Best Nightlight for Nursing and Breastfeeding [2020]

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If you’re a nursing mom, it is inevitable to wake up a couple of times during the night. Maybe you want to change the diapers, or those late breastfeeding moments when you’re inducing the baby to sleep.  

Most newborns and young kids will cry hysterically when the lights are off before they sleep.

You could use an ordinary bulb, but that would mean interfering with your partner’s sleep. Besides, the level of brightness emitted by a regular bulb would harm the baby’s eyes.

Nightlights are safe and you can regulate the amount of brightness to one that befit your nursing needs. We have selected the best nightlight for nursing and breastfeeding to save you the headache of perusing through the hundreds of brands apparently available in the market.

Best Nightlight for Nursing and Breastfeeding [Reviews]

1. Miroco Night Lights for Baby Breastfeeding

Miroco night Lights is our top favorite night light for breastfeeding. The device is safe, constructed from top toy-grade ABS materials that are free from contaminants. For that reason, it is safe when it’s shining for the toddlers to play at night.

We love the dimming and the brightening feature that lets you set the light that’s gentle to the baby’s eye during the late feeding sessions. Or adjust the brightness when you want to change the baby at night.

Another fascinating feature is the fun-touch and touch mode and you can switch between them just by double tapping the top. Both options allow the night light to lighten in different colors.

The best part is the battery life. It can last for up to 200 hours and 6-hours of dull and bright light respectively. Charging the battery is easy when the battery is drained.

There’s even a 1-hour timer to help you preserve the night light energy after the baby has slept. By tapping the logo twice, the indicator light will turn green to signal to you that the timer is on. This night light is portable to use in hiking or camping aside from the baby’s nursery.


  • Simple to control
  • Long battery life
  • Portable


  • Has a learning curve

2. Gladle Wireless Baby Night Light

The Gladle Wireless Baby Night Light is another amazing choice that lets you breastfeed the baby without interfering with your partner’s night sleep.

You can switch from warm white light, cool white light and; different color changing modes just by touching with your fingers. Tap the upper part to choose your favorite color when it is in color changing mode. This night light produces soft light without flickering on the gentle eyes.

It does have a lasting built-in battery that can last for 6-hours when it is brightly lit and 100 hours on dim setting. It even comes with a one-hour timer to stimulate the baby to sleep after which the night light will turn off to save on energy.

What you’ll love most about it is the built-in magnet to help you stick the device on a metallic surface. Or use the provided adhesive to position on non-metallic place.

No harmful materials such as BPA have been used on any part. Instead, it is constructed with safe toy-grade ABS materials for the baby’s safety.

The lightweight and cordless design makes the product to be highly portable. Your toddler can even play with it and it won’t break since the product is solidly constructed.


  • Button functions easy to use
  • Great battery
  • Magnet feature is awesome


  • We wish there was a remote to switch between the colors

3. Asani Nightlight for Baby Nursery

What stand out about this nightlight are the smart touch controls that helps you illuminate the nursery in a natural way.

It is easy to start, put off or regulate the brightness just by touching the night light head. Better still, you can control the brightness to suit all your nursing needs such as diaper changing, sleeping and breastfeeding.

The lighting is gentle with LED anti-blue light that never gets unbearably hot to hurt the baby’s eyes. The whole product is great as well designed with non-hazardous ABS materials.

The night light is fitted with a high-volume battery that does not die quickly. It can last from 300-8 hours depending on the pre-set level of brightness. You do not have to worry even when the battery is drained since recharging is pretty fast.

The device is the right size without feeling bulky. It is wireless as well to relocate anywhere with no problem. It is cute and a great shower gift to new parents.


  • Gentle light for the baby to stare
  • Dimming and brightening feature easy to use
  • Light in weight


  • Charging adaptor not included

4. Angtuo Children’s Night Light

If you’re looking for a quality night light with excellent workmanship, then this night light is an amazing choice. The base is natural hard wood rubber for long life but the entire construction is soft silicone lampshade without BPA.

The level of brightness is lenient, soft and eye caring for a newborn when you want to breastfeed at night. The combination of the vibrant colors creates a relaxing atmosphere for the baby and even the family.

We love the fact that you can control the nightlight with the remote that’s included in the package from the comfort of the bed at a distance of 33ft and less.

With the remote: you can change the level of brightness into 4-levels from high, low, middle or dim; change the colors from fade, smooth, fade & flash or 16 RBG color change.

It is even made with a memory function that lets you use the previous setting of color, mode or brightness. Aside from nursery, the night light is versatile for living room, home, office and more.


  • Quality workmanship
  • Lighting is soft and eye caring
  • Remote control is convenient


  • May be expensive to some users

5. VAVA Night Lights for Kids

The VAVA Night Lights emits gentle light when you tap the top to conveniently breastfeed at night without disturbing the baby to sleep. Double tap the logo to set the timer for one hour to lure the baby to sleep.

The night light has the option to increase or reduce the level of brightness to the one that you want. Depending on the preset brightness, the rechargeable battery can last from 200 to 6-hours. When the battery is drained, the night light is created with a stable base to make recharging a breeze.

By adjusting the brightness, you can use the night light at the bedside for diaper changing and baby feeding. You can even use it with older babies who are averse to darkness before they sleep.

This one is a versatile night light that can be used when hiking and camping. What makes this possible is the silicon handle and waterproof design that double the night light for indoor and outdoor use.

The device is constructed without the use of harmful substances. Rather, the company has utilized safe ABS and PC materials so your toddler can cuddle and play with the night light with no risk of health side effects.


  • Retains charge for long
  • Great levels of lighting
  • Does not take a lot of space


  • Cost is high to some users

What to Consider When Shopping for a Nightlight for Nursing

Type of Nursing Bulb

For new parents, oblivious about the various types of nightlights, you’ll mostly come across CFL, halogen, incandescent and LED. LED is the safest option for nursery and breastfeeding. Its light is harmless and will not distract the baby to sleep.

Level of Brightness

What determines the efficacy of a nightlight is its ability to be adjustable to the right level of brightness. The best one should let you pre-set the right level of brightness to one that’s harmless to the baby’s eyes.

That’s why we suggest LED bulb since the brightness isn’t too much so it won’t interfere with the gentle eyes.

Color Options

The type of color emitted can determine if the child will fall asleep of not. There are calming as well active colors that stimulates the brain. Active colors may not be good when you want to lure the baby to sleep. However, that will depend on the baby.

Since babies are different, you should select a nightlight with a variety of color changing options. With time, you’ll be able to identify the favorite color that’s favorable to your nursing needs.


The timer is an excellent feature that prompts the nightlight to turn off after luring the baby to sleep. Most models are built with a one-hour timer which actually is the average length of time the baby may take before they fall asleep.

Instead of operating the nightlight the whole night, it will turn off after one-hour and help save on energy and ultimately the electricity bills.

Portable Nightlight

When shopping for a nightlight, it is important to find out if it has to be connected to the power source for it to function. Such a model can be unreliable in the event of power disruptions.

We recommend a portable model that can be recharged for use when there’s no power or in outdoor adventures such as camping and hiking where there’s no power outlet.

Bottom Line

Selecting the right nightlight is essential for your nursing needs during the night. You want a nightlight that will not awaken the baby when you’re changing diapers in the middle of the night. Or interfere with other family members.

Identifying the best nightlight for nursing and breastfeeding that’s convenient can be quite a task since there are many factors that need to be considered. However, this guide should help you select the best one that meets your nursery and family needs.         

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