Top 5 Best Formula for Sensitive Tummies (2020 Reviews)

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Is your baby suffering from constant tummy issues after feeding on infant formula? The infant’s digestive system is not well developed and that’s why it is important to feed them a baby formula with digestible ingredients.

For new moms’, it can be a little confusing with the whole lots of baby formula available in the market today. That’s why we did a research and came up with a shortlist of the best formula for sensitive tummies for the peace of yourself and your little wonder.

These formulas have been approved by parents worldwide as exceptional choices for a sensitive tummy while providing all the nutrients essential for the baby’s well-being. Let’s get a little deeper.

Best Formula for Sensitive Tummies Reviews

1. Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula

The number one, moms’ best formula is the first and only formula with 2’ FL human milk oligosaccharide that makes it the closest to mothers’ milk.

The best part about this formula is the absence of sensitive ingredients. For that reason, it has been reported to reduce gassiness, spit up and fussiness just after a day of switching to this formula.

It is the leading formula milk with no modified artificial hormones. Rather, it is a combination of Lutein, Vitamin E and DHA, all found in moms breast milk for heathy growth of brain and eye; and overall body development.

It mixes well and it does not foam up to address the issue of gassiness in infants. Also, it is easier to digest so it doesn’t produce harsh tummy reaction to babies.


  • Healthy ingredients 
  • No digestion issues
  • Affordable formula


  • You need to be conscious of expiration dates

2. Baby’s Only Daily Toddler Formula

The Baby’s Only Daily Toddler Formula is the only formula milk that constitutes organically certified ARA and DHA obtained organically from egg phospholipids to foster the healthy development of eye and brain.

For that reason, it is the best organic formula to give your baby a good start when transitioning from breastfeeding for the continuation of health and strong growth.

There are no antibiotics derived from daily cows, no toxic pesticides and fertilizers or artificially modified hormones. But what we loved most about it is the absence of corn syrup that’s closely connected with sensitivity issues.

It is nutritionally complete with every nutrient that the baby needs for normal growth. It is even manufactured with a pleasant taste and smell to distinguish it from most formulas.

The packaging does not contain BPA, instead, it is certified by OU Kosha as comprising of the healthy soy, coconut and daily.


  • Smell and taste are great
  • Only formula with eggs york for DHA
  • Organic ingredients


  • We wish the package was larger

3. Gerber Good Start Infant Formula

This formula has been formulated to provide the level of gentleness on the tiny tummies similar to breast milk. It is a complete diet with every nutritional need the baby needs for the first year of their lives.

What makes this formula great are the comfort proteins and the carbohydrate blend with just 30% of lactose to lessen the intensity of gas and fussiness on sensitive babies.

Apart from DHA, there are whole ingredients of real grains, veggies and fruits for ultimate nourishment of the baby from the beginning. No GMO ingredients are included in the formula

Added prebiotics and probiotics will sooth the baby by helping in digestion and soft bowels. When mixed, the formula hardly contains gas bubbles to lessen the chances to spit ups.


  • Ingredients easy to digest
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Not expensive


  • May be harder to mix

4. Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Formula Milk

The Enfamil brand is one of the reliable brands of formulas that has been in the market for the longest period.

This one is the only formula formulated with Omega 3 DHA and MFGM blend naturally present in the moms’ breast milk. This blend of ingredients has been confirmed to minimize gas, crying and fussiness within 24-hours after intake.

Clinical study conducted recently has provided evidence that MFGM present in the formula is essential for cognitive development like the breast milk.

There is also Choline and probiotics for easy digestion and immune support as well as digestible proteins for healthy body growth. The formula has no sensitive additions or ingredients that are genetically modified.

It has been modelled to be closest to moms’ breast milk to provide absolute diet to babies within their first year. The whole can is made with 6-20 ounces of formula powder milk.


  • Absolute diet with all nutrients
  • Digestible proteins
  • No sensitive ingredients


  • We wish it was petty affordable

5. Enfamil ProSobee Soy Baby Formula

The Enfamil formula is formulated from soy plant protein. It does not contain lactose or any dairy ingredients to resolve the issue of sensitivity in sensitive babies.

The natural based protein is easiest to digest on sensitive tummies to help overcome gassiness, colic and fussiness caused by sensitive formulas.

To aid in proper eye and brain growth, Enfamil adds Omega 3 DHA and a host of other nutrients for healthiest growth. It is tailored to provide every nutrient that the body requires for healthy growth in the first year of the baby’s life.

All ingredients are purely non-GMO. The can consists of 88 ounces to last you for as significant period. The product is also cheaper than when you’re buying in local stores.


  • No gas and fussiness
  • Leads to soft bowels
  • Good price


  • We wish the container is big

Buying Guide on the Best Formula for Sensitive Babies

Present Ingredients

Pediatricians recommend formulas with significant levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics, choline and DHA since they are naturally available in the mom’s breast milk.

DHA is responsible for the proper development of brain and eye while probiotics will help in breaking down the protein ingredients that may be hard to digest by the tiny tummies.

Easy to Digest

Since you’re looking for a formula for sensitive tummy, stay away from lactose, cow milk and proteins-based formulas. There are great cow formulas, but we suggest a soy or hydrolyzed protein formula.

Most babies are allergic to lactose that’s why we suggest plant-based formulas such as soy since they’re gentle on sensitive tummies.

Check to see if the formula is manufactured with comfort proteins if you want to stay away from plant-based formulas. Comfort proteins are easiest to digest by fussy babies.

Final Thoughts

Since there are wide array of infant formula milk in the market today, it is important to have the right knowledge of what you need to consider to arrive at the best formula for sensitive tummies. You could use a try and error method, but it will definitely be costly in the long run.

We hope this article helps you identify the formula for your sensitive baby. It is also important to consult your doctor if you think there are other underlying conditions the baby may be having.

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