how to sip. But do not overfill the open cup so the baby does not spill the liquid.

How to Clean a Sippy Cup

Disassemble and Clean the Parts: Separate the cup pieces and stash them in a dish washer. Most models can also be handwashed safely with no issues. Major parts include the spout or straw and valve. You can also use a washing brush to get to the inner parts.

Assemble the Pieces: Once the parts are dry, put together the pieces. Make sure the pieces are firmly connected to prevent any potential leakage. Also look at the handles to see if they align correctly. The final part to assemble is the cap/lid that locks in a clockwise direction until it is tight.

Wrap Up

There are tons of sippy cups available, and you may need to try an array of options before the baby may like it. The most important thing is to choose the right cup that is in harmony with the baby’s age and stage.

Another secret to success in the best sippy cup for 6-month-old breastfed baby is to try different cup designs if you’re not successful with a particular style. You may also consult your baby’s pediatrician if there’s an issue regarding the transition from bottles or mom’s breast into sippy cups that you need addressed.

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