Top 5 Best Outdoor Baby Swings [2020]

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If you’re a stay-at-home mom, having an outdoor baby swing is one of the best ways to keep them excited when they’re bored.

What’s amazing about an outdoor swing is that you can suspend it on a tree limb, roof, swing set or any other pre-existing hardware temporarily then remove it once the baby is satisfied.

For new and pro parents, check out the best outdoor baby swings that will keep the baby happy when you run out of other fascinating games to do with your little wonder.

Best Outdoor Baby Swings Reviews

1. Take Me Away High Back Toddler Swing Seat

The Take Me Away is our top recommendation if you’re looking to add an outdoor baby swing to your back yard. This one is an ideal choice for beginner babies who are training on how to swing.

The outdoor swing set is bucket-like so the baby can get in and have fun outside without the risk of falling off. The bucket is a high-quality plastic that’s thick and incredibly durable.

We like the fact that you can suspend the bucket swing on a tree limb before you purchase the necessary hardware. Not to mention how simple it is to set up with no issues.

The sitting space is roomy to accommodate infants and toddlers without feeling squished. The back is high as well to provide adequate back support as the baby swings back and forth.

Included in the baby swing is a 66-inch chain that connects to an existing swing set. The chain is coated with plastic where the child grips to prevent unnecessary bruising when the baby is swinging.


  • Sturdy bucket and chain
  • Chain is coated to prevent bruises
  • Installing is easy


  • May not be great for older babies

2. Squirrel Products High Back Swing

Like our previous review, this one is also a bucket swing, designed for younger babies to build their strength in preparation for traditional swings.

The high back design provides lots of support to increase the parents’ confidence since playtime will be safe. The unit is best suited for babies between 6-months and 4-years or a max of 150 pounds.

The suspending chain is 66-inches, but it can be reduced to suit your existing hardware of swing set. It’s even coated close to the bucket where the holds to reduce the risk of roughness.

We love how the legs openings are made to be large so the child can get in and out with less effort. Even the chubby babies fit a lot easily with no issues.

From the bucket seat to the chain, every part of the swing is well made to last many years of use. It is strong and easily cleanable with hose pipe or a towel. Installing or removing the swing is easy and fast in matters minutes.


  • Swing seat is well-made
  • Wrapped chain protects the gentle hands.
  • Setting up is easy


  • We wish there was a safety belt

3. Ecotribe Wooden Horse Baby Swing

If you’re looking for a unique baby swing, something a little different from ordinally plastic swing, then you may need to consider this model.

The piece is constructed from smooth varnished wood that has been tested as children’s safe to comply with the Children’s Certification Guidelines in the U.S. There’s a non-toxic protective layer that shield the wood from hostile weather conditions.

Created for children 6-months to 3-years, this bucket seat is intended to support babies up to 44-pounds. Unlike the plastic bucket swings, this one is equipped with a handcrafted wear-resistant cotton rope that lasts for many years.

The bucket seat is supportive at the back and sides with extra room for the baby to wiggle. There are no sharp edges to give you peaceful mind when the baby is swinging.

You’ll love the versatility of the outdoor swing since you can hang it on a porch, tree or patio either at the front or at the backyard. The package comes with everything you need for faster and easy installation.


  • Easy handle grips
  • Assembling is surprisingly straightforward
  • Adorable toddler swing


  • Outgrows the baby at 3-years

4. Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing

This one is an affordable toddler swing seat for parents with less budget. The baby swing will work with most swing sets or on your favorite playground tree.

Toddlers fits comfortably and there’s adequate space to accommodate the growing baby. The weight limit is 50 pounds that’s sufficient for toddlers and infants.

The most amazing part is the great head and back support for young babies. There’s even a restraint system that buckles the baby for additional security.

We love the leg openings that fit the little babies without looking loose. It fits nicely on babies who are 9-months all the way to 36-months.   

The swing seat is great quality with a sturdy rope that comes with two heavy-duty carabiners for attaching. The rope is good length and easy to hang temporarily on any hardware. The whole seat cleans easily and does not fade when it’s exposed to sun.


  • Shoulder straps for extra protection
  • Adequate room for growth
  • Easy to wipe or clean


  • Unbuckling could be troublesome at times 

5. Eastern Jungle Gym High Back Swing

The Eastern Jungle Gym is a full bucket swing comprising of a high back support to keep the children secure as they swing back and forth.

The heavy-duty bucket seat constitutes commercial-grade copolymer plastic that’s long-lasting. It is deep and sturdy enough to hold up 150-pounds.

It comes with a 66-inch galvanized chain that’s adjustable to fit multiple swing beams or different tree heights. The chain is coated with a comfortable plastisol layer to protect the fingers from pinching.

Hanging and removing the swing seat is pretty straightforward. Plus, it is fully assembled on arrival and the only thing you may need to do is to put on the snap hooks.

This is a great swing, all-weather and rust-resistant. It may seem expensive than other baby swings, but it’s worth the extra dollars due to the amazing quality.


  • High-quality bucket seat
  • High back support
  • Coated chain prevents pinching


  • May be pricey when compared to other children swings

Considerations When Choosing Best Outdoor Swing for Babies


One of the most important features to consider when shopping for an outdoor swing is the durability of bucket and the chain. A well-made chair constitutes high-grade plastic bucket and sturdy chain. Other models include a cotton handcrafted rope, but just make sure it is well-made and all-weather without feeling scratchy.

The best outdoor baby swing should be galvanized with a protective layer to shield its surface from hostile weather conditions.

Age, Size and Weight Limit

Put into consideration the age of the baby and the weight limits of the baby swing. Most baby swings are designed for a baby as young as 6-months to as old as 3-years. But there are few models that fit bigger babies up to 4-years.

The baby should fit well with ample space around for the baby’s growth. Apart from the seat space, another notable feature is the size of the leg openings. They leg opening should fit well in large babies without feeling loose with young babies. Inserting and removing the baby should be easy.

Adjustable Chain

Most chains are long to fit multiple hardware options where you’re likely to hang the swing. In many models, the average length is 66-inches. The best chain is adjustable to a level that’s convenient to your pre-existing hardware whether it’s a swing set, tree limb, patio, and more.

Is It Safe?

Buckled models are quite few. A classic choice of a buckled baby swing is the Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing. This swing is equipped with a restraint system that runs over both shoulders to keep the baby in place as the swing goes backwards. In most models, however, you’ll need to buy the straps if you feel the security of the baby is wanting.

Another important feature is a high back seat to provide ample back and neck support to the young babies.

Coated Chain

Since the little hands are gentle, consider a chain that’s wrapped at the lower edges to protect them from pinching. But the coating should be no-toxic and approved by child safety guidelines.

Final Thoughts

Those rocking movements back and forth will keep the baby amused; and at the same time allow them to explore the environment and the fantasy world. Aside from entertaining the baby, the use of an outdoor playset is an excellent way to strengthen the baby’s muscles, and aid in coordination of fingers and grip.

The best outdoor baby swing will keep the baby entertained while providing the baby with mental benefits.

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