Top 5 Best Formula for Spit Up and Gas (2020 Reviews)

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Does your baby suffer from gassiness or spit ups every time after feed-time? Perhaps you’re beginning to get restress and curious wondering what could be the problem?

Spitting up is a widespread condition amongst newborns and infants for the first months that’s gets corrected once the digestive tracts are well-developed. However, experts and pediatricians’ advice parents to be careful when choosing an infant formula since the baby may be spitting up as a result of poor choice of formula.

Here, we’ll look at the best formula for spit up and gas that are proven to correct the unpleasant episodes. We will also point to you important tips that will help reduce frequent spit ups and acid reflux conditions. Let’s get to it.

Best Formula for Spit Up and Gas (Reviews)

1. Similac For Spit Up

The Similac Brand is the number 1 trusted formula by Moms and Pediatricians. It is a healthy complete formula prepared methodically with rice starch.

It mixes slowly because of the presence of starch, and therefore no gas bubbles will be formed in the process. It is also thicker so it can stick in the stomach without turning back to the esophagus. Fortunately, it does not stick in the bottle but cleans off easily like other formulas.

In healthy infants, the Similac formula has been clinically tested to bring down spit up by up to 54-percent. There are no bouts of reflux and fussiness after feeding.

None of the ingredients is artificially modified. Instead, it features Lutein, OptiGRO, Vitamin E and all the unique elements apparently found in breast milk.

You’ll love how the formula is created to be tasty so your baby can feed happily and add some weight within a few months. You won’t go wrong as well if you’re looking for a formula for reflux babies.


  • The tastes great
  • Thick but flows easily
  • Not sensitive to babies


  • We wish the container was larger

2. Enfamil Premium Gentlease

The Enfamil Premium Gentlease has clinically been proven to reduce episodes of gas, crying and fussiness within a period of 24-hours. It is the number one choice by pediatrician for fussy and gassy babies.

It is easy on the sensitive tummies with simple digestible proteins. But what’s even great is how it is formulated with double the quantity of DHA when compared to most formulas for optimal nourishing and brain development.

Designed to be closest to breast milk, the formula is engineered with DHA and all the essential nutrients to support the development of eye, brain, immune system and the overall body growth.

When mixed, it does not form gas bubbles that’s associated with reflux and spit ups. It does not clump nor is it irritable so the baby can have a comfortable feed-time.

We love the fact that the baby can have a normal comfortable bowel without feeling constipated since the formula is easy to digest.


  • It does not form gas and clumps
  • Easy on the tummy
  • Soft poop like a breastfed baby


  • May be costly to some users

3. Gerber Good Start Infant Formula

This baby formula is modelled to give your baby a good start when transitioning into formula feeding. The complete nutrition is designed to provide your baby with the same gentleness like breast milk.

Created for infants within the first year, this formula does not cause the baby to be gassy or fussy reducing the possibility of colic and excessive crying.

The probiotic formula is comprised of small comfort proteins that are simple to digest by infants with typically underdeveloped tummies. The formula is safe without any trace of GMO elements.

Babies who feed on this formula have no issues with pooping, even on their own. All the ingredients are friendly to the berry and does not cause the baby to throw up.

The formula is great for constipated babies, plus it hardly produces bubbles when compared to other formulas to reduce spit up scenes. It has been approved by users to reduce spit up to 90-percent.


  • Gentle with less bubbles
  • No digestion problems


  • You need to be aware of expiry date when shopping

4. Enfamil ProSobee Soy Baby Formula

For a baby with cow milk and lactose issues, the plant-based would be a perfect choice for your baby. The formula is free from lactose and cow milk.

Because of the absence of sensitive additions, the baby will not be gassy, or fussy. The plant-based powder is naturally friendly on sensitive infant tummies.

Rather, it is formulated with Iron and Omega 3 DHA to nourish the brain and support the development of the immune system.

The gentle formula is a complete diet with all the nutrients the baby needs for the first year. Better still, the bowel movement is soft and well-formed when compared to sensitive formulas.

The container is constructed with a capacity of 4- 22 oz. which translates to 88 ounces of soy milk powder. The packaging is attractive as well and price-friendly for all users.


  • Plant-based formula is gentle on stomach
  • Soft bowel movement
  • Price is greater than retailers


  • May be difficult to dissolve at times

5. Enfamil Prosobee Infant Soy Formula

Like our previous review, this one is also a soy-based formula, perfect for babies with lactose sensitivity; or vegetarian and Kosher families.

For sensitive babies, the soy formula does not cause the baby to be gassy or fussy like it is the case with cow and lactose-based formulas.

The plant-based formula is simple to digest by the tiny tummies with reduced spit ups and acid reflux within a couple of days. It has been reported to reduce irritation and spit up by over 50-percent.

Like famous formulas, it is formulated with choline, vitamins blend and DHA to foster brain development and healthy immune system. There are no flavors or GMO ingredients.

All through the first year, this formula is tailored to provide the needed nutritional needs for the baby’s early development milestones.


  • Great for sensitive tummies
  • Easy to digest
  • Soft stool


  • May not be good for a nipple with small hole

Spit up: Causes and Possible Solutions

Spitting up and acid reflux occurs when the formula contents gets back from the tummy to the esophagus. It’s usually a common complaint for infants under 18-months. So, there’s no need to be disturbed so long as the baby is healthy.

Spitting up happens when air enters the stomach during bottle feeding. This condition is rare with breastfeeding babies since there is zero chance of swallowing air during the process. The buildup of gas may cause the baby to cry excessively every time they feed.

The under-developed esophageal splinter is another factor that cause the baby to spit up. The ring of muscle is supposed to block the stomach contents, but since it is not fully developed, the food contents may oftenly flow back from the stomach every time you feed the baby.

Laying the baby on horizontal position both during and after feed-time may also result to spit up and acid reflux conditions.  

Some of the Things You Could Do to Prevent Spit Up Include:

  • Prepare a thicker formula: A thicker formula is likely to settle in the stomach. You may also invest in a thicker formula like Similac For Spit Up or get approval from a reputable pediatrician.
  • Reduce the quantity of formula per feeding: The baby may spit up if the tummy is fuller than it can hold. For that reason, reduce the amount of formula per feeding but increase the number of feeding sessions per day.
  • Oftenly burp the baby as they feed: Burp the baby after about 2-ounces. This prevents gas from building up in the stomach.
  • Position the baby in an upright posture when feeding and for up to 30-minutes after feed-time. This allows the stomach contents to settle and get absorbed by the intestines.
  • Invest in the right feeding bottles: There are specialized bottles designed for spit up and reflux babies. They are made with a unique air control valve that prevents air bubbles from combining with the formula. Since no air will be swallowed, the baby will not spit up or get unusually gassy.

If the baby continues to spit up and getting gassy even after trying the above remedies, the problem could be the formula you’re using. There may be ingredients in the formula that are harder to digest by the under-developed tummies, leading to accumulation of gas in the belly.

This condition usually goes off after the baby is about 18-months after birth. There may be a serious underlying condition if the baby continues to spit up beyond this age.

Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Baby Formula for Spit Up and Gas

Formula Ingredients

When starting, you may not be able to know the baby’s sensitivity to formula ingredients. There is soy, cow milk, organic and lactose-free based baby formulas. After trying the different baby formulas, you should know which formula is causing the baby to be sensitive overtime. From there, you may decide to settle on plant-based, lactose-free or any other formula you feel it may be right for the baby.

Formula Nutrients

The formula must be a complete diet with all the nutrients the baby needs for healthy growth. Typically, every formula must contain Omega 3 & 6 DHA and ARA that are essential for the healthy development of brain and eye. Also look at the blend of vitamins and the presence of other nutrients such as prebiotics, probiotics and iron. Prebiotics and probiotics are helpful in digestion in the underdeveloped tummies.

Size of the Container

For starters, we recommend you to start with a smaller average can to see how the baby will respond to the formula. If the baby does not experience spit up and acid reflux, you can then do an order of a larger can. Sometimes you may need to try a lot of brands before you arrive at the suitable formula. But the best way to ascertain if the formula is unquestionable before you order is to look at reviews of old users.


After analyzing the different baby formulas, we were impressed by Similac For Spit Up as the best formula for spit up and gas. We love the fact that the formula is squarely designed for spit up babies.

It is thick, so there’s zero chances of the formula flowing back from the stomach. The formula is healthy with all the essential nutrients the baby needs.

All in all, we hope you find the best formula that the baby enjoys as it is the desire of every parent.

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